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Wireless Camera Tethering Instructions

Wireless Tethering (with any camera) These are really rough instructions on how to do wireless tethering between your camera and a computer. We’ll publish a video about this soon and add screenshots. BTW, while you’re here, you can get 30% anything in our store AND get your paperbacks signed if you use the coupon code […]

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Live Show Recap: Leading Lines

Just in from a whirlwind visit to Puerto Rico to help with the disaster relief effort, Tony and Chelsea started a special show at 11:00 on Monday morning, reviewing Photographs incorporating Leading Lines as a composition element.  After a brief overview of how the $40,000 raised by Stunning Digital Photography readers (and others) was used […]

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Live Show Recap: Lens Hacks, Yashica is BACK!

More than $15,000 has been raised to purchase Pure2Go water filters to help the disaster relief in Peurto Rico!  Partnering with Michael The Maven and Matt Granger (fellow Youtube photographers) and the SDP community, the money will purchase water filters (instead of paying for shipping of tons of single-use bottled water) that can each purify […]

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Live Show Recap: Mood & Emotion

Siobhan has left the nest and is moving on to other interests.  Canon is planning on a full-frame mirrorless camera in the near future.  Nikon has also announced development of the same.  Sony is forcing their hands due to the popularity of their mirrorless cameras. Will the lenses be compatible or will they introduce a […]

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Live Show Recap: Creative Self Portraits

Hey folks! This week was a fun one, you guys really show up for self portraits. No news this week, but there’s stuff in the pipeline for sure. We start with some creative self portrait inspiration from Arno Raphael Minkkinen. Okay, let’s get into your photo submissions: -doorway reflection –blade runner -paint splatter -handrail reflection -Italian […]

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Live Show Recap: Environmental Portraits

Hey folks, we’re back! This week you get a quick review of the new D850 and most of you fail to meet the show topic of environmental portraits! It’s ok though, we had fun with it. We start with photo news: -The D850 is here! And we love it. “Evolutionary, not revolutionary.” -iOS 11: new […]

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Live Show Recap: Cityscapes

Hey folks! Sorry I didn’t recap last week, I was out of town and didn’t make time. This week we looked at some lovely cityscape photos.  T&C started out the show with a nice message for hurricane victims and implored you all to donate along with us. You can donate to Red Cross here, or […]

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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Live show recap is back! This week we looked at your reflection photos and were a little bored, tbh. But Tony and Chelsea are still entertaining. Shout out your mom! Next week’s topic is food photography, and I’m hungry already. Photo news: -Nikon D850 announced -Peak Design released some new straps:, Time to […]

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Beginner Photography: Street

Hey folks! This week’s topic is street photography, which I love. I’m really excited to have Gisele Duprez on the live show. She’s an incredible street photographer and a good friend of our crew. You can see a blog that Gisele wrote for us a while back here. You can also see my first post […]

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Live Show Recap: Action

New studio set up! Which means no me this week because we haven’t worked out the bugs yet. Don’t fret, I’ll be back. Things are looking bluesy this week as we look at your action shots. Alright, let’s get right into your photos: -getting air –osprey -“their Amazon history is probably weird” -“they’re needy little […]

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