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Wireless Camera Tethering Instructions

Wireless Tethering (with any camera)

These are really rough instructions on how to do wireless tethering between your camera and a computer. We’ll publish a video about this soon and add screenshots. BTW, while you’re here, you can get 30% anything in our store AND get your paperbacks signed if you use the coupon code ‘1M’.

  1. Buy a Toshiba FlashAir W-04. The FlashAir is a special SD card that has a wireless access point built into it. It creates its own WiFi network that your computer can connect to and transfer images in real-time. Cool, right? We got the 64GB model, because you never have too much space. Technically, the W-03 or EyeFi cards do the same thing (and might be cheaper) but they’re SO SLOW that we found them to be too much trouble to use.
  2. Configure the FlashAir memory card (one time)
    1. Connect card to a memory card reader on your computer.
    2. Download and run the FlashAirTool.
    3. Optionally, give yourself a unique network name.
    4. Optionally, if you’re using the tethering at home and want your computer to have Internet access while tethering, configure the pass-through wireless network. It doesn’t work 100% of the time; it only works sometimes.
    5. Set a long timeout on the card so it doesn’t keep falling asleep while you’re shooting.
    6. If your camera supports EyeFi, set Eye-Fi. Most modern, popular cameras do support WiFi. I suggest you Google “<camera model> manual PDF”, and then search the PDF of your camera’s manual for ‘EyeFi’. If it does, turn that feature on.
    7. Apply your settings to the memory card.
  3. Configure your camera
    1. Lookup and see if your camera supports FlashAir or EyeFi (they’re the same). If not, no worries! If it does, look to see what your manual says about configuring them, and do that. This can be convenient because it can keep transferring files even if you turn your camera off.
    2. Put the card in your camera, turn the camera on.
    3. Configure the camera to shoot either JPGs or raw+JPG. I suggest shooting JPG either with or without raw because JPG files are much faster to transfer and usually good enough to preview your pictures. You can transfer raw, but they’ll be slower, it’s up to you. If your camera has two slots, you could write JPG to the FlashAir SD card and raw to the other card.
    4. Set your camera‚Äôs timeout to be something higher than normal. It was 4 seconds on the D850 and I set it to 10 minutes so it woulnd’t keep dropping the network connection. This will burn through batteries faster.
  4. Configure your computer
    1. Download Snowy (for Windows) or FlashAirSync (for Mac) and Fast Picture Viewer (Windows & Mac). They’re all free!
    2. Configure Snowy (Windows Only)
      1. Installing it is weird, no installer.
      2. JPG only, if that’s what you want.
      3. Pick a folder to save pictures to. It’ll make a date subfolder automatically.
      4. Set the auto check interval to 1.
      5. Set the TImeout Duration to 60.
      6. Select Instant Copy.
      7. Click Auto.
    3. Configure Fast Picture Viewer
      1. Menu | Images Folder | pick the folder (possibly including date) that Snowy is saving pictures to
      2. Right-click the toolbar for options
      3. Push T to turn on tracking mode
      4. Press F10 to show or hide gadgets
      5. Press F11 to go into kiosk mode
      6. Press F12 to hide the toolbar automatically
  5. Take pictures
    1. They should automatically display on your computer
    2. Click to see the picture full screen
    3. Rate as you’re going
    4. Don’t format the card when you want to reuse it Рdelete all pictures from your camera or PC.
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Live Show Recap: Leading Lines

Just in from a whirlwind visit to Puerto Rico to help with the disaster relief effort, Tony and Chelsea started a special show at 11:00 on Monday morning, reviewing Photographs incorporating Leading Lines as a composition element. ¬†After a brief overview of how the $40,000 raised by Stunning Digital Photography readers (and others) was used to purchase over 400 water filters that can each purify over 300 gallons of water. ¬†That is over 120,000 gallons of drinking water – and no bottles to dispose of! ¬†Find out more here: ¬†¬† Tony NorthCrop had his way with multiple photos before we had a ‚ÄúPick.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†Starting this week we will be saving the picks and the viewers will now be able to vote for your favorite. ¬†The winner will get a prize to be announced along with all the respect and ¬†admiration deserved by the winner of a Live Photo contest! ¬†¬†To see Chelsea and Tony‚Äôs picks, go to ¬† and vote for your favorite! ¬†Winners will be announced at the next Live show. Two new versions of Adobe Lightroom were announced last week – adding to the confusion Adobe seems to thrive on! ¬†With that, Tony and Chelsea have released a new book for each and are available ¬†now – ¬†(ebook available now, paperback can be pre-ordered). SNAP! ¬†That‚Äôs the name of a new FAA-approved drone that can be flown overhead – legally – the parts all snap off if hit – a much safer design. Do you like content-aware fill? ¬†Ever try to do it in video – well now you can – using Adobe Cloak – an experimental product that should be on the market soon. Canon announced a Point and Shoot APS-C ¬†camera – the Powershot G1 X Mark III – a big name with mediocre specs! ¬†This is a $1300 P&S camera with a slow lens and only 1080p ¬†– would you buy this?


You should not have an issue when capturing the sun for a brief amount of time. ¬†A new video is due out soon – ‚ÄúCooking with your long lens with Tony Northrup.‚ÄĚ Can a non-touchscreen camera use an APP and use the phone‚Äôs touchscreen – YES! The D850 full review will be out soon. A how-to video on tilt-shift is in the works. With an unlimited budget, what camera would you use – the D850! Vote for your favorite at SDP.IO/vote 24 hours after the live show and win a thing!


The first Pick came at 14 minutes and 20 seconds. Quickly thereafter, the 911 memorial was highlighted at 24:39 – a beautiful shot – well planned and executed. ¬†Big Ben (actually the Eiffel Tower) came up next using a long exposure to point to the tower. For the leading lines to be most effective, Tony wants a focal point – a ‚Äúpayoff‚ÄĚ – none here, but still a pick. ¬†Non-Straight lines also work great. ¬†Shadows and footsteps make excellent leading lines. ¬†A boxing match garners another pick. A great use of a spotlight beam to draw the eye to a focal point. Great timing and patience captured a figure in a doorway – great shot. ¬†The use of shadows makes an ordinary photo interesting. Several people submitted MIlky Way shots – shot in a very creative way. Surfing under a bridge takes patience to capture and is a great shot. A staged food shot needs just a little tweak to get all the way there. Cropped or uncropped some shots just make it. Make me laugh and you have a pick! ¬†Nice color and nice lines yield a very nice composition. ¬†A castle shot that needs a little less processing still garners a pick from Chelsea and Tony.. An interesting and unique portrait uses lines in a unique way – very powerful. Beaches, kids, silhouettes – they get picks! Speeding through the remainder, there are a lot of great shots this week. Trees, Rivers and main streets with a payoff are all great shots ¬†Louis Chan submitted a great milky way shot. A powerful shot looking down the road shows not everything needs a focal point. ¬†Thumbnail surfing yielded the final picks of the day!

Portfolio Review:

Matt Sosa submitted a portfolio for review – great landscapes and using the Squarespace 3D template, Matt needs a self-portrait that shows his eyes to connect better.


Yes,Tony IS human! Lots of people are unhappy with Adobe’s decision to only offer LR in the subscription model.  We’ll see if other software companies jump on the opportunity to break Adobe’s hold on photo editing. Just what is a BBC-1 accent?  If you know, please share! Is Tony a Clown or a Magician or Billy Bob Thornton? An 11-year-old trashes Tony and he cannot respond!

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Live Show Recap: Lens Hacks, Yashica is BACK!

More than $15,000 has been raised to purchase Pure2Go water filters to help the disaster relief in Peurto Rico! ¬†Partnering with Michael The Maven and Matt Granger (fellow Youtube photographers) and the SDP community, the money will purchase water filters (instead of paying for shipping of tons of single-use bottled water) that can each purify 300 gallons of water! ¬†¬†That means stunners have supplied over 120,000 gallons of clean, fresh water to those that really need it. ¬†Donate now at There is a new page to submit photos here – ¬†All picks can be voted on by viewers right here – ¬† Samantha Shannon is the screener and moderator this week – visit Shannon’s site at


The first pick came at 9:16 – a pinhole sunflower by Andy Shields. ¬†A lens hack photo of a lens with some beautiful color got a pick. ¬†We travel in The Matrix with Tom Papa next. ¬†The surreal look of a panning shot with very saturated colors gets a pick. ¬†An unidentifiable zoom turns out to be a jet – catching Tony‚Äôs attention – very creative – Chelsea will buy a print of this shot! ¬†Another zooming shot brings the feel of Saigon to life. The creative use of lens flare along with a beautiful sunrise grabs a pick. ¬†Framing a photo with a lens hack enhances the depth and character of this photo. ¬†Chelsea likes the abstract look of a an almost cheating photo. ¬†A beautiful portrait is not only a pick but a 5-star selection by Tony. The smoke and elaborate setup of this couple‚Äės portrait is reminiscent of Belle! Simple things like a keyboard, when zoomed take on an otherworldly effect. Pandering to Tony and Chelsea always gets a pick. ¬†Chris Nichols and Jordan make an appearance with a shot made with anamorphic lenses. ¬†Is it a matador, a flower, fire – nicely done. Vincent gets a retroactive pick with his tiny world shot. Flower petals in the lens hood matching the color of the photo – very creative design. Crazy closeups of bugs will definitely creep some people out.Sun flare and a careful design get a pick. ¬†Great use of lens flare in portraiture get a pick at the last second. The richness of the green being zoomed is a pick. ¬†Tate Modern zoomed – a unique shot. ¬†A fountain combined with a miniature effect is a striking image. ¬†Beautiful bokeh used creatively in a portrait lends to the styled effect of this shot. Use a beer bottle as an ND filter. ¬†Another shot that Chelsea would like a print of – a beautiful B&W shot.


Yashica is back! ¬†A company bought the name of Yashica and have started a kickstarter to make a virtual rangefinder digital camera that requires the purchase of a ‚Äúcanister of film‚ÄĚ that sets the ISO of the shot. ¬†Tony and Chelsea cannot get his head around the fact that there is no practical use for the simulation of the rangefinder aesthetics. ¬†It comes down to whether or not it ‚Äúfeels‚ÄĚ like an old rangefinder or a plastic toy.


Movies and Shows ¬†– ‚ÄúThe Shining‚ÄĚ uses leading lines and symmetry to convey a strange spookiness during the movie. ¬†Kendrick Lamar‚Äôs ‚ÄúHumble Video‚ÄĚ uses a beautiful leading line shaft of light to highlight a character – let‚Äôs see some of this next week! Converging lines made up of a pattern of heads to point to Kendrick Lamar. ¬†Chelsea‚Äôs favorite TV show (mainly because it is quirkier than Chelsea) is Fargo . ¬†The opening shot draws you into the show‚Äôs weirdness. ¬†Between the shadows from the window light and the subtle lines drawn by the position of the set pieces, the beauty of the show comes through. ¬†Citizen Kane stands as one of the most beautifully-shot movies ever. You will never watch TV the same again!


Tom Papa wants to know if we got a stylist because everyone is wearing gray. Soledad O’brien, a 50-year old white woman looks like Samantha Рreally? Tony looks like a white Jamie Fox… OK.  Chony or Telsea Рwho cares? Smartphones are actually introducing people to photography earlier than previously.


Claude Carpaij used a 3D scrolling effect to make a Squarespace portfolio very dynamic.  Great portraits, a single page scrolling setup is the newest trend in portfolio sites.

Chit Chat:

Are all Northrups related?  Chelsea takes on a detractor who wants her silent.  Matt Granger showed up in the show Рmake a $50 contribution and Matt will give you his Business of Photography and Educating Tina courses!  Go to to donate.

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Live Show Recap: Mood & Emotion

Siobhan has left the nest and is moving on to other interests.  Canon is planning on a full-frame mirrorless camera in the near future.  Nikon has also announced development of the same.  Sony is forcing their hands due to the popularity of their mirrorless cameras. Will the lenses be compatible or will they introduce a new mount a a new series of lenses?  Everyone hopes they stick with the current line of lenses.  The FAA has introduced a drone ban around the Statue of Liberty Рnews to everyone that thought that it already in place!  A Drone recently hit a blackhawk helicopter Рthis will get more legislation and rules passed Рlike it or not.   Chris Reddy is moderating the chat and screening the shots.


Dominic’s shot and processing of this senior portrait starts off the picks first thing! A great shot shooting through the glass gives the photo depth and perspective. Use the  B.E.L.T.S. system Background, Edges, Lighting, Rule of Thirds and Storytelling Рuse it, don’t abuse it.  The mood of this shot is both serene and spooky. Happy dogs will always get a pick!  A dramatic 8-second exposure sets the mood here.  A well-processed B&W portrait is very dramatic. Angry old lady gets a pick Рdon’t mess with her! The eyes have it Рdads lie! Random dude has an attitude.  The multiple exposure of this pick makes Chelsea want to be friends. Another multiple exposure Рvery creative use of multiple exposures to convey a mood. Tony like smoke Рok, there, I said it.  When Chelsea gets hungry, everyone gets a pick! It may not fit, but pigs are cute! Simple composition makes this shot a winner.  The crying boy is a very emotional shot. Simple color and composition enhances the mood. Symmetry and great lighting get a pick. An awesome multiple exposure catches your eye. Cats, Cats and Cats. The pastels and composition of this shot evoke Cuba.


Ben Thomas РTilt-Shift photo expert.  Award-winning use of color.  A distinct style mixing fun colors and urban photography.  


Is Canon dropping the ball in mirrorless?  Would you consider doing photo challenges like you did with Toby and Christina? YUP!  Did Sigma ever address the focusing problem with the 50-100mm.  Not really. A new review of the DJI spark and the new flight modes is in the works. A tough smoker gets a pick from Chelsea. Surdeep is looking for software-based bokeh and effects from Google or Apple. How do you organize your photos on an ipad Рvery limited storage Рnot for long term storage. The Apple Quicktake 100 was one of the first consumer cameras on the market  and was manufactured in Rochester, NY by Eastman Kodak. The first digital camera made by Kodak started it all. A meetup with Matt Granger will happen eventually now that he is in town Рonce he stops traveling!  Downloading D850 files causes no problems.


South American Photographer Raies Wolfram submitted a portfolio РTony wants a print of this photo.  Set up a store!  Creative composition is the key to his photography.  Beautiful silhouettes and portraits are Raies’ strength.  The only negative is there were not enough shots Рlet’s see more!

Chit Chat:

Does Ira Block pre-set his white balance or use Auto White Balance? ¬†Curious viewers want to know… ¬†Camera settings Northrup! Justin is the laugh track for the show. OVer 2000 reviews on Amazon for the SDP book.

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Live Show Recap: Creative Self Portraits

Hey folks! This week was a fun one, you guys really show up for self portraits.

No news this week, but there’s stuff in the pipeline for sure.

We start with some creative self portrait inspiration from Arno Raphael Minkkinen.

Okay, let’s get into your photo submissions:

-doorway reflection

blade runner

-paint splatter

-handrail reflection

-Italian scenery



-staring into space

Aurora Borealis

-eyes closed

-“I love us





Over to me for some $ comments:

-we got it on lockdown

-we so truthy

Back to photos:

-this pandering clone photo



-helicopter over South Korea

-through the lens

Kyle Wolfe!

-Lisa is a party

-“they should call them child disappointers

Back to me for some questions:

-any more Wanderlusts coming up? Yes, some waiting to be edited.

-what are you drinking? Dogfishhead, water and wine, and whiskey.

More photos:


-so bright

breaking up

it me

-Tony subtly trolls Star Trek fans

Time for a portfolio review. JC Mendez, DVFX Studios. Fix your menus a bit, lead with your strongest photo in each category. Great work, not too many photos in each category, but do pare down a few to make the best ones stand out.

Back to me for some questions:

-what was your worst traveling experience? Driving through Europe and putting diesel in their car and broke down.

-best advice for posing yourself in pictures? Using your camera app on your phone, tether and use your computer as your monitor, use a timer, focus using a stand in to focus.

-what do you do when lacking inspiration for a project and time is running out? Just shoot until you happen upon something that works, or shoot collaboratively. 

Back to your photos:

-a pick for the Camaro


-snowman kidnapping

-“that’s like, someone who puts flour on horse hooves or something?”

-“that’s a very small cigarette, Jonathan

-head separation


-turned his whole world upside downface




-threatening penguin

-another milky way


-“no no, it’s the same, she throws you health packs and stuff. Elizabeth, she’s very helpful.”

-phone bridge


-“sad Michael Scott

Time for chit chat! “It’s not our best”

-apparently Tony’s a sex worker for Nikon

-keep your comments to yourself

-people love the drone certification video


-is that you dad? “I know how playing that song is how you make any man cry”

Over to me for some questions:

-what are your biggest photo pet peeves? Heart hands on a pregnant stomach, amateur glamour photography.

-$ from Rob Tillitz and Kevin Liu

-what to look for in a location for portraiture? Light, uncluttered clean background.

More photos:

-uploading memories

-budget wolverine

-phone eye


-“he went to the sports game and nobody else came”



-center of the road

-“I have a question, how does that happen?” “…….”

-guitar magic

-“so I guess we’re all just lying to Chelsea today”

-“I’m giving you a pick because you’re telling a story I don’t understand”

-dramatic gaming


-missing face

-hair hero



Twitter Q: Tony and Chelsea’s favorite Office characters? Dwight, Kevin, Creed.

-plant heart

Some last questions:

-$$$ wear your glasses

That’s our show! We forgot to pick a theme for next week so it is TBD.

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Live Show Recap: Environmental Portraits

Hey folks, we’re back! This week you get a quick review of the new D850 and most of you fail to meet the show topic of environmental portraits! It’s ok though, we had fun with it.

We start with photo news:

-The D850 is here! And we love it. “Evolutionary, not revolutionary.”

-iOS 11: new format for photos, HEIF

-new iPhones, 8 and X with new photo features

-Sony’s new¬†RX10 Mark IV, Justin made a review of it here

Okay, we get into your photos here:


-street vendor


lumberjack or a human muderer?

-girl with horse

-bus driver

Time for some photo inspiration on the topic:

-Arnold Newman, the first to use “environmental portraits”. Learn more about him from our podcast episode here.

Over to me for some questions, sorry about my mic!

-do you keep memory cards forever or retire them? We keep using them unless they fail.

-do environmental portraits need to be candid or posed? Posed! Like traditional portraits.

-where is your go to for fall foliage in Connecticut? Vermont. 

Back to photos:


tractor grandpa

cowboy on a break




Back to me with some questions:

-what techniques/gadgets catch your eye for long exposures? Have you used the Pixel Stick? Yes. It should be software based like image averaging.

-thoughts on Chris Nicholls jump at the Nikon event? It was funny, but Chelsea feels bad because it was her idea and he got hurt.

Time for a portfolio review! Greg Heath. Shorten your menu items, pare down duplicate subjects, crop down some of your shots with lots of negative space. Lovely work though!

Now for chit-chat, the part of the show where you say dumb\funny\rude things to us on our videos and we highlight them:

-you guys are aging. “yeah, we’re all aging at about the same pace”

-hey, what are your camera settings for this video? That joke was great the first 200 times.

-nostrils flaring with rage

-nice work, Justin!

-this new presenter is cute (it’s Justin!)

Back to photos:


seamstress maybe?

-“I want to see her in the kitchen-” “you’re so sexist!”

-shirtless welder

-“what if she has one of those tough-love dads and this is what she has to drive to school in?”

train conductor

-serious production team

herder with dogs


snake lady

sax man

service man?


-Sandi got her teeth cleaned and is high af

-mountain climber


-just some sorta king

-pretty sure she didn’t design the Flatiron building

biker girl


-one of those old-timey village actors

-hard working man

Back to me for your last questions:

-$$$ from Rob Tillitz who loves giving us money. What % of a photographers effort should be spent on branding and marketing? 22-23.5. Hard to say! More than you want it to be.

-do you consider yourselves more technicians or artists, and what percentage of each? Both say more artist than technician. Only 10-15% should be technical unless you’re learning a new style.

A few last photos:

-this weird circuit-board looking thing

-actor or film student

-graffiti artist



-dry cleaner

And that’s a show! Some of you really nailed it, but we’ll try it again soon. Next week is creative self-portraits, so do something fancy! See you then.

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Live Show Recap: Cityscapes

Hey folks! Sorry I didn’t recap last week, I was out of town and didn’t make time.

This week we looked at some lovely cityscape photos. 

T&C started out the show with a nice message for hurricane victims and implored you all to donate along with us. You can donate to Red Cross here, or a smaller charity elsewhere.

We won’t have a show next week! The week after that is environmental portraits, so you have two weeks to prepare for that.

Shout out to our dear friend Rod who sent us more whiskey because he’s the absolute best and is committed to keeping us drunk.


-Nikon D850 is out and shipping! You can see our initial review here.

We get into your photos:

-first pick of the night

-I think they forgot that picks are a thing

-“…if you know them, otherwise that’s a creepy thing to do”

idk what to title all these


Over to me for some questions and $ comments:

-Eric, Peter, Hillbilly, Jim P. thank you all for your donations!

-what cityscape is on your bucket list? Chelsea would like an Italian city on a cliff, Tony wants to get Chicago.

-what features do you wish camera apps had or would work better? Automatic image transfer, reliability, RAW image transfers.

-Kyle Wolfe! We miss you.

-what’s a good beginner camera for a kid? Smartphone with accessories for video, the Olympus E-M10

Time for chit-chat! The part of the show where you make dumb comments and we highlight them:

-how dare we make a tutorial for a camera that people own even though we don’t like it

-Shame! Shame!

-Tony loves Chelsea because she’s cute AND off her rocker

-our new tag line, “Tony and Chelsea overthinking photography”


-best strange hair

-rather have a root canal than watch this

-face of 30 year old, hair of 60 year old

Time for a portfolio review! Anders, great work. Maybe change your logo?

Back to photos:

St. Louis

Gherkin sandwich


-“I feel bad you don’t care about Duomo trivia”



-window view




I do have questions!

-should film be taught in high school? Before or after digital? After digital. Learning to shoot is more important than getting into the technical stuff.

-thanks Roger!

-“how am I supposed to shame people into being considerate?”

-what other field would you choose to work in? Tony would be a filmmaker or a teacher, Chelsea would keep doing something in the arts, Justin would do organic chemistry or astronomy, I would be a woodworker. We saw a kid cut off his fingers with a band saw.

-what’s with sports photos so hyper-HDR? Clarity slider to 11.

Back to photos:

-skyline with a dog

-shadow skyline


-b&w Brooklyn

-“Lightroom’s been such a pain for the last decade or so”

More questions:

-thanks numbers

-if you could pick only one camera, what would it be and why? D850 for Tony. Or a7rIII.

-what music do you listen to? Don’t believe Tony and Chelsea. Chelsea loves almost all music, unless it’s about tractors. Same with Justin, but minus pop-hip-hop. We all love Kendrick Lamar. I like 90’s post-punk, folk, and Lorde. Tony likes pop and 90s rap and country. Justin also likes classical and film scores.

Last batch of photos:

Caleb! Lovely work.

-“people asked if we were twins today, does that creep you out?”

-tilt shift

-eye in the sky

And some last questions from me:

-do you ever hit the shutter count on your camera? What do you do? Throw it away. Jk, it doesn’t matter.

-do you think Nikon will be able to compete with Canon lens-wise? Maybe? 

-thanks Rob!!!

-how do you feel about the Note 8 cam? No idea. Tony’s not going back to Android though.

And that’s our show! Be helpful, take care of each other. Again, no show next week but join us in two for environmental portraits.

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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Live show recap is back! This week we looked at your reflection photos and were a little bored, tbh. But Tony and Chelsea are still entertaining.

Shout out your mom!

Next week’s topic is food photography, and I’m hungry already.

Photo news:

-Nikon D850 announced

-Peak Design released some new straps:,

Time to look at your photos, Lightroom wouldn’t let us edit them in the beginning:


drone shot

-house and tree

Questions from you, via me:

-have you ever had a problem with video and audio not syncing in camera? Nope!

-a new drone that’s not DJI? We haven’t tried any yet!

-tips for capturing reflections in nature? Get low to make your reflective surface larger. Pay attention to time of day and your lighting, the light should be behind you.

-call out to Timber Geek’s mom for not showing up

Back to photos:

-mirror house¬†in the desert “that sounds like a good way to start a fire”

-“did y’all ever have to deal with kaleidoscopes?”¬†




Alaska at night

Northern lights

-wet streets


-boat over the shoulder

-hot air balloons

Time for chit-chat! Where you say dumb things and we respond:

-ROFL, moron

-“a scuna is a boat you idiot!”

-that margarita be influencing Chelsea

-I’m a young Tina Fey

Back to photos:

-fungus on lens

-face painting




-“and they never saw this boy again”

-Columbia River

-Google pixel!



-$ question: dark sky finder? We haven’t used it.

-closer in age then Tony’s hair suggests #kaleidescope

-$ reflecting on his soul

-the Walkie Talkie in London was melting cars

Back to photos:

-I missed the name of this one

-Doubtful Sound

-“he’s dead now”

-a pick for pandering


-old timey

-a university


boathouse row

-walking puddle

-fancy duck

-street reflection

-Venice, CA clouds

-awkward portrait

Questions from you:

-$ put on a Yankee cap!

-$ keep it Boston!

-motion controlled time lapse, how to choose settings in advance? Shoot raw, auto exposure, lr timelapse.

-suggestions for a photography themed tattoo? Chelsea. A camera? Aperture blades? An infinity symbol, in Chinese. Ooh, good idea from Tony with the original Canon (Kwanon) logo.

Back to photos:

-“you did something

-my dad drank all my whisky

-the bean

-natural history museum

-boat in the gap



A few more questions before we go:

-$ from our friend James

-$ Chelsea my Puerto Rican sister

-stereotypes are dumb and bad, except that Puerto Ricans want to feed you tons of rice and beans and drop the S at the end of words

Speeding through pictures here:




-glass reflection

Last questions:

-do you go anywhere without a camera? Yes and no, because smart phones.

-have you hurt yourself while taking pictures? Tony for sure. Proper footwear is important.

Aaaand a few more pictures:



-reflecting pool

-fog plan

-ping pong ball?

And that’s our show! Buy our stuff, Join us next week for food photos!

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Beginner Photography: Street

Hey folks! This week’s topic is street photography, which I love. I’m really excited to have Gisele Duprez on the live show. She’s an incredible street photographer and a good friend of our crew. You can see a blog that Gisele wrote for us a while back here.

You can also see my first post on street photography here, which, frankly is better than this one. San Francisco served for some great shots. But to be fair, I was shooting over a whole weekend. This week I just went out for a few hours. My family went with me down to Kelly Drive, which is a lovely jogging/biking trail along the river in Philadelphia. It was a nice day and there were a lot of people out. I didn’t want to capture joggers and bikers though, as that’s where I’d shot for my sports blog previously.

There are a lot of challenges to street photography, but many of them are self-imposed. It’s scary to photograph strangers! I have the tendency to never get close enough, which can cause me to miss focus and include too much busyness in the background. When shooting street photography, you want to look for interactions between people. To zone in on a moment in the midst of a lot of unfocused chaos. But what you’ll see a lot of is people on their phones, or determinedly zipping through a crowd. It can take a lot of shots to find something worth seeing.

Technically, here are some tips. Using a smaller camera with a movable screen on the back is great. You can hold your camera down and pull out the screen which can disguise where you are pointing your camera and whether or not you’re even shooting. Holding the camera to your eye is certainly more conspicuous. I choose to shoot on aperture priority at a low to moderate f/stop so that I have some leeway on my focus. I almost always convert my shots to black and white in post to eliminate distractions which inevitably exist in street photography. Here’s a helpful video from Chelsea on the subject:

Here’s what I got:

f/4, 1/400th, ISO 2oo

This one is my favorite, the eye contact made it.


f/4, 1/640th, ISO 200


f/5, 1/400th, ISO 200


f/4, 1/1250, ISO 200

I realize now that my camera chose a crazy fast shutter speed to freeze the water, which was unnecessary. 


f/5.3, 1/400th, ISO 200


So those turned out okay. The first shot is the only one I would really keep, but I love street photography and practice makes perfect. I have a few spots I know I’d like to go out and try again. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with this week and to hearing from Gisele on Thursday!

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Live Show Recap: Action

New studio set up! Which means no me this week because we haven’t worked out the bugs yet. Don’t fret, I’ll be back.

Things are looking bluesy this week as we look at your action shots.

Alright, let’s get right into your photos:

-getting air


-“their Amazon history is probably weird”

-“they’re needy little SOBs, aren’t they?”

-“it’s kind of erotic and I like that”



eagle among the “skeeguls”

-“swans are the a-holes of the bird world”

playground spinner

stacked B2 landing

-what’s with bull riding? It’s the worst. “They like, tie up the wiener, right?”

-catching breakfast

-“don’t you feel like you want to catch him and tickle his belly?”

-pick for dog shoes

Time for chit-chat! Where you say mean and dumb things and we reply:

-Tony’s not moon-landing old either

-the moon landing is probably real, ya’ll

-$$$ comment

-they started talking about Axe body spray for some reason

-Chelsea is hella Bob Ross

-T&C are the Nostradamus of photography

Questions from you all, via Justin:

-how’s the battery life on the Tesla? Rough in the winter, and finding charging stations when travelling is difficult.

Time for a portfolio review. Jefferson Ashby. Nice shots, pare down your worst ones though, and start with your best in each category. He’s 15! Great work.

Back to photos

Justin, entertain us with a song:

-6D Mark II review? Meh. It’s good, nothing new or exciting though.

And more photos:

-interesting crowd shot

-Chelsea made an impressive Avatar the Last Airbender joke


-wild horses

duck throwing its hair back

-baby elephant

-flock of seagulls

-“Justin, you’re too cool for me, I regret asking”

-“oh, this is how America was made”

-actual wild horses

race car getting air

-another car


-“this guy should get, like, a man-sized horse, right?”

dogs get picks


bird on a thing

Questions from Justin:

-how to make sharp star trails? Make sure you have a sturdy tripod and use a remote timer or a delay to not shake the shutter.

-D80 to D500? Or wait for the D850? D500 is great for action and wildlife, but not everything else.

-$$$, thanks! 

Still reviewing photos:

-“blowing my mind and exploding my ovaries it’s so cute

-“you know, those Hispanic women, we’re just cleaning up. How do we do it?”

-skate boarder

-bike trick

-truck driver


-sky diving

-diving bird

-“I got comfortable with it, I was like ‘fight babies'”

And that’s our show! We really flew through them at the end there, but you guys had some incredible shots.

Next week we’re doing street photography with our good friend Gisele Duprez!