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Live Show Recap: Mood & Emotion

Siobhan has left the nest and is moving on to other interests.  Canon is planning on a full-frame mirrorless camera in the near future.  Nikon has also announced development of the same.  Sony is forcing their hands due to the popularity of their mirrorless cameras. Will the lenses be compatible or will they introduce a new mount a a new series of lenses?  Everyone hopes they stick with the current line of lenses.  The FAA has introduced a drone ban around the Statue of Liberty Рnews to everyone that thought that it already in place!  A Drone recently hit a blackhawk helicopter Рthis will get more legislation and rules passed Рlike it or not.   Chris Reddy is moderating the chat and screening the shots.


Dominic’s shot and processing of this senior portrait starts off the picks first thing! A great shot shooting through the glass gives the photo depth and perspective. Use the  B.E.L.T.S. system Background, Edges, Lighting, Rule of Thirds and Storytelling Рuse it, don’t abuse it.  The mood of this shot is both serene and spooky. Happy dogs will always get a pick!  A dramatic 8-second exposure sets the mood here.  A well-processed B&W portrait is very dramatic. Angry old lady gets a pick Рdon’t mess with her! The eyes have it Рdads lie! Random dude has an attitude.  The multiple exposure of this pick makes Chelsea want to be friends. Another multiple exposure Рvery creative use of multiple exposures to convey a mood. Tony like smoke Рok, there, I said it.  When Chelsea gets hungry, everyone gets a pick! It may not fit, but pigs are cute! Simple composition makes this shot a winner.  The crying boy is a very emotional shot. Simple color and composition enhances the mood. Symmetry and great lighting get a pick. An awesome multiple exposure catches your eye. Cats, Cats and Cats. The pastels and composition of this shot evoke Cuba.


Ben Thomas РTilt-Shift photo expert.  Award-winning use of color.  A distinct style mixing fun colors and urban photography.  


Is Canon dropping the ball in mirrorless?  Would you consider doing photo challenges like you did with Toby and Christina? YUP!  Did Sigma ever address the focusing problem with the 50-100mm.  Not really. A new review of the DJI spark and the new flight modes is in the works. A tough smoker gets a pick from Chelsea. Surdeep is looking for software-based bokeh and effects from Google or Apple. How do you organize your photos on an ipad Рvery limited storage Рnot for long term storage. The Apple Quicktake 100 was one of the first consumer cameras on the market  and was manufactured in Rochester, NY by Eastman Kodak. The first digital camera made by Kodak started it all. A meetup with Matt Granger will happen eventually now that he is in town Рonce he stops traveling!  Downloading D850 files causes no problems.


South American Photographer Raies Wolfram submitted a portfolio РTony wants a print of this photo.  Set up a store!  Creative composition is the key to his photography.  Beautiful silhouettes and portraits are Raies’ strength.  The only negative is there were not enough shots Рlet’s see more!

Chit Chat:

Does Ira Block pre-set his white balance or use Auto White Balance? ¬†Curious viewers want to know… ¬†Camera settings Northrup! Justin is the laugh track for the show. OVer 2000 reviews on Amazon for the SDP book.