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Live Show Recap: Creative Self Portraits

Hey folks! This week was a fun one, you guys really show up for self portraits. No news this week, but there’s stuff in the pipeline for sure. We start with some creative self portrait inspiration from Arno Raphael Minkkinen. Okay, let’s get into your photo submissions: -doorway reflection –blade runner -paint splatter -handrail reflection -Italian […]

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Live Show Recap: Self-Portraits

Self portraits! We love seeing your faces. Next week’s subject is night photography. If you want to vote on our live theme each week, donate to our Patreon! You get to see videos early, vote on our live show topics, and more. First up, photo news: don’t be a thief, you turkey. Especially from an […]

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Beginner Photography: Self-Portraits

Man, what is more intimidating that taking self-portraits? I love a good selfie, but it really is a delicate balance between narcissism and self-esteem crushing reality. You want to look good, but you also don’t want to look like you know you look good, but then you have to look at a million pictures of yourself […]

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Live Show Recap: Creative Self-Portraits

Welcome to another great show! We really loved seeing your creative self-portraits, y’all showed up in force! It’s good to see your faces for once. Lots of good beards. Microsoft Office 2016, “it’s appalling” says Tony Northrup. Not much in the way of PhotoNews this week: Leica announced the X-U sdp.io/xu Chelsea is lying about […]

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