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Live Show Recap: Cityscapes

Hey folks! Sorry I didn’t recap last week, I was out of town and didn’t make time.

This week we looked at some lovely cityscape photos. 

T&C started out the show with a nice message for hurricane victims and implored you all to donate along with us. You can donate to Red Cross here, or a smaller charity elsewhere.

We won’t have a show next week! The week after that is environmental portraits, so you have two weeks to prepare for that.

Shout out to our dear friend Rod who sent us more whiskey because he’s the absolute best and is committed to keeping us drunk.


-Nikon D850 is out and shipping! You can see our initial review here.

We get into your photos:

-first pick of the night

-I think they forgot that picks are a thing

-“…if you know them, otherwise that’s a creepy thing to do”

idk what to title all these


Over to me for some questions and $ comments:

-Eric, Peter, Hillbilly, Jim P. thank you all for your donations!

-what cityscape is on your bucket list? Chelsea would like an Italian city on a cliff, Tony wants to get Chicago.

-what features do you wish camera apps had or would work better? Automatic image transfer, reliability, RAW image transfers.

-Kyle Wolfe! We miss you.

-what’s a good beginner camera for a kid? Smartphone with accessories for video, the Olympus E-M10

Time for chit-chat! The part of the show where you make dumb comments and we highlight them:

-how dare we make a tutorial for a camera that people own even though we don’t like it

-Shame! Shame!

-Tony loves Chelsea because she’s cute AND off her rocker

-our new tag line, “Tony and Chelsea overthinking photography”


-best strange hair

-rather have a root canal than watch this

-face of 30 year old, hair of 60 year old

Time for a portfolio review! Anders, great work. Maybe change your logo?

Back to photos:

St. Louis

Gherkin sandwich


-“I feel bad you don’t care about Duomo trivia”



-window view




I do have questions!

-should film be taught in high school? Before or after digital? After digital. Learning to shoot is more important than getting into the technical stuff.

-thanks Roger!

-“how am I supposed to shame people into being considerate?”

-what other field would you choose to work in? Tony would be a filmmaker or a teacher, Chelsea would keep doing something in the arts, Justin would do organic chemistry or astronomy, I would be a woodworker. We saw a kid cut off his fingers with a band saw.

-what’s with sports photos so hyper-HDR? Clarity slider to 11.

Back to photos:

-skyline with a dog

-shadow skyline


-b&w Brooklyn

-“Lightroom’s been such a pain for the last decade or so”

More questions:

-thanks numbers

-if you could pick only one camera, what would it be and why? D850 for Tony. Or a7rIII.

-what music do you listen to? Don’t believe Tony and Chelsea. Chelsea loves almost all music, unless it’s about tractors. Same with Justin, but minus pop-hip-hop. We all love Kendrick Lamar. I like 90’s post-punk, folk, and Lorde. Tony likes pop and 90s rap and country. Justin also likes classical and film scores.

Last batch of photos:

Caleb! Lovely work.

-“people asked if we were twins today, does that creep you out?”

-tilt shift

-eye in the sky

And some last questions from me:

-do you ever hit the shutter count on your camera? What do you do? Throw it away. Jk, it doesn’t matter.

-do you think Nikon will be able to compete with Canon lens-wise? Maybe? 

-thanks Rob!!!

-how do you feel about the Note 8 cam? No idea. Tony’s not going back to Android though.

And that’s our show! Be helpful, take care of each other. Again, no show next week but join us in two for environmental portraits.