Photoshop Essentials


Photoshop Essentials is much more than a book; it’s a hands-on, self-paced post-processing class with over 10 hours of online training videos and free help from the author and other readers.¬†


The fastest and least expensive way to learn Photoshop. No matter how you learn, we provide the perfect material:

  • Free video training. Watch over 10 hours of fast-paced, hands-on video tutorials. View the videos immediately on this site, or if you want to watch them offline (or bandwidth is a concern for you) get an optional copy of all the video files on a 64GB SD card, that you can later reuse in your camera.
  • A full book with lifetime updates.¬†For those who learn best by reading,¬†you receive a full book that’s tightly integrated with the video training. Get the paperback shipped anywhere in the world, or read the ebook on any¬†smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or computer. When Adobe updates Photoshop, we’ll update the book to cover those new features–and you’ll always get those updates for free. This is the last Photoshop book you’ll ever need to buy.
  • Hands-on practices. Complete the practices at the end of every chapter to get the real world experience you need.
  • Classroom support. Join an author led private community of supportive, helpful people who also want to improve their photography.

This video book will quickly teach you what every photographer needs to know about Photoshop CC, including: 

  • Removing blemishes and distractions¬†
  • Creating amazing, natural-looking portraits¬†
  • Changing the color of clothing and hair¬†
  • Changing the shape of bodies and objects¬†
  • Using layers, adjustment layers, and masks¬†
  • Replacing skies and backgrounds¬†
  • Straightening lines and buildings¬†
  • Compositing multiple images together¬†
  • Changing facial expressions and poses¬†
  • Creating complex selections and masks¬†
  • Creating panoramas¬†
  • Creating actions to automate tasks¬†
  • Choosing the best image formats¬†
  • Customizing and configuring Photoshop CC¬†

Tony & Chelsea go beyond teaching you how to use Photoshop; they teach you why and when to use each feature to create stunning, natural images. When Photoshop isn’t the best tool, they suggest other alternatives. 

Combining the benefits of video training and book learning, this video book gives you over 10 hours of video and dozens of images to practice with. If you learn better with video, watch the video training and refer to the book for quick reference. For best results, walk through each procedure in the book using the provided sample images. Then, watch the videos to learn more advanced and artistic techniques. If you still have questions, or want peer review, join our Photoshop group on Facebook and get feedback from other Photoshop users. 

Tony and Chelsea cover every aspect of Photoshop in-depth, but structure their teaching so that both beginner and advanced photographers can learn as efficiently as possible. If you just want a quick start, you can watch the first video or read the first chapter and you’ll know the basics of photo editing in less than an hour. If you want to know more about a specific feature, switch to that video or jump to that chapter in the ebook. If you want to know everything about Photoshop, watch the videos and read the book from start to finish.

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .48 in
Ebook or Paperback?

eBook, Paperback + eBook

Videos & sample files on reusable SD card?

Online streaming only, 64GB SD + online streaming


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