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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Live show recap is back! This week we looked at your reflection photos and were a little bored, tbh. But Tony and Chelsea are still entertaining.

Shout out your mom!

Next week’s topic is food photography, and I’m hungry already.

Photo news:

-Nikon D850 announced

-Peak Design released some new straps:,

Time to look at your photos, Lightroom wouldn’t let us edit them in the beginning:


drone shot

-house and tree

Questions from you, via me:

-have you ever had a problem with video and audio not syncing in camera? Nope!

-a new drone that’s not DJI? We haven’t tried any yet!

-tips for capturing reflections in nature? Get low to make your reflective surface larger. Pay attention to time of day and your lighting, the light should be behind you.

-call out to Timber Geek’s mom for not showing up

Back to photos:

-mirror house¬†in the desert “that sounds like a good way to start a fire”

-“did y’all ever have to deal with kaleidoscopes?”¬†




Alaska at night

Northern lights

-wet streets


-boat over the shoulder

-hot air balloons

Time for chit-chat! Where you say dumb things and we respond:

-ROFL, moron

-“a scuna is a boat you idiot!”

-that margarita be influencing Chelsea

-I’m a young Tina Fey

Back to photos:

-fungus on lens

-face painting




-“and they never saw this boy again”

-Columbia River

-Google pixel!



-$ question: dark sky finder? We haven’t used it.

-closer in age then Tony’s hair suggests #kaleidescope

-$ reflecting on his soul

-the Walkie Talkie in London was melting cars

Back to photos:

-I missed the name of this one

-Doubtful Sound

-“he’s dead now”

-a pick for pandering


-old timey

-a university


boathouse row

-walking puddle

-fancy duck

-street reflection

-Venice, CA clouds

-awkward portrait

Questions from you:

-$ put on a Yankee cap!

-$ keep it Boston!

-motion controlled time lapse, how to choose settings in advance? Shoot raw, auto exposure, lr timelapse.

-suggestions for a photography themed tattoo? Chelsea. A camera? Aperture blades? An infinity symbol, in Chinese. Ooh, good idea from Tony with the original Canon (Kwanon) logo.

Back to photos:

-“you did something

-my dad drank all my whisky

-the bean

-natural history museum

-boat in the gap



A few more questions before we go:

-$ from our friend James

-$ Chelsea my Puerto Rican sister

-stereotypes are dumb and bad, except that Puerto Ricans want to feed you tons of rice and beans and drop the S at the end of words

Speeding through pictures here:




-glass reflection

Last questions:

-do you go anywhere without a camera? Yes and no, because smart phones.

-have you hurt yourself while taking pictures? Tony for sure. Proper footwear is important.

Aaaand a few more pictures:



-reflecting pool

-fog plan

-ping pong ball?

And that’s our show! Buy our stuff, Join us next week for food photos!

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Live Show Recap: Contrast

Contrast! You guys took some liberties with this one, but that was expected. We were looking for contrast in color, light, or mood.

Next week is action, so bring it!

We start off with photo news:

-Sony got the a7 SII onto a space station and is taking footage! Tony and Chelsea are repping with their nerd shirts.

-the TSA is getting more thorough with their checking electronics, sign up for precheck

-Nikon announced the D850. Meh. Tony’s real into that liquid crystal.

-Nikon didn’t send us a cake.

Ok, let’s get into your¬†photos:

-red and blue

-beach drone



-surrealist veggies

-“lonely in the rain, that’s actually the title of my autobiography”

-b&w sunflower

-“why do guys like¬†planes¬†so much?”

-“she’s got the kind of¬†glasses¬†only a beautiful woman can pull off”


-steel on cotton

Over to me for some questions and $$$:

-Roderick, as always

-what is one of the worst things your camera has gone through and survived? Tony left a 5D Mark II outside in the rain overnight. The drones have gone through a lot, like crashing into trees. Drones: “good images, weird experience.”

-British slam! We accept your money comment war.

-does Tony have odd socks? Yes. Like any human being (which he is, we swear.)

-where will the next Wanderlust be? Somewhere in New England!

Over to chit-chat. You know what it is:

-yeah, we have a book

-4 things: Lerman Ber, look him up

-pretty gangster with that GH5 overview

Ok, back to your photos:

 -contrast in the underpass

-contrast in technology

-“that’s a cat”

-coffee m&m

-“if you haven’t got the butt, you haven’t got the shot. I like that, and it frightens me”


-pick for Tony looking like¬†Anderson Cooper. Jk he doesn’t at all.

-I’m calling you out for your spot¬†color, Mark.


-“real and¬†gorgeous

-contrast in generations

Over to me for some more questions:

-thanks for the money!

-congenital anosmia question. Tony can’t smell at all! He didn’t know until he was a teenager. He thinks we’re weirdos. “Tony, you’re gonna die.”

Back to photos:


-woman on a rock

And back to questions:

-‘mo $ ‘mo problems

-is stock photography a big fat waste of time now? Hard to say, we’re not really in it anymore. You can still make money doing it, but not as a primary job probably.

Still more photos:

-weird bear

-gorgeous spot


-bench shadow

-beach contrast



-you get a pick for your name

Mr. Robot




-evil building

Back to me for some questions:


-how hard was your first flash shot and how bad did it turn out? Flash is hard, it takes a lot of practice to get right.

-how hard is it to produce something like Wanderlust? Justin is being humble. It’s a lot of work. Making a story out of footage is the hardest part.

A few last picks:

Krystal, killing it as always

-white house in wilderness

And that’s our show! Next week is action, so get out there.

NASA is not a waste of money. Last word!

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Live Show Recap: Storytelling

Hey there! This show was fun, although the topic proved to be a bit tough to meet. Although every photo may be a piece of a story, we were looking for photos that conveyed a full story in one shot. You can see my attempt at it¬†here. Next week we’ll look at your black and white photos.

First off, photo news:

  • Canon announced three new cameras: EOS M6, T7i and the 77D. Meh.

Let’s look at some¬†pictures:

  • “this is the story of a child born from the sea”
  • “I’ve always wanted to be someplace where monkeys are a pest” “You’re gonna be patient zero of something with that attitude”
  • street¬†kid
  • “this is principle¬†buzzkill” “ten kids a year die from graduation hat related injuries”
  • firefighter¬†practice
  • eeek
  • win
  • protest
  • “oh my gosh you darling dandy”
  • BLM¬†<3
  • “when you’re¬†cruising¬†on your bike and you need to stop and grab a banana”
  • basket¬†carrying
  • “I lived¬†that life, I’m gonna give it a pick”
  • “is this for real or is this like Plymouth Rock?”
  • “oh my god, what is she gonna do with that rock? This is a terrifying story.”
  • ghost¬†dancer
  • “oooh, they’re mole¬†people
  • “he caught a dog! My dream come true.”
  • dog¬†envy
  • Tony has limited¬†Spanish¬†understanding
  • this is how you lose¬†her

Time for chit-chat! You know the deal.

  • this is a real slang roller coaster
  • Tony sees dead people
  • omg you guys actually learn things from us sometimes
  • “if it’s never happened to me, it doesn’t happen!” You’ve obviously never heard of the Craigslist killer.
  • couples counseling
  • don’t listen to torque of the devil
  • “slightly less-chill Tony”

Let’s go over to me for your¬†questions:

  • where are you travelling next? Charleston for fun, Thailand for work.
  • stop spot metering.
  • we are totally in control of how our cameras make us look
  • Flashpoint strobes? “I like things that are the same but slightly different” “You must be a big fan of Canon” “And pop music!”
  • where to order from and ship a print? Congrats on a sale! Get a pro account from Mpix.

Time to review some portfolios! We do a few this week, quickly.

  • Bryce: lovely portfolio, not too many pictures, varied subjects. Just unify your layouts.
  • Infinite Photography: interesting, surreal work. Pare down your portraits a bit, lead with your marketable work. Put a shot of yourself on your contact page and add a pricing page.
  • Kyle Medina:¬†great cover page, maybe¬†simplify¬†the layout. Your work is beautiful!¬†
  • Capture Candy: great shots, edit your about me page so it doesn’t pop out, simplify your categories and pare down photos. Great, diverse work though!
  • Maya Rose Bird: you’re the best! Lovely work, great layout. You’re a pro!¬†
  • Jordan Brown: nice, simple layout. Just pare down a bit, maybe make just one portfolio page not separated into categories. Great shots!
  • Chris Reddy: hi friend! Nice full screen layout. Pare down some shots, make your sub-menus your main menus.¬†Good¬†work!
  • Mordini Photo: beautiful work, nice full screen layout, take out the projects menu and just put up your subjects. Add your name and a photo and some personal info.
  • Sebastian Le Calvez: good layout, wonderful shots. You have a great eye.

Some more questions:

  • Fyn is Flynn now. Kyle is Lyle. Up is down. Cats are dogs.
  • what’s the deal with flying drones near heliports?¬†
  • what’s your favorite animal? Tony’s are red pandas, baby rhinos, and dogs. Chelsea’s is Alex the African Grey Parrot. He’s ded tho.

Back to your photos:

  • Miss¬†America
  • hike
  • hockey
  • “he has to wear that skirt for medical purposes”
  • drone¬†selfie
  • Chelsea forgot that picks were a thing
  • “this is Westworld. He’s gonna go do awful things to a robot.”
  • soccer¬†death
  • invisible
  • whistling at the¬†woods
  • the¬†set up
  • “is this also¬†Westworld?”

More questions:

  • hiiii Roxy!
  • any tips on product photography? Lighting is key. It’s really difficult, avoid reflections and dust.
  • add your location to our Stunner map!¬†

More photos, speed round:

And that’s our show! Next week is black and white photos. Have a great long weekend!

Chickens in pants.


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Live Show Recap: Sports

SPORTZ! This show was pretty fun. Justin was snowed out of the office, so he was controlling cameras remotely which is insane. His presence was notably missed in the office, but we prevailed.

You guys really showed up this week, there were a lot of great shots. Next week is storytelling, which I’m looking forward to.

Our Photoshop book is on sale! Get it here with coupon code PS10.

We start off with some photo news:

  • ENHANCE! Google AI let’s you add detail to low-res images, but it’s just guessing.
  • we got in the¬†Olympus E-M1 Mark II¬†and we’ll put out a review of it soon
  • Tamron¬†announced a new¬†70-200 f/2.8¬†as a budget alternative to the Canon and Nikon. Tony mathed it.
  • Sony 100 f/2.8 GM¬†very expensive, but it has awesome bokeh
  • Sony 85mm f/1.8¬†as a cheaper alternative to their G-Master

Time to look at your¬†pictures! I’ll highlight our picks and notable quotes below:

  • beautiful foggy¬†running¬†shot
  • “old person¬†joke
  • poor¬†goalie
  • “mini FedEx truck racing is a popular sport”
  • there’s that¬†motion!
  • surfer
  • horse¬†racing
  • “we got two crotch touchers, two face touchers, a face licker, and a judgy kid. There’s something for everyone in this picture.”
  • extreme¬†kiting?
  • “tiger rappelling, that seems inhumane”
  • motorsports

Over to me for some questions:

  • clean, low ISO or slower shutter speed for sports? You want some movement, you gotta split the difference. Depends on what you’re shooting.
  • 16×9 prints? Only for TV. That’s a weird format.

Time for a¬†portfolio¬†review. Our talented friend¬†Iris Epping! Dogs and sports. You might want to get rid of the sub-menus, most people won’t bother with them. Your work is beautiful! Great pricing page.


Time for chit-chat! Our favorite part of the show where we dissect your YouTube comments:

  • generic rich villains? Thank you.
  • rascal !!!
  • wow, that’s a lot of hate for our Chrome love
  • passion lost.
  • Tony wrote the wrong word and he will never live it down

Turns out we have a lot to say about product reviews.

Back to your photos:

  • “we always like to see the ball in any ball sport”
  • motor¬†bike
  • good¬†motion
  • “you are not the¬†father!”
  • Tony does some ball¬†sorcery¬†on this shot
  • “you always lift the youngest man to catch the ball, and that’s called a¬†wifflepuff…”
  • handsome snow¬†puppers¬†(it’s called heterochromia)
  • sportrait
  • bike¬†tricks
  • great¬†crop
  • Tokyo¬†drift
  • fish with an incidental¬†diver

Over to me for some questions:

  • Matt Granger, come over
  • Tony, what’s your beer? Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, always.
  • G5 for review? Never, seemingly. Tell Panasonic to lend us gear. Nah, we ordered it, so we’ll have it eventually.
  • why do you hate Sony? Oh dear, are we sponsored by them or do we hate them? Make up your minds.
  • any future plans for the live show? The live show is for you, it doesn’t change much. We have other shows that we are working on,¬†Wanderlust¬†right now. And another book in the works!

Back to photos:

  • jinx!
  • “is this¬†spot color? How dare you.”
  • volleyball
  • biking
  • rooftop¬†tai chi?
  • “who are you, miracle¬†baby?”
  • great motion¬†capture¬†“hey Georgiius, this is gorgeous”
  • “this is¬†soccer¬†alright, the guys are always crying and falling over”
  • macro¬†baseball
  • street pole¬†dancing
  • yes, we call it soccer. No, it doesn’t make sense. Football is now eggball.
  • we talked over¬†this one¬†but I thought it looked great
  • fierce
  • wakeboarding
  • crazy¬†motion
  • skate¬†boarding¬†wide angle
  • cool¬†kid
  • freestyle¬†walking? This makes it look way cooler than it is.

Back to me for some questions:

  • good sports cameras that aren’t Canon or Nikon? Not really. ¬†You need a good DSLR, mirrorless have lag.
  • “I’d like if we¬†zoomed back¬†and he just had a bunch of sea gulls on a string”
  • all time favorite iconic photo? Both from¬†this podcast¬†episode we did on Arnold Newman!

Tony and Chelsea were here for¬†this shot. Who would have guessed that the tattooed beefcake didn’t win?!

A few more questions as we speed through the end:

  • if you wanted to show your undying love for Sony, where would you get the Alpha logo tattooed on you? Neck, lower back.

More photos:

  • I blush when they show mine
  • “are they fighting with corn dogs?”
  • golden hour¬†surf
  • “all those big football players look like little babies” “the brain is so dumb”
  • back¬†light
  • full contact¬†basketball
  • spartan

“…I don’t need all that.¬†You’re just proving that you can be electrocuted at any point in time and be fine.”

Back to me for your last question:

  • set up a remote camera behind a goal, how to keep it from getting stolen? “You could use a Sony, no one will want to steal that piece of crap.” Why would you need to be that far from your camera? You should be fine.¬†

And that’s our show. Join us¬†next week¬†for storytelling!


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Live Show Recap: Natural Framing

Happy Friday! This week we’re looking at your “natural framing” photos and we were really amazed at the submissions we got. Usually our more artistic topics narrow down the submissions, but you all really showed up! It was a great show.

So if you somehow haven’t heard about or seen it yet, our first 4 episodes of our new travel photography show, Wanderlust, are up now! And we’re taking video submissions to choose who we go visit next. So submit a 30 second clip telling us about yourself and your little area of the world to

Next week we’ll have Roxy Rodriguez on the show to review your fashion photography! I’m really excited for that one.

Sandy the dog (and Chelsea) got on the cover of a magazine! Our friend Erkki is a great dog photographer who got his shot picked up.

Some photo news at the top of the show:

Ok, let’s get into your photos! I’ll link to all our picks and 5 stars below:

  • great black and white
  • Chelsea talks about buttering up a baby
  • guys on a cliff¬†“hey you, look better!”
  • “a baby in its natural habitat”

Over to me for your questions:

  • what does Tony think of hydrogen for an alternative fuel for cars? Seems very complicated.
  • a video series or book on the business of photography? They’re conflicted about it.
  • buy our shirts!¬†Who wore it better? Also, get t-shirts made by

Now to chit-chat, the part of the show where you say mean things and we laugh at you even though our souls are deeply wounded.

  • Chelsea’s
  • crumbling infrastructure
  • Tony is Brian Moser from Dexter? Or Jamie Foxx?¬†
  • more is less? That’s not a thing.
  • “what a load of waffle” “why does science have to infect art with it’s dogma?” That sentence is for sure not a thing. In fact, it’s antithetical.

Back to your photos:

  • bride
  • “I believe this is a boat
  • “that’s Matthew McConaughey”

Time to look at a portfolio! Friend of the show Louis Chan. “You know, you’re kissing up a little bit and I do not hate it.” Stunning portfolio, think about adding your time lapse to the background, also get rid of the menu that links to your Flickr, just link it somewhere else with your social media accounts.

More questions from you:

  • Tony and Chelsea got scared of how many viewers we had
  • special requirements for Wanderlust hosts? You need to be familiar with the area you’re showing us. It could only be a few days. Running water is a requirement. Justin used the outhouses a lot. “I’ve never seen it.” Preferably not a screamy person.

Back to photos:

  • look at this cute chinstrap penguin, Chelsea undid Tony’s crop
  • look how gorgeous this gets after the exposure is brought up
  • beautiful light frame
  • “this is a human baby” “yes, and it’s in some sort of confine, some sort of prison”
  • oh hey, it me. You can see my husband in a bathtub here.

Now back to me for some questions:

  • Chelsea has oddly specific fears
  • what do you do in your downtime? Play trombone? Chelsea plays¬†guitar and piano and sings karaoke online. Tony plays video games, they got a VR setup, they fly drones.
  • would you give up auto focus or raw format if you had to choose? Raw for both of them.
  • Tony as a bond villain. Which Bond would you kill? Daniel Craig for Chelsea, all of them for Tony.

Back to photos:

  • interacting with art
  • sunny window
  • “cherry blossoms? Overrated. Sad.” Nice dig, Chels.
  • lonely house
  • we speed through for a while at the end here
  • happy harvest, six stars!
  • texture

Tony and Chelsea talk over each other, then over to me for your last few questions:

  • what to do for photography projects in the winter? Everything’s grey. Grab a go bag and travel. Try new projects indoors like still lifes and product photography, self portraits. Try astrophotography.
  • Tony just called Star Trek fans “trekkers”
  • pros and cons of putting work on social media? Cons are that it’s a time suck, people could steal your work, you probably won’t get money from it. But it’s good for feedback and networking.

They gave some picks while they were answering that question, I’ll note them here:

This was a great show! The work shown was really impressive, Chelsea was super punchy, it was fun all around.

Also a touching moment for our friend Jerry Johnson who passed away this week. He was with us since the beginning and was a wonderful man and an impressive photographer, especially with such a huge physical disability. 

Join us next week for fashion with Roxy Rodriguez.

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Live Show Recap: Wildlife

Hey! I’m live in the studio this week and awkward as ever! If for no other reason, that’s a reason to watch the show.¬†

We reviewed wildlife again this week and as always we had some great submissions.

No live show until December 15th! Chelsea and Tony will be away traveling in Thailand for their photo trip. But once they’re back, Kyle Wolfe will finally be a guest on our show reviewing your night photography. Super exciting.

We have a huge sale right now in our store, so go check out our bundles and give gifts to yourself or your friends.

Okay, we get into reviewing your photos here:

  • foxy
  • “you’re running around in the park with your kids and there will just be monsters there.”
  • handsome tree frog
  • hedgehog!
  • great bison
  • “ugh, not today Roger”

Time for chit-chat! Our favorite part of the show where you make funny, dumb, great comments and we highlight them.

  • “I’m a certified photographer”
  • y’all are real conflicted about what it means to be a pro
  • Tony=Cliff Clavin
  • pro brothers

What is this. Why. No.

Back into your photos:

Over to me for some of your questions:

  • cold weather gloves good for photography? Mittens, or mittens with finger flaps.
  • how to wrangle family for portraits during the holiday? Drink! Jk. Threaten, use ultimatums. Use the matriarch or patriarch of the family as the instigator. Use dumb jokes.

Let’s do a portfolio review! JMB Photography. Stunning artistic work. If you want to be hired for portraiture, you should have a more professional site focused on what’s marketable.

More questions from you, via me:

  • what’s the most satisfying picture you’ve ever taken? For Chelsea it’s her bubble shot. For Tony’s it’s his osprey shot where it caught a fish. He’s vindictive.
  • what’s your favorite compositional technique? Depends on the subject. Tony’s least favorite is the golden ratio.

Back to photos:

Back to me for your q’s:

  • how many plates do you have? Like 50?
  • does shrinking an image size make it sharper? No.

Back to photos:

‘Nother question:

  • How do you keep a tripod from sinking in the sand? Are you in quicksand? Get out.

Back to photos:

How to explain AOL to children.

More questions:

  • any photography horror moments? Justin does. So does Tony. Don’t wear flip-flops.

More photos:

We’re speeding through now to get through before the end of the show.

Final questions from you all:

  • ¬†how can I take pictures with a drone without looking like a drooling pervert? Don’t take pictures in windows. Wear a tie.
  • 1DX Mark II as an underwater camera? Sure?

We breeze through a bunch of photos at the end, so just watch those. White squirrel!

Alright folks, that’s our show! We’ll be off for a few weeks, so we’ll see you again December 15th with Kyle Wolfe. Don’t forget!¬†

Edited to add: Fyn made a list of every animal displayed during the show! Holy cow:

Fyn Kynd 

A complete list of all species viewed on this show. You are welcome ūüėČ -your resident naturalist <3 Red Fox American Alligator Northern Paper Wasp European Red Squirrel Cheetah Herring Gull Gray Tree Frog Osprey European Hedgehog Eastern Gray Squirrel Brown Pelican American Bison European Robin Caribou Great Gray Owl Mallard American Elk Common Shag White-tailed Deer Coyote Song Sparrow Eurasian Jay Glaucous-winged Gull American Goldfinch Red Kite Eastern Bluebird Mute Swan Common Raccoon Cooper’s Hawk Red-shouldered Hawk Scarlet Tanager Canada Goose Sicilian Wall Lizard New Holland Honeyeater Northern Mockingbird Eastern Bumble Bee Western Bluebird Blue Tit Northern Cardinal Bengal Tiger Double-crested Cormorant Dingo Bald Eagle American Crow Japanese Sea Nettle California Sea Lion Black-headed Gull African Elephant Common Hippopotamus Great Spotted Woodpecker Nanday Conure Meerkat Moose Roseate Spoonbill American Robin Lion American Lady Wood Duck Magnificent Hummingbird Stellar’s Jay Great Blue Heron Ruby-throated Hummingbird American Flamingo Southern Giraffe Eastern Screech-owl Least Grebe Great Egret Downy Woodpecker White Stork Hoopoe Rook Laughing Gull Royal Tern Common Wood-pigeon American Black Bear European Coot Eastern Chipmunk Tree swallow Red-breasted Sapsucker Laughing Kookaburra European Eagle Owl Northern Goshawk Grizzly Bear Little Egret River Otter Glossy Starling Leopard Cope’s Gray Tree Frog Scarlet Macaw Ostrich Australian Pelican Eastern Rosella Small Tortoiseshell American Oystercatcher Galah European Nuthatch Mountain Goat Common Loon Tricolored Heron Wild Turkey American Bullfrog Black Swan Ural Owl Hooded Crow Rainbow Lorikeet Greater Roadrunner California Ground Squirrel Gray Wolf Red-tailed Hawk Bobcat Autumn Meadowhawk Tundra Swan Common Raven Sarus Crane Ring-billed Gull Black-capped Chickadee ¬†
Black Vulture