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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Live show recap is back! This week we looked at your reflection photos and were a little bored, tbh. But Tony and Chelsea are still entertaining. Shout out your mom! Next week’s topic is food photography, and I’m hungry already. Photo news: -Nikon D850 announced -Peak Design released some new straps: sdp.io/pdleash, sdp.io/pdcuff Time to […]

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Live Show Recap: Contrast

Contrast! You guys took some liberties with this one, but that was expected. We were looking for contrast in color, light, or mood. Next week is action, so bring it! We start off with photo news: -Sony got the a7 SII onto a space station and is taking footage! Tony and Chelsea are repping with their nerd […]

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Live Show Recap: Storytelling

Hey there! This show was fun, although the topic proved to be a bit tough to meet. Although every photo may be a piece of a story, we were looking for photos that conveyed a full story in one shot. You can see my attempt at it here. Next week we’ll look at your black and […]

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Live Show Recap: Sports

SPORTZ! This show was pretty fun. Justin was snowed out of the office, so he was controlling cameras remotely which is insane. His presence was notably missed in the office, but we prevailed. You guys really showed up this week, there were a lot of great shots. Next week is storytelling, which I’m looking forward […]

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Live Show Recap: Natural Framing

Happy Friday! This week we’re looking at your “natural framing” photos and we were really amazed at the submissions we got. Usually our more artistic topics narrow down the submissions, but you all really showed up! It was a great show. So if you somehow haven’t heard about or seen it yet, our first 4 […]

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Live Show Recap: Wildlife

Hey! I’m live in the studio this week and awkward as ever! If for no other reason, that’s a reason to watch the show.  We reviewed wildlife again this week and as always we had some great submissions. No live show until December 15th! Chelsea and Tony will be away traveling in Thailand for their […]

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