Beginner Photography: Black and White

Hey Stunners! This weeks’ live show topic is black and white. I just so happened to shoot a few weeks ago when I was at my parent’s house in Connecticut over father’s day weekend. My parents live in the neighborhood my dad grew up in and where much of his family lived. His grandparents used […]

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Beginner Photography: Portraits

More portraits! I made my husband, Eric, model for me almost a year ago here and then again in some family portraits here. There are certainly some things I’ve improved on in the past year, but some things I can’t seem to get past. I wanted to shoot Eric somewhere other than our backyard, which seems […]

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Beginner Photography: Animal Interactions

Oh, hubris. I really thought this subject would be easy. I have animals! I can interact with them! How wrong I was. First, taking pictures of animals is difficult enough. They are generally fast moving, unless you know a sloth. Also, taking pictures of yourself is hard. Selfie+moving animals? Near impossible. I attempted to at […]

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Live Show Recap: Old Meets New

Welp, we had a false start, but we made it! This show was a quick one as Tony and Chelsea had a kickball tournament to go to. This weeks’ topic was “old meets new” which some of you nailed! Some of you phoned it in. Next week’s topic is “animal interactions” which should be fun. […]

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Beginner Photography: Old Meets New

Hey y’all! This topic is a weird one, you guys are getting real abstract with your subjects. If you want to vote on the live show topic each week, you can become a Patreon donor! I really didn’t know what to do for this week. The first idea I had was old and new architecture, […]

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Live Show Recap: Unexpected Beauty

Hey folks! We looked at your “unexpected beauty” shots this week which were… not always on theme. But it was a tough one. Chelsea was not insulting carpenters last week. We just want to see your non-photography portfolios. Submit them next week! Sdp.io/link for that.  Donate to our Patreon to vote on our show topic each week and to […]

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Beginner Photography: Unexpected Beauty

Hello! This week’s photo topic is a weird one. I’m pretty sure by definition you should not be able to seek out “unexpected beauty” it’s just something that happens, but I did my best. I thought this tied in pretty well with last week’s topic of “abandoned.” I love abandoned buildings, especially at the point […]

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Live Show Recap: Abandoned

We’re back! This week’s topic was “abandoned” and it was great. Chelsea keeps repeating things Tony says at the beginning of the show and it cracks me up. Next week’s topic is “unexpected beauty” which should be fun! Support us on Patreon! You can vote on the live show topic each week, get videos early, […]

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