Live Show Recap: Natural Framing

Happy Friday! This week we’re looking at your “natural framing” photos and we were really amazed at the submissions we got. Usually our more artistic topics narrow down the submissions, but you all really showed up! It was a great show. So if you somehow haven’t heard about or seen it yet, our first 4 […]

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Live Show Recap: Shadows

Hey there! This week was a fun one, I love more abstract concepts like this one. This week the subject was shadows (you can see my blog on the subject here.) We got some great submissions. Next week we’re doing natural framing, which I love! AHHHHH the first 4 episodes of our new travel show, […]

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Beginner Photography: Shadows

Hey folks! I like these creative subjects Chelsea is picking for the live show these days. This week the subject is “shadows.” Not just incidental ones that you get when you photograph a subject on a clear day, but shadows that you capture as an element of the composition. I’ve certainly shot images like that […]

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Live Show Recap: Slice of Life

Happy new year! We start the show off well by being mostly on time and having Justin back in the house. We also have some guest doggos in the studio!  Apparently London goes from posh to sloshed come nightfall. So this week the topic was “slice of life” which I love. A photo that captures […]

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Beginner Photography: Slice of Life

Happy 2017! I’ve been sick for all of it, plus a few days so far, so I didn’t go out shooting this week. But I have plenty of photos to choose from for this topic. “Slice of life” might be my favorite subject matter for photography. I’ve always preferred shooting people and especially candids. I […]

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Live Show Recap: Best of 2016

Well guys, this was a crazy one. Justin is in California so the show is a bit… slapdash. We lose the stream a few times in the first 20 minutes, but once we realize Skype was to blame, it gets back on track and stays there. This week we reviewed your best photos of 2016! […]

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Beginner Photography: Best of 2016

Happy holidays! This post is going to be a look back on my photography journey so far this year, as we’ll be reviewing your best of 2016 photos for the live show this week.  So, this might not be much of a dramatic transformation as I only started this series 4 months ago, but I […]

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Live Show Recap: Portraits with Scott Borrero

Hey! We had a big get for last night’s live show. We had the winner of Adorama’s Top Photographer, Scott Borrero on the show! He’s a great photographer, a prolific Instagrammer, and Twitter ranter. He was so fun to talk to and gave great constructive criticism for the portraits we reviewed. If you haven’t watched Top Photographer […]

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Beginner Photography: Portraits

I feel like my photography is one step forward, two steps back. Once I feel the slightest bit confident, I have a shoot that I just cannot get right. This is one of those weeks. I’m starting to feel limited by my resources. I would have killed for an external flash for this week’s project. […]

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