Live Show Recap: Widlife

Hey! I’m live in the studio this week and awkward as ever! If for no other reason, that’s a reason to watch the show.  We reviewed wildlife again this week and as always we had some great submissions. No live show until December 15th! Chelsea and Tony will be away traveling in Thailand for their […]

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Beginner Photography: Not Wildlife

Soooo, this weeks’ live show topic is wildlife. Thing is, we did wildlife a month ago and I wrote a blog post on my attempt then. Wildlife is a near-impossible task if you are not a dedicated wildlife photographer. It takes time, patience, and the proper gear. None of which I have! I went on a […]

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Live Show Recap: Wedding

  Hey folks! This show was a blast. We reviewed your wedding photos and there were some lovely ones. ATTN: next week due to Thanksgiving, we’re doing our live show a day early. We’ll be doing the show on Wednesday at our regular time and looking at your wildlife photos. We start right off with some chit-chat! Our […]

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Beginner Photography: Wedding

You guys! This is a big one. A few months ago I got the honor of being a second shooter for my friend’s wedding, assisting my very talented friend and wedding photographer, Carina of Love Me Do Photography. Our friends, Rick and Nicole, got married in the backyard of their huge community house in Germantown, Philadelphia. […]

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Live Show Recap: Candid Family Photos

Hey there! This week we looked at your candid family photos and they were lovely. Chelsea is sassy on tequila this week and it was great. Justin was drinking sambuca and that is gross. Tony chose a confusing password in reference to War Games. No more guessing! Next week the topic is wedding photography because that works […]

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Beginner Photography: Candid Family

Hey there! This week the topic for the live show is “candid family photos” which is right up my alley. So, this isn’t really a formal genre, but it certainly follows the rules of some other more established topics like street photography. It’s all about capturing the mood and expression of your subjects, giving the […]

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Live Show Recap: Spooky Shots

  OoOooh, we reviewed your Spoooky photos this week and it was a blast. We’re so glad to be back at our regular drinking time.   *Attention!* Next week the time may be an hour off for you, as we have daylight savings time this weekend. So make sure to check for the countdown […]

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Live Show Recap: The Right Light

Hey y’all! We had an early show again this week, sorry if you missed it, but we’ll be back at the regular time next week (Thursday 5pm EST) reviewing your spoooooky photos. If you want to see what the next show is each week, check or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be informed! […]

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