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Want Tony & Chelsea’s best photography video training at a HUGE discount? Here’s 50% off! You’l get instant access to many hours of streaming video training. If you buy the version with the SD card, we’ll ship you three reusable 64GB SD cards with the training so you can watch them offline.



In just a few hours, our flash video training will teach you to:

  ✓  Create AMAZING portraits with an inexpensive flash
  ✓  Get PERFECT lighting in any environment
  ✓  Capture consistent lighting at weddings and events, in any venue
  ✓  How to use flash in automatic mode (TTL)
  ✓  How to use flash in manual mode
  ✓  How to use Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)
  ✓  How and when to use High Speed Sync (HSS)
  ✓  How to use bounce flash
  ✓  How and when to zoom your flash head
  ✓  How to use light modifiers such as a soft-box, diffuser, and reflector
  ✓  How to use flash off-camera
  ✓  How to use flash in a portrait studio
  ✓  How to use colored gels for creative portraiture
  ✓  Use a gel to match flash white balance to ambient lighting
  ✓  Troubleshoot flash problems



An investment to build a business that can earn more than $1,000 per session and $100,000/year. 26 videos totaling more than 8 HOURS, divided into 3 courses:

1. Gear. Save THOUSANDS in gear with info you won’t find in gear reviews: such as support and repairs, total cost of ownership, and business continuity to keep you shooting when equipment fails. Perfect (cheap) gear for location shoots, build a full photo studio & choose a computer for post-processing.
2. Shooting & selling. Behind-the-scenes of a business headshot, a high school senior photo shoot & ultra-efficient post-processing. A professional shares her tricks for “The Reveal” that will make your images look amazing & ALWAYS makes the clients cry.
3. Business. Without business skills, even the most talented photographers won’t earn a living. These topics include finding clients, building an effective pricing model, using contracts, leveraging social media, and managing your finances and taxes.

PLUS, sample contracts, checklists, and commercial-free access to over 3.5 hours of our popular portrait and post-processing video training.


Art & Science
of Photography

The in-depth “Science of Photography” video training brings you through the technical aspects of photography, including:

  • Our “BELTS” method for nailing the composition of every photo, every time
  • Techniques for getting amazing shots under any conditions, even when traveling with a single camera and lens
  • Detailed processes for getting optimal camera settings
  • An in-depth study of using light and flash
  • Approaches for solving almost any photographic problems

It’s the “Art of Photography” video training that will take your images to the next level:

  • Master composition and perspective
  • Study iconic images throughout history and compare them to images of the same subject matter that failed
  • Learn to “see” the beauty of the world around you and capture as much of that beauty as possible in a 2-dimensional image
  • Examine a single subject in-depth to find the most stunning composition possible
  • Understand the importance of time when photographing subjects in the natural world

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