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Live Show Recap: Lens Hacks, Yashica is BACK!

More than $15,000 has been raised to purchase Pure2Go water filters to help the disaster relief in Peurto Rico! ¬†Partnering with Michael The Maven and Matt Granger (fellow Youtube photographers) and the SDP community, the money will purchase water filters (instead of paying for shipping of tons of single-use bottled water) that can each purify 300 gallons of water! ¬†¬†That means stunners have supplied over 120,000 gallons of clean, fresh water to those that really need it. ¬†Donate now at There is a new page to submit photos here – ¬†All picks can be voted on by viewers right here – ¬† Samantha Shannon is the screener and moderator this week – visit Shannon’s site at


The first pick came at 9:16 – a pinhole sunflower by Andy Shields. ¬†A lens hack photo of a lens with some beautiful color got a pick. ¬†We travel in The Matrix with Tom Papa next. ¬†The surreal look of a panning shot with very saturated colors gets a pick. ¬†An unidentifiable zoom turns out to be a jet – catching Tony‚Äôs attention – very creative – Chelsea will buy a print of this shot! ¬†Another zooming shot brings the feel of Saigon to life. The creative use of lens flare along with a beautiful sunrise grabs a pick. ¬†Framing a photo with a lens hack enhances the depth and character of this photo. ¬†Chelsea likes the abstract look of a an almost cheating photo. ¬†A beautiful portrait is not only a pick but a 5-star selection by Tony. The smoke and elaborate setup of this couple‚Äės portrait is reminiscent of Belle! Simple things like a keyboard, when zoomed take on an otherworldly effect. Pandering to Tony and Chelsea always gets a pick. ¬†Chris Nichols and Jordan make an appearance with a shot made with anamorphic lenses. ¬†Is it a matador, a flower, fire – nicely done. Vincent gets a retroactive pick with his tiny world shot. Flower petals in the lens hood matching the color of the photo – very creative design. Crazy closeups of bugs will definitely creep some people out.Sun flare and a careful design get a pick. ¬†Great use of lens flare in portraiture get a pick at the last second. The richness of the green being zoomed is a pick. ¬†Tate Modern zoomed – a unique shot. ¬†A fountain combined with a miniature effect is a striking image. ¬†Beautiful bokeh used creatively in a portrait lends to the styled effect of this shot. Use a beer bottle as an ND filter. ¬†Another shot that Chelsea would like a print of – a beautiful B&W shot.


Yashica is back! ¬†A company bought the name of Yashica and have started a kickstarter to make a virtual rangefinder digital camera that requires the purchase of a ‚Äúcanister of film‚ÄĚ that sets the ISO of the shot. ¬†Tony and Chelsea cannot get his head around the fact that there is no practical use for the simulation of the rangefinder aesthetics. ¬†It comes down to whether or not it ‚Äúfeels‚ÄĚ like an old rangefinder or a plastic toy.


Movies and Shows ¬†– ‚ÄúThe Shining‚ÄĚ uses leading lines and symmetry to convey a strange spookiness during the movie. ¬†Kendrick Lamar‚Äôs ‚ÄúHumble Video‚ÄĚ uses a beautiful leading line shaft of light to highlight a character – let‚Äôs see some of this next week! Converging lines made up of a pattern of heads to point to Kendrick Lamar. ¬†Chelsea‚Äôs favorite TV show (mainly because it is quirkier than Chelsea) is Fargo . ¬†The opening shot draws you into the show‚Äôs weirdness. ¬†Between the shadows from the window light and the subtle lines drawn by the position of the set pieces, the beauty of the show comes through. ¬†Citizen Kane stands as one of the most beautifully-shot movies ever. You will never watch TV the same again!


Tom Papa wants to know if we got a stylist because everyone is wearing gray. Soledad O’brien, a 50-year old white woman looks like Samantha Рreally? Tony looks like a white Jamie Fox… OK.  Chony or Telsea Рwho cares? Smartphones are actually introducing people to photography earlier than previously.


Claude Carpaij used a 3D scrolling effect to make a Squarespace portfolio very dynamic.  Great portraits, a single page scrolling setup is the newest trend in portfolio sites.

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Are all Northrups related?  Chelsea takes on a detractor who wants her silent.  Matt Granger showed up in the show Рmake a $50 contribution and Matt will give you his Business of Photography and Educating Tina courses!  Go to to donate.