Live Show Recap: Lens Hacks, Yashica is BACK!

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The first pick came at 9:16 – a pinhole sunflower by Andy Shields.  A lens hack photo of a lens with some beautiful color got a pick.  We travel in The Matrix with Tom Papa next.  The surreal look of a panning shot with very saturated colors gets a pick.  An unidentifiable zoom turns out to be a jet – catching Tony’s attention – very creative – Chelsea will buy a print of this shot!  Another zooming shot brings the feel of Saigon to life. The creative use of lens flare along with a beautiful sunrise grabs a pick.  Framing a photo with a lens hack enhances the depth and character of this photo.  Chelsea likes the abstract look of a an almost cheating photo.  A beautiful portrait is not only a pick but a 5-star selection by Tony. The smoke and elaborate setup of this couple‘s portrait is reminiscent of Belle! Simple things like a keyboard, when zoomed take on an otherworldly effect. Pandering to Tony and Chelsea always gets a pick.  Chris Nichols and Jordan make an appearance with a shot made with anamorphic lenses.  Is it a matador, a flower, fire – nicely done. Vincent gets a retroactive pick with his tiny world shot. Flower petals in the lens hood matching the color of the photo – very creative design. Crazy closeups of bugs will definitely creep some people out.Sun flare and a careful design get a pick.  Great use of lens flare in portraiture get a pick at the last second. The richness of the green being zoomed is a pick.  Tate Modern zoomed – a unique shot.  A fountain combined with a miniature effect is a striking image.  Beautiful bokeh used creatively in a portrait lends to the styled effect of this shot. Use a beer bottle as an ND filter.  Another shot that Chelsea would like a print of – a beautiful B&W shot.


Yashica is back!  A company bought the name of Yashica and have started a kickstarter to make a virtual rangefinder digital camera that requires the purchase of a “canister of film” that sets the ISO of the shot.  Tony and Chelsea cannot get his head around the fact that there is no practical use for the simulation of the rangefinder aesthetics.  It comes down to whether or not it “feels” like an old rangefinder or a plastic toy.


Movies and Shows  – “The Shining” uses leading lines and symmetry to convey a strange spookiness during the movie.  Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble Video” uses a beautiful leading line shaft of light to highlight a character – let’s see some of this next week! Converging lines made up of a pattern of heads to point to Kendrick Lamar.  Chelsea’s favorite TV show (mainly because it is quirkier than Chelsea) is Fargo .  The opening shot draws you into the show’s weirdness.  Between the shadows from the window light and the subtle lines drawn by the position of the set pieces, the beauty of the show comes through.  Citizen Kane stands as one of the most beautifully-shot movies ever. You will never watch TV the same again!


Tom Papa wants to know if we got a stylist because everyone is wearing gray. Soledad O’brien, a 50-year old white woman looks like Samantha – really? Tony looks like a white Jamie Fox… OK.  Chony or Telsea – who cares? Smartphones are actually introducing people to photography earlier than previously.


Claude Carpaij used a 3D scrolling effect to make a Squarespace portfolio very dynamic.  Great portraits, a single page scrolling setup is the newest trend in portfolio sites.

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Are all Northrups related?  Chelsea takes on a detractor who wants her silent.  Matt Granger showed up in the show – make a $50 contribution and Matt will give you his Business of Photography and Educating Tina courses!  Go to to donate.

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