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Live Show Recap: Leading Lines

Just in from a whirlwind visit to Puerto Rico to help with the disaster relief effort, Tony and Chelsea started a special show at 11:00 on Monday morning, reviewing Photographs incorporating Leading Lines as a composition element. ¬†After a brief overview of how the $40,000 raised by Stunning Digital Photography readers (and others) was used to purchase over 400 water filters that can each purify over 300 gallons of water. ¬†That is over 120,000 gallons of drinking water – and no bottles to dispose of! ¬†Find out more here: ¬†¬† Tony NorthCrop had his way with multiple photos before we had a ‚ÄúPick.‚ÄĚ ¬†¬†Starting this week we will be saving the picks and the viewers will now be able to vote for your favorite. ¬†The winner will get a prize to be announced along with all the respect and ¬†admiration deserved by the winner of a Live Photo contest! ¬†¬†To see Chelsea and Tony‚Äôs picks, go to ¬† and vote for your favorite! ¬†Winners will be announced at the next Live show. Two new versions of Adobe Lightroom were announced last week – adding to the confusion Adobe seems to thrive on! ¬†With that, Tony and Chelsea have released a new book for each and are available ¬†now – ¬†(ebook available now, paperback can be pre-ordered). SNAP! ¬†That‚Äôs the name of a new FAA-approved drone that can be flown overhead – legally – the parts all snap off if hit – a much safer design. Do you like content-aware fill? ¬†Ever try to do it in video – well now you can – using Adobe Cloak – an experimental product that should be on the market soon. Canon announced a Point and Shoot APS-C ¬†camera – the Powershot G1 X Mark III – a big name with mediocre specs! ¬†This is a $1300 P&S camera with a slow lens and only 1080p ¬†– would you buy this?


You should not have an issue when capturing the sun for a brief amount of time. ¬†A new video is due out soon – ‚ÄúCooking with your long lens with Tony Northrup.‚ÄĚ Can a non-touchscreen camera use an APP and use the phone‚Äôs touchscreen – YES! The D850 full review will be out soon. A how-to video on tilt-shift is in the works. With an unlimited budget, what camera would you use – the D850! Vote for your favorite at SDP.IO/vote 24 hours after the live show and win a thing!


The first Pick came at 14 minutes and 20 seconds. Quickly thereafter, the 911 memorial was highlighted at 24:39 – a beautiful shot – well planned and executed. ¬†Big Ben (actually the Eiffel Tower) came up next using a long exposure to point to the tower. For the leading lines to be most effective, Tony wants a focal point – a ‚Äúpayoff‚ÄĚ – none here, but still a pick. ¬†Non-Straight lines also work great. ¬†Shadows and footsteps make excellent leading lines. ¬†A boxing match garners another pick. A great use of a spotlight beam to draw the eye to a focal point. Great timing and patience captured a figure in a doorway – great shot. ¬†The use of shadows makes an ordinary photo interesting. Several people submitted MIlky Way shots – shot in a very creative way. Surfing under a bridge takes patience to capture and is a great shot. A staged food shot needs just a little tweak to get all the way there. Cropped or uncropped some shots just make it. Make me laugh and you have a pick! ¬†Nice color and nice lines yield a very nice composition. ¬†A castle shot that needs a little less processing still garners a pick from Chelsea and Tony.. An interesting and unique portrait uses lines in a unique way – very powerful. Beaches, kids, silhouettes – they get picks! Speeding through the remainder, there are a lot of great shots this week. Trees, Rivers and main streets with a payoff are all great shots ¬†Louis Chan submitted a great milky way shot. A powerful shot looking down the road shows not everything needs a focal point. ¬†Thumbnail surfing yielded the final picks of the day!

Portfolio Review:

Matt Sosa submitted a portfolio for review – great landscapes and using the Squarespace 3D template, Matt needs a self-portrait that shows his eyes to connect better.


Yes,Tony IS human! Lots of people are unhappy with Adobe’s decision to only offer LR in the subscription model.  We’ll see if other software companies jump on the opportunity to break Adobe’s hold on photo editing. Just what is a BBC-1 accent?  If you know, please share! Is Tony a Clown or a Magician or Billy Bob Thornton? An 11-year-old trashes Tony and he cannot respond!