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Live Show Recap: Environmental Portraits

Hey folks, we’re back! This week you get a quick review of the new D850 and most of you fail to meet the show topic of environmental portraits! It’s ok though, we had fun with it.

We start with photo news:

-The D850 is here! And we love it. “Evolutionary, not revolutionary.”

-iOS 11: new format for photos, HEIF

-new iPhones, 8 and X with new photo features

-Sony’s new¬†RX10 Mark IV, Justin made a review of it here

Okay, we get into your photos here:


-street vendor


lumberjack or a human muderer?

-girl with horse

-bus driver

Time for some photo inspiration on the topic:

-Arnold Newman, the first to use “environmental portraits”. Learn more about him from our podcast episode here.

Over to me for some questions, sorry about my mic!

-do you keep memory cards forever or retire them? We keep using them unless they fail.

-do environmental portraits need to be candid or posed? Posed! Like traditional portraits.

-where is your go to for fall foliage in Connecticut? Vermont. 

Back to photos:


tractor grandpa

cowboy on a break




Back to me with some questions:

-what techniques/gadgets catch your eye for long exposures? Have you used the Pixel Stick? Yes. It should be software based like image averaging.

-thoughts on Chris Nicholls jump at the Nikon event? It was funny, but Chelsea feels bad because it was her idea and he got hurt.

Time for a portfolio review! Greg Heath. Shorten your menu items, pare down duplicate subjects, crop down some of your shots with lots of negative space. Lovely work though!

Now for chit-chat, the part of the show where you say dumb\funny\rude things to us on our videos and we highlight them:

-you guys are aging. “yeah, we’re all aging at about the same pace”

-hey, what are your camera settings for this video? That joke was great the first 200 times.

-nostrils flaring with rage

-nice work, Justin!

-this new presenter is cute (it’s Justin!)

Back to photos:


seamstress maybe?

-“I want to see her in the kitchen-” “you’re so sexist!”

-shirtless welder

-“what if she has one of those tough-love dads and this is what she has to drive to school in?”

train conductor

-serious production team

herder with dogs


snake lady

sax man

service man?


-Sandi got her teeth cleaned and is high af

-mountain climber


-just some sorta king

-pretty sure she didn’t design the Flatiron building

biker girl


-one of those old-timey village actors

-hard working man

Back to me for your last questions:

-$$$ from Rob Tillitz who loves giving us money. What % of a photographers effort should be spent on branding and marketing? 22-23.5. Hard to say! More than you want it to be.

-do you consider yourselves more technicians or artists, and what percentage of each? Both say more artist than technician. Only 10-15% should be technical unless you’re learning a new style.

A few last photos:

-this weird circuit-board looking thing

-actor or film student

-graffiti artist



-dry cleaner

And that’s a show! Some of you really nailed it, but we’ll try it again soon. Next week is creative self-portraits, so do something fancy! See you then.