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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Live show recap is back! This week we looked at your reflection photos and were a little bored, tbh. But Tony and Chelsea are still entertaining.

Shout out your mom!

Next week’s topic is food photography, and I’m hungry already.

Photo news:

-Nikon D850 announced

-Peak Design released some new straps:,

Time to look at your photos, Lightroom wouldn’t let us edit them in the beginning:


drone shot

-house and tree

Questions from you, via me:

-have you ever had a problem with video and audio not syncing in camera? Nope!

-a new drone that’s not DJI? We haven’t tried any yet!

-tips for capturing reflections in nature? Get low to make your reflective surface larger. Pay attention to time of day and your lighting, the light should be behind you.

-call out to Timber Geek’s mom for not showing up

Back to photos:

-mirror house¬†in the desert “that sounds like a good way to start a fire”

-“did y’all ever have to deal with kaleidoscopes?”¬†




Alaska at night

Northern lights

-wet streets


-boat over the shoulder

-hot air balloons

Time for chit-chat! Where you say dumb things and we respond:

-ROFL, moron

-“a scuna is a boat you idiot!”

-that margarita be influencing Chelsea

-I’m a young Tina Fey

Back to photos:

-fungus on lens

-face painting




-“and they never saw this boy again”

-Columbia River

-Google pixel!



-$ question: dark sky finder? We haven’t used it.

-closer in age then Tony’s hair suggests #kaleidescope

-$ reflecting on his soul

-the Walkie Talkie in London was melting cars

Back to photos:

-I missed the name of this one

-Doubtful Sound

-“he’s dead now”

-a pick for pandering


-old timey

-a university


boathouse row

-walking puddle

-fancy duck

-street reflection

-Venice, CA clouds

-awkward portrait

Questions from you:

-$ put on a Yankee cap!

-$ keep it Boston!

-motion controlled time lapse, how to choose settings in advance? Shoot raw, auto exposure, lr timelapse.

-suggestions for a photography themed tattoo? Chelsea. A camera? Aperture blades? An infinity symbol, in Chinese. Ooh, good idea from Tony with the original Canon (Kwanon) logo.

Back to photos:

-“you did something

-my dad drank all my whisky

-the bean

-natural history museum

-boat in the gap



A few more questions before we go:

-$ from our friend James

-$ Chelsea my Puerto Rican sister

-stereotypes are dumb and bad, except that Puerto Ricans want to feed you tons of rice and beans and drop the S at the end of words

Speeding through pictures here:




-glass reflection

Last questions:

-do you go anywhere without a camera? Yes and no, because smart phones.

-have you hurt yourself while taking pictures? Tony for sure. Proper footwear is important.

Aaaand a few more pictures:



-reflecting pool

-fog plan

-ping pong ball?

And that’s our show! Buy our stuff, Join us next week for food photos!

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5 Ways to Spark Your Photographic Creativity

Carnival long exposure

So you’ve mastered the exposure triangle, sorted out your post-processing ¬†and in your spare time all you think about is photography. But then………. all of a sudden your images start feeling a bit too familiar. Your next shoot feels just like the last. A friend on your favorite photo sharing site asks if your latest image¬†was a re-post. In a flash it becomes clear; you’ve¬†plateaued. Continue reading 5 Ways to Spark Your Photographic Creativity

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Live Show Recap: Reflections

Here we go again! We looked at your reflection photos this week and they were great! So many submissions.

ATTN: NO SHOW NEXT WEEK we’re sorry, but T&C will be away. The week after will be star trails.


  • Sigma 50-100 f/1.8
  • no longer oompa-loompas
  • Sigma 30mm f/1.4
  • two new mirrorless cameras! Sigma sd Quattro and sd Quattro H
  • Tamron prime lenses:¬†85mm f/1.8 VC and 90mm f/2.8 VC
  • LR mobile v2 for Android
  • new Nikon series of fixed lens mirrorless

Ok, picture time! Here’s our picks, 5 stars, and quotable bits:

Over to me for some of your questions:

  • Tesla!
  • monitor calibration

Portfolio review! So many people underwater. This man may be a fish. “He pulled an Ariel and he wished for legs, and now he has them.” Great job!

Chelsea is wearing yoga pants and running shoes under her desk. “This is my life!”

More pictures!

  • right off the bat, this one is a winner
  • leaves
  • boats
  • star trails!
  • “this is when they’re on this mortal coil, this is when they’re dead” “wow”
  • four stars!
  • Norway
  • stars

Over to me, I was born ready:

  • Chelsea’s wardrobe mullet

T&C asked Nikon for a D5 to borrow “and they were like, how bout f-you?” so they have a J5. “It’s similar, it has one of the same numbers.”

  • where to visit in the eastern US?
  • more call-in shows? Chelsea chat show?
  • beauty dishes (look at our studio gear reviews!)
  • pancakes? crepes? waffles? We should just have a food show. I can talk to you about pancakes all day.
  • nutella


  • ISO video response to Techquickie? No thank you.
  • “stop ruining things with science.” No thank you.
  • Christopher O’Grady is Chelsea’s new best friend. I have some competition.
  • Smile during Nikon and frown during Canon? Conspiracy!

Another portfolio review! How do you pronounce an umlaut? Good layout, good pictures. Pare down a few as always, combine categories, but otherwise well done. “He’s wearing a mask right?” “Yeah, I don’t think that’s his head.”

Check out Tony’s bad Instagram¬†vs Tony’s portfolio.

Back to photos, moving quickly:

Annnnd back to me for some more questions:

  • what was your first picture that sold? “you are going to disappoint a lady”
  • vacation photos
  • best program for star trials? starstax!
  • don’t screenshot Chelsea’s dumb face
  • waffle delivery
  • 500px shows you boobs

That’s our show! No show next week, but join us March 10th for star trails.





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Use Reflections to Add Interest to Your Photographs

A building reflected in water

As photographers, we use our cameras to capture two dimensional images of our three dimensional world. Via aperture, focal length and focus, we manipulate our photos to give them dimension. We do our best to set them apart from casual snapshots.

Another way to create a sense of depth and interest in an image is with the use of reflections. They can support a subject, be the subject, or even link elements of an image together in creative ways, resulting in¬†a photo that rewards the viewer for looking more closely at your shot. It’s these types of engaging images that can set your work apart from a sea of sameness. Continue reading Use Reflections to Add Interest to Your Photographs