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Live Show Recap: Unexpected Beauty

Hey folks! We looked at your “unexpected beauty” shots this week which were… not always on theme. But it was a tough one.

Chelsea was not insulting carpenters last week. We just want to see your non-photography portfolios. Submit them next week! for that. 

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So we start looking at your photos here, but we have some trouble at the top with Lightroom re-importing photos constantly:



-fancy fly

-hey, hey guy? Don’t be jerk.

-“I’m very sensitive to¬†poop!”

balloons over Bagan

-misty tree

-eagle attack

-building shadow


-funeral march

-oh! I got another pick.

-flooded beach

-double exposure

Over to me for some questions:

-where to shoot landscapes in/around Dallas? Not really. Your plan of going to New Mexico is good.

-Rob Tillitz! I am Wonder Woman.

-alternative to Paul C. Buff Einstein strobes? Godox!

Back to your photos:

-egg shells


-just listen to Tony’s dog-saving story¬†here, mostly for Chelsea saying “I would have gone Anchorman on that little shit” and “you can’t save a Pomeranian for the thanks, Tony. You just have to do it for the face-biting.”

-oil and water

-“I’d say that’s unexpected ugly, did you think a baby could be that ugly?”

Back to me for questions:

-a tutorial on the Mavic Pro? Someday.

-when you look at your older photos and think they were horrible, is it artistic growth or were they horrible? They were probably horrible. “Your first 10,000 pictures are your worst” -somebody. Getting mocked is part of success.

-*I DO NOT LIKE NICKELBACK.* “I should take up the fake recorder” “we should start a band, I’ll play air guitar”

Ok, photo news!

-FAA regulations have gone weird. “Our government is crazy”- accurate

Chit-chat! The part of the show where you say some things and we maybe respond.

-u r doing overacting

-Chelsea, are you related to Gina Linetti? Yes, she is related to a fictional character.

-live in your car!

-flip-flop sandals? “Pain don’t hurt” “A thong is also underwear with no butt cheeks.”

-this is a weird thing to say and do, Jude

-y’all related? “Traditions were meant to be broken” “that’s not a saying”

Back over to me, where I screw up my camera a dozen times:

-thanks for all the money, friends!

-what will we photography when our country turns to barren scrubland?

-it was pounds

-Rob is single-handedly funding our live show. You need to practice on that drone!

Time for a¬†portfolio¬†review! Dustin Rosenburg. Don’t lead with your about me page or with that enter screen, lead with your work. Also take out the heading of the work page. Take out duplicate shots, and similar shots. Maybe make each category a menu at the top instead of making people scroll. Your shots are nice, just work on your set-up!

Okay, back to your photos:

-Chelsea is trolling hard

covfefe¬†“it doesn’t matter, we’re all gonna die in a flood”


-oil stain is perfectly on theme

Maya is so talented


-pencil trash

-the dinner


-“this is very¬†Addam’s¬†family”

-old coal crane

-frozen flower

-“Alan Branch took a picture of a¬†branch?”


-“sunsets are beautiful. And you expect it, because they happen every day.”

reflection in geometry

-crazy weather panorama

refinery¬†“makes me want to play Matchbox cars on it”

Over to me for more questions:

-follow up on Rob’s question about drone video. Slow down the rudders to keep the drone smooth.

-can you remove AA filters from low-budget filter? Need no AA filter to shoot textures for video games. Almost all base-level Nikon cameras don’t have them, or entry-level Sonys.

-Kyle Wolfe won’t be on #TClive for the next year or so! Teaching photography at a national park and taking college courses. Congrats Kyle!!!

-what to do with a teenager¬†for¬†a photo tour? Ask her what she’s interested in. See what she shoots on Instagram already. Show her how to connect her camera to phone to internet, because that’s what she’ll probably want to do.

Back to a few last photos:

-that car is not a Pantera

-ballet through bars

-fog plan!

-“ninja¬†baby!” “oh yeah, the photographer died shortly after, just got his butt kicked to death”

-get our books, y’all need editing help.¬†¬†for Lightroom and¬†¬†for Photoshop

And that’s a show! Thanks for all your submissions. Next week our topic is “old meets new” which is a fun one. See you then!

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Live Show Recap: Abandoned

We’re back! This week’s topic was “abandoned” and it was great. Chelsea keeps repeating things Tony says at the beginning of the show and it cracks me up.

Next week’s topic is “unexpected beauty” which should be fun!

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First off, photo news:

-FAA regulations, you don’t have to register your drone. “Hi, is this Todd? Did you fly into a bald eagle?”

Time for your photos, I’ll highlight our picks below:

-Chelsea parkour-ed a baby deer over a wall once

-“it’s like us, romance in the madness, amiright?”


left behind

-abandoned photographer

-matte ceiling

-child’s dress

-nobody abandoned that Jordan.¬†“For real? Did god just make this Jordan right now?”

-high dive. “Yeah, this is what they called the killing pool.”

-insane building

-“you don’t know what people are going through, they need that front tire money.” “Maybe that guy took his tire inside with him and died at work” “Way to find the bright side, Chelsea!”

Over to me for your questions:

-ethics of abandoned photos? Are they legal or safe? No and no. Not if you go inside! “You breathe all deep like you want to get asbestos or something.” “Dangit, I gotta find a new husband? I liked that one.” “I’ve done it, but I’m also really cool.”

-photographing sharks from a cage, should I use a selfie stick? Put on a meat suit and get in the water. Shoot from inside the sharks mouth. Sharks have soft rubber teeth. *don’t listen to anything we say. Also, your phone probably isn’t that waterproof. You could use a selfie stick to get yourself and the shark in the shot? Maybe bring a teddy bear for the shark.

GH5 or a7R II for concert photography? a7R II for sure, great low-light capability.

Okay, back to your photos:

-symmetrical abandoned house

-abandoned silo 

-peek inside

-stadium seats

-through grass

 Back to me for some questions: 

-do drones qualify for AMA insurance? They don’t know, but yes.

-advice on doing real estate photography professionally? Be social, make connections, befriend realtors.

-have any of us gotten in trouble doing a photo shoot? Tony’s been yelled at my security before, they’ve been kicked out of abandoned buildings. Nothing serious though. Tony being a white man with white hair helps.

Time for a portfolio review! Connor Moriarty. Use a simplified text. Maybe don’t lead with a photo that’s not marketable. Your work is lovely! Maybe fix your pricing page to make it clear which point is which price. Remove any pictures or subjects that won’t get you work. Your work is wonderful though! Just make a few tweaks.

Time for chit-chat! The part of the show where we respond to your dumb or mean comments on our videos.

-no one actually proves our crop factor videos wrong with proof

-most boring couple ever!

-Tony is not a Fuji hater

-down with leaf blowers! 

Okay, back to photos:

-don’t abandon your dog!


tree takeover

-abandoned in a hillside

-model in a pen

-lonely lady

-church bus

-abandoned innocence


-oh, I got a pick!

Time for money comments!

-thanks Juan!

-Rob Tilitz, you’re a crazy person and we love you.

-Tony never checks his messages anywhere

 Back to photos, and some were picked during the comments:

-lady laying on doors

-stair car (plane)

-table in the water?

-“ooh she’s brave! Be careful!”

-“that’s what you do when your homework is just too much”

-dark angel

And that’s our show! Join us next week for the topic “unexpected beauty.”


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Live Show Recap: Night Photography

Hey y’all! We reviewed your night photos this week, and they were delightful as always. Tony and Chelsea will be away next week, so we’ll see you in two weeks with the topic “abandoned.” If you want to vote on our topic each week, donate to our Patreon!

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, donate $50 to call me or $100 to snuggle with Justin.

Let’s get into your photos. I’ll highlight our picks below:

Over to me for some questions/comments from the viewers:

  • Tony is making someone’s weird list of hot silver-haired men

Okay, back to photos:

  • Rubin! Oh, that makes me hungry”
  • “I think you’ve watched more horror movies than done camping”

Back to me:

  • how would you expose for a campfire portrait? Expose for your subject, clip the highlights a bit, do a lot of work in post.
  • opinions on funeral photography? If it’s cultural, that’s cool. If you’re doing it as a weird exploitative thing, don’t? “It’s my art, violating everyone!”

Back to photos:

Time for a portfolio review! John Shedwick, that sheep got us. Gorgeous landscapes, the GPS coordinates are a really cool feature. T&C are trying to adopt you, or slap you. Your portfolio is wonderful! 

Time for chit-chat, where you say things and we say things back. 

  • stick to your hair color videos
  • oh, men make violent comments about women in videos on the internet? Maybe manage your anger better.
  • do you ever fight about whose name is mentioned first? No, we just constantly swap them, confusing everyone.

Back to  me for your questions:

  • Thanks so much, Jerome! If you own our book, Stunning Digital Photography, you can join our private Facebook group and get help from thousands of other photographers.
  • any particular photography genre you don’t like to shoot? Weddings for Chelsea, nothing for Tony. Justin hasn’t done enough to know. I don’t like shooting landscapes.

Back to photos:

Back to me with your questions:

  • how to get great photos when it’s overcast? Take portraits!
  • how to keep your camera stable on a boat? Freeze the water, literally. Or use a faster shutter speed.
  • how do you pick your photography style (genre)? You don’t have to! Unless you go pro, the market will decide for you.
  • how’s the G5 holding up? And what is your favorite lens for it? It’s doing great. The Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 and a Metabones speedbooster.

Back to your photos:

Back over to me:

  • I’m the ballerina’s allegro
  • what techniques do pro photographers shy away from? HDR, fake solar flare, too much clarity.
  • would you review some of the new camera phones? We’ve thought about it.
  • Tony’s hot bod

Back to your photos before we wrap up:

  • lighthouse
  • “I thought maybe it was fake” “you’re fake”
  • “oh, she’s gonna eat it. I’d rather have a cheeseburger”
  • Top Gun!
  • Tony Soprano!
  • Eiffel Tower is killing it tonight
  • this one would work for next show’s topic

We did it! 

Here’s one last question from you all:

  • and I will direct you to¬†for all your camera recommendation needs

See you in two weeks for “abandoned”!

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Live Show Recap: Self-Portraits

Self portraits! We love seeing your faces. Next week’s subject is night photography. If you want to vote on our live theme each week, donate to our Patreon! You get to see videos early, vote on our live show topics, and more.

First up, photo news:

  • don’t be a thief, you turkey. Especially from an incredibly famous photographer. Souvid Datta, you’re on blast.
  • B&H is still being shady as hell, they settled their latest lawsuit and moved their warehouse

Let’s look at some of your photos:

Over to me for your questions:

  • Bev Miller is the VIP of the night
  • as people are getting used to smart phone focal length, should you use it for wedding photography or avoid it? It’s not that flattering for portraits and the style won’t be timeless. Avoid the common.
  • Chelsea is the selfie master of the two
  • any tips to avoid distortion from the atmosphere when shooting over long distances? Dehaze. Shorter exposures and timing.
  • best way to take self portraits? Use a stand in to focus, use a timer or remote trigger with the intervelometer. Use the wi-fi app for your camera and use the remote app on your phone! ¬†And use a higher f-stop.

Time for a portfolio. The Light Majestic, Natasha Haggard. Stunning landscapes, great light and color. Add a photo of yourself to your about me page! You have a few duplicates you could take out, but otherwise you are killing it.

Time for chit-chat, where you say things and we judge you:

  • Tony was genetically engineered to be a medical ad
  • this photo always shows up in ads for boner pills
  • staged fake lighting, shills
  • fafin’ about
  • but we’re also Sony bashers
  • sorry, our stream died for a few minutes while Chelsea ranted about ISO
  • the cure for G.A.S. is F.A.R.T

Back to photos:

And that’s our show! Join us next week for night photography.

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Live Show Recap: Landscapes!

We’re back! This week we reviewed your landscapes, and as always, y’all showed up.

We have a Patreon now, so if you’d like to support us (please) you can do it at¬† We’ll come up with some higher donation tiers, but none of them will be talking to me on the phone.

Our GH5 review is coming up!

Let’s get right into your¬†pictures:

  • b&w?¬†Infrared?
  • “what are we gonna do? Have rules and loose guidelines?”
  • walkway
  • “I feel like this mountain has a cool name like Armadillerback”
  • here’s the link to that video about¬†ND filters
  • epic¬†battle
  • everyone watch Arrested Development, it’s perfect
  • here’s the video on eliminating¬†fringing
  • fog¬†plan
  • John¬†Mayfield!
  • “this is about Jesus”¬†“and a dog”
  • “if you ever go borg, would you put a histogram in your eyes?”
  • I think they forgot to give picks for a while

Over to me for your questions:

  • how to you make a landscape look original and not boring? Shoot during interesting whether, change your time of day, add an interesting element. Repetition.
  • how long have you been shooting? How long together? Have your styles changed? Yes, their style has changed together, they’ve been shooting together as long as they’ve known each other. Tony’s been shooting for about 20 years, Chelsea has been casually since high school.

Time for a¬†portfolio¬†full of dogs! *Justin does not kick dogs. Dogs are perfect and we don’t deserve them. Fred, your work is lovely, but bump up your exposure a bit. Maybe add a photo of yourself to your “about¬†me” page unless you are, in fact, a dog.

Another portfolio!¬†Tommi, that’s a great lizard. Your photos are great, maybe choose a different layout that doesn’t lose your photos. Tommi, your email address is crazy long.

More questions from me:

  • money comments!
  • we will not give away gear, maybe prints, not music, maybe drawings.
  • has Tony ever integrated a Raspberry Pi into photography? No. Chelsea has integrated real raspberry pie.

Back to pictures:

  • lonely¬†island
  • “my old Erlend is dead to me now”
  • dark¬†waterfall
  • “you did it Brian, everyone loves you now”
  • “sure, it’s off the chain”

Time for chit-chat! The part of the show where you say weird/mean/dumb things and we respond.

  • could you explain what are the things you mentioned? No?
  • do you two always have to skip my pictures? Yes, toadally.
  • was Chelsea screaming for blood during the¬†hockey fight? Probably.
  • Zach from Banana Republic sold Tony a shirt
  • we’re in a live show loop. Bananas. Join our¬†Patreon and vote for topics! “Kyle has like, the most beautiful banana. Please don’t quote me.”

Back to your photos:

More questions from youuuu:

  • Tony, FAA blah blah blah? He only thought about himself.
  • lenses for Sony apsc sensors? They need more native lenses. Metabones adapters help.

Back to photos:

Back to me for some last questions:

  • what do you think about borders on photos? It can work.
  • if you had $1000 to get into landscape gear, would you get a camera or a drone first? Camera. A drone can be limiting.
  • how long did it take to get the¬†peanut butter and jelly¬†out from under your nails? 2 days.
  • what do we like on pizza? Depends on where you go! Tony likes a buffalo chicken.¬†I like white pizzas, particularly a barbecue chicken, bacon. Pepe’s pizza in New Haven is the best. Chelsea likes some weird one with pistachio on it.¬†

Tony and Chelsea had to go to kickball. Amir get’s a shout out for this lovely¬†shot. “That looks like a unicorn frappucino up in there.”

Join us next week for your creative self-portraits! We want to see yer faces.


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Live Show Recap: Nature

If you missed the memo, we had our show on Monday this week because T&C will be away on Thursday. We looked at your lovely nature photos, once I get my -ish together.

From cannibals to Schweddy Balls, we’re on an upturn!

Our live show¬†won’t be back until April 27th reviewing your landscape photos.

Starting with Chit-Chat! Where we reply to your mean/weird/funny comments on our videos:

  • take Tony to dinner
  • good joke?
  • Chelsea IS very funny

Now to your photos! Here are our picks:

Over to me for some questions:

  • non-photography gear that’s useful for shooting wildlife? Camoflauge, bug spray, boots, warm clothes, hand warmers, USB gloves, a stadium seat? Snacks. A big sandwich?¬†

Back to photos:

  • stunning puffin¬†shot
  • “this is like me at a party”
  • leading line
  • “you are having intimate physical contact with 5 or 6 strangers at any time” “what happened to you at Watkins Glen?”
  • “this dog has no fur. This dog is merely a shadow dog.”
  • white tailed eagle

Back to me for cool questions:

  • where do you find inspiration? Lots of Instagram, Easton Chang, Roxy Rodriquez. Classic photographers, TV and film. The Cohen brothers, PT Anderson.
  • what bird would you like to photograph? A kingfisher, a crow for Chelsea.
  • what photographic cliche bugs you the most and why? Spot color for Chelsea, glamour photography for Tony and me,¬†over-processed skin for Justin.

There are some picks that happen during the questions:

And now back to the photos:

Back to me for some questions:

  • the most interesting story you’ve seen told in a landscape photo? That’s hard.
  • did you feel intimidated when you started shooting wildlife? No, it was fun to be outside shooting. National Geographic was about it when Tony started, so he did well online.

Time for a portfolio review. John Doddato Photography. Good simple layout and cover photo. All your work is incredible! Maybe format your about me a bit better and take your name off of the blog link. You may want to set up a store for your prints as well. Otherwise you did everything right!

More questions:

  • any suggestions for doing nature photography at home or from a fixed location? Try different times of day and weather conditions, practice your technique. Set up a bird studio.

Back to your photos:

Some last questions before we end:

  • do y’all have any photos of puffins? Nope.
  • I had chili cheese fries for dinner
  • how to make the most of a cheap, soft lens? You just need to focus on mood and storytelling than something like wildlife that needs detail.

And that’s our show! Chelsea was hungry. So again, no live show until April 27th when we do landscapes.

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Live Show Recap: Colors

Colors! You guys really showed up for this one. There were so many great examples of color as a focal point. You can read my blog on it here.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: next week’s show is on Monday instead of Thursday as T&C will be traveling. The topic is nature.

We just got 700,000 YouTube subscribers, and that is weird and scary.

We got the GH5 in and did a comparison of it here. Justin thinks it’s great.

Chelsea goes over to me for questions because she loves my face:

  • I’m the bees knees and also, what is the best gimbal stabilizer for the GH5? No idea! But not the Nebula 4000.

Now to your photos, I’ll highlight our picks below:

Over to me for some more questions:

  • how did Justin join the Northrup crew? He is married to Chelsea’s ex-husband’s cousin!¬†

Time for a portfolio review. Framed Listings real estate photography, beautiful work! Dial back your HDR on some of these, just make sure you’re not losing all the contrast. Put your drone shots on the front page as well, people will love them. Great pricing page and about page. Maybe crop out that picture of you with phallic chips. Otherwise very impressive work!

Submit some non-photography Squarespace portfolios to us so we can review those as well.

Back to me for some comments and questions:

  • first a pick for Philly boy Bill¬†Raymond’s crazy concert shot
  • compliments!
  • why do you think there aren’t photo travel shows, but so many cooking travel shows? No idea! It might be generational.

Diving back into the photos:

  • underwear
  • “look at this guy, his balloons matches his nips
  • vase
  • “it’s not level, right?” “the world’s not level, it’s a sphere”
  • dramatic
  • blue gate
  • rainbow overlay
  • color block door
  • ahhhh dogs
  • Tony’s afraid of dead air
  • haha Chelsea made a bad lichen pun and Tony didn’t even flinch
  • “I’m gonna warm it up, now you have lifestyle kitty. This is Instakitty.”
  • sunset bridge
  • water droplets

Over to me for some questions:

  • Tony, what are your favorite video games? He couldn’t remember the name, but it’s Horizon. Apparently Chelsea’s mom is real good at killing zombies.

Back to photos:

  • they talked about animal surgery while Tony edited this picture
  • little girl in red
  • Tony’s brain is totally weird
  • gorgeous unconventional shot
  • Volkswagen
  • lava lamps?
  • London

Back to me for questions:

  • monitor calibration? We haven’t found anything. Just the free Windows tool.

Here’s another portfolio! Simplify your layout. White background, black text. Pare down your photos, only your best ones should be there.

Why would you do this to Chelsea?

Chit-Chat! You say things we say things back.

  • not fair!
  • really real
  • why does everyone think they’re siblings?
  • Stanley Q-Bert is back
  • Chelsea’s totally original composition

A few last photos:

  • roof tiles
  • man in front of a teal wall
  • “yeah, kids are always drinking things that should be eaten”
  • headphones

And one last question from me:

  • how should you price prints? That’s hard. Online prints don’t sell high at all. Prints bought in art galleries can be sold for much more, but it really depends on where you’re selling and your skill level.
  • And how should you price post-processing? Tony and Chelsea disagree! Chelsea says post-processing should be an add-on, Tony thinks it should be default.
  • someone needs to make a gif of Chelsea’s extended side-eye here

Sarah Bowman! Lovely work as always.

And that’s a show! We’ll see you on Monday the 10th¬†for your nature photos.¬†

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Live Show Recap: Abstract

This was one of the most fun shows in a while, and that’s saying a lot cause we’ve had some great ones lately. Chelsea was on fire. Your photos were pretty good too.

I killed an ant. I have no regrets.

Here’s my blog post on shooting abstract. It was a fun project! Next week’s topic is colors, which means that color needs to be an important element of the photo. No spot color.

Ok, here’s some stuff about stuff:

  • we got a Gnarbox¬†
  • Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
  • Paperboyo¬†on Instagram
  • no, we’re not getting this insanely expensive 8k monitor from Dell

Let’s get into your abstract photos and I’ll highlight our faves:

  • dogs > cats, fight me
  • street shot
  • rope
  • “how come I’m boozing and you’re losing?”
  • this is where a super villain was born”
  • orange fusion
  • “finally, we found something to do with all those AOL CDs
  • “what’s this, that Dance Dance Revolution game?”
  • whisk
  • dang, the most Tony joke ever
  • shooting stars
  • sand
  • Jim! This is your show.

Over to me for some viewer questions:

  • is there a way to eliminate glare in car photography other than a polarizing filter? Just¬†use one. Or make a comp. Or roll the windows down?
  • how to start pricing for portraits or wedding photography? It depends on the market in your area, do some research and see what the going rates are.
  • would you still consider the D810 to be the best overall camera? That’s hard to say, different tools for different things,¬† We’re loving the new Sony a99 II.

Now to look at a portfolio from our friend Jim Setzer. Great, eye-catching landing page! Well done with the layout, great image pairing. Maybe get that boudoir away from that family.

Chit-Chat! You know how we do.

  • we made Kyle cry
  • loners are real pissed at us, “I have learned tons from your books… DUMB!”
  • bad advice watch videos while you’re driving #nohomo
  • Q*Bert, Stanley Q-Bert
  • 8th mistake: a spot colored user photo, my dude
  • MisterTwister, why are obsessed with Tony looking wet? #lockherup
  • “just look up your comments, if it’s a constant stream of annoying, change your life”
  • Jim Bandy, what a good kid.

Ok, back to photos:

  • “we’re well hydrated”
  • “this is balls
  • succulent
  • “Aardvark, is that really your name?”
  • “do you ever get tired of people asking if we’re brother and sister?”
  • I liked this one but they kept going
  • light trails
  • cell planets?
  • “Tony’s from Texas, he just knows about trucks”
  • paint
  • Fyn!
  • umbrellas
  • “I like it, it makes me feel lonely” “I would kill for lonely right now”
  • abstract bokeh
  • well done, James!

Over to me for your questions:

  • what files do you keep after a shoot? All the raw files. Tony rates them all and deletes all the 1-star photos. Chelsea doesn’t delete photos because people die.
  • We couldn’t break Kyle’s heart again, so here’s his photo. “I’d like to see a shark or a… a drowning person.”
  • have you used a tobacco filter? Nope. Blackmilk Pro filter? Nope.
  • how do you train your eye to see the spectacular in the mundane? That’s deep. Just practice. Pay attention to the feeling in you that sees something eye catching and then dissect what it was that drew you.¬†
  • shout out to Frankie
  • favorite travel camera? XT-2 or the D810.
  • Tony looks like a yoga instructor who only takes small classes into the mountains. “You look like a doctor who only prescribes boner pills.”
  • should the rule of thirds or the golden ratio be used in abstract photography? Not necessarily. And the golden ratio can peace out.
  • what are the best ideas to keep in mind while shooting and editing wildlife? Get the eye in focus, shoot action or unusual behaviors. Crop in tight. Capture a knife fight.
  • have we ever Photoshopped Tony with black hair and will we?¬†

Back to photos:

Back to me for some reason:

  • why is wide angle bad for portraits? Wide angle tends to exaggerate features that aren’t considered traditionally beautiful. Facial proportions being off makes most people feel uneasy. But experiment with it!
  • will you do another big lens shootout? Sure! We have a 70-200 shootout coming up. We need a Nikon wildlife one as well.
  • what’s Tony’s final form? Bald. Robot? Drunk robot? Chelsea would be AI who ruins everyone’s picnic.
  • switch to Sony? Depends what you shoot. Not great for sports or wildlife, but good for all-around shooting. Not as good lenses though.

Back to photos:

And that’s our show! Join us next week for colors.

Tony peels off a label for all you weirdos like us out there. Justin is a monster and leaves his on. Byyyyyye.

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Live Show Recap: Long Exposure

Chelsea’s back with a vengeance this week! This show was a blast. We looked at your long exposure shots and got some really great ones. There were so many picks, I’m gonna be drowning in this recap. Next week’s topic is “abstract.” No cats allowed.

Our Lightroom 5 paperback is on sale for $14.99! It’s the older version of Lightroom, but many of you still may be using that, so get it. Make sure to pick the Lightroom 5 version and the Paperback option from the drop-down menus.¬†

Lightroom 6 now has closed captioning on all the videos! I spent six months of my life trudging through doing that, so tell your friends.

Because of you all, we got to over 100,000 likes on our Facebook page! That’s great.

We put up a video yesterday about how the Sony a7S isn’t as great as everyone said and then Sony fanboys went bonkers so we took it down. But we’re gonna put it back up!

Chelsea taps on everything.

Photo news:

  • firmware updates announced for Fuji¬†
  • billboard magazine cover was shot with the iPhone 7 and people care for some reason

Chelsea asks me a question, which is “do you have any questions?”

  • are cheap teleconverters worth starting out with? Probably not. Just crop!
  • do you have the next location for Wanderlust? Not yet, we have episodes coming up and we are probably going out with the Lowenbachs in CA again!

Let’s get into your photos! I’ll highlight our picks and notable quotes below:

  • it’s aliens. Or a drone with sparklers attached “that seems super legal and safe”
  • lovely abstract
  • fireworks
  • Kaizen, will you stop harassing us now?
  • lightning
  • wedding kiss
  • Tony talks for a long time about dogs¬†
  • here’s that video about not needing ND filters
  • pick for two drinks
  • highway, I think Chelsea gives this a pick for her own edits
  • shoreline/skyline¬†(yes, they know it’s New York, they’re trolling you)
  • cityscape
  • Chris Reddy, party with us, make us pancakes
  • stunning sky
  • keyboard¬†“the future is blue, we know this”
  • another shoreline abstract and here’s the video Chelsea made on it
  • smooth water
  • “classic waterfall, don’t go chasin’ um”

More questions:

  • thanks for your super comments! I am the cat’s meow.
  • do we use the new version of Wirecast for the live show? Nope!
  • where should the focus be in a landscape? Wherever the focal point is!
  • the live show is crazy complicated, we can’t and won’t tell you how we do it.
  • my dog is a menace
  • what is one piece of advice you’d give to a young photog to go into it professionally? Tony and Chelsea are not cool and don’t know how to connect with teens. Depends on what you want to shoot, there’s no formula. Shoot what you love and hone your skills.

Time to look at a portfolio. Bev Miller, lovely images. Check your exposures though! Fix your menus, put in a picture of yourself. 

Chit-chat! The part of the show where we reply to your mean/dumb/confusing YouTube comments. 

  • Tiananman Square urban legend?
  • Sony sell outs! Or Sony shills? Don’t slap grey-haired men.
  • mind your business!¬†

Super chats! Apparently this is part of our show now:

  • Tony is handsome
  • that car was a Challenger not a Charger
  • do our books and videos apply to video? Yes on the artistic bits, not so much on the technical stuff.
  • Tony, what’s the deal with your shirt? Buzz Aldrin made it.
  • HDR merging in Lightroom or Photoshop? Lightroom is quick and easy.
  • full frame macro on an APSC? Yeah that works.
  • a question for the group: would you pay to come on a shoot with us in an old mansion? “these people pay for questions, they got money flying out of their butts.”


Back to photos:

Chelsea keeps wanting to see me:

  • Nikon is better than Canon
  • I would fly from Texas to do that shoot
  • you should slideshow submissions in the background
  • what makes Chelsea cool is she doesn’t care about being cool
  • Tony’s shirt is a quote from Total Recall and he is very upset he missed it
  • my husband wants to know how you feel about the flat earth? He thinks it’s the shape of a tupperware.
  • what does an ND filter do? It’s like sunglasses for your camera. It smooths motion.

Back to photos:

  • star trails
  • Chelsea just Rick-rolled you all

Back to me for questions for some reason?

  • Tony is a fake nerd! Tony got a letter jacket for being a trombone player and a mathlete.
  • highest end camera with an articulating touch screen? Get a used GH2, or a G7 or a GH4.
  • why use a medium format camera over a full frame? Megapixels for large prints.¬†
  • lots of love for Rishi¬†from DPReview
  • what does it mean to have a style in photography? You can’t unintentionally have a style, they are honed and rules are intentionally broken.

One more pick. 

And that’s our show! Next week is abstract. Thanks for joining!


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Live Show Recap: Lines

We’re back! Well, kind of. Chelsea got sick in Thailand and between that and jet-lag, she had to cut out before the live show. So Tony held it down solo this week, with the help of Justin and me of course.¬†

We looked at your “lines” photos, and there were some great ones. Next week we’ll be looking at your long exposures.

We enabled “super chat” on YouTube which is very weird. You can pay to have your comment highlighted, and the more you pay the longer it stays up, supposedly.¬†

Okay, we get into your photos here, I’ll highlight Tony’s picks below:

Over to me with your questions:

  • in short lighting, do you focus on the closest eye or the brightest eye? The closest.
  • how could a beginner get sponsored for travel photography? A beginner could not. You’d need a lot of experience and tens of thousands of Instagram followers.

Now to chit-chat, the part of the show where you say dumb things to us and we make fun of you.

  • why does Tony always look like he just got out of the shower?
  • do you fall asleep to camera overviews? “Tony the living sleeping pill”
  • HDR hate
  • 90’s choker trend
  • Tony should dye his hair

Ok, time to look at a portfolio! Way too long of an intro to that video, but good job bringing in the action. Gorgeous film reel! Maybe try a different layout for your photos, square crop doesn’t work with everything. Beautiful shots. Tony discriminates against left-handed people, so good job leading with that.

We get back into your photos here:

Back to me for some questions:

  • what would be your perfect camera? You can see his answer¬†here. The closest so far is the Sony a99 II.

Back to your photos:

Last questions from me:

  • how much scouting do you do before traveling? A lot! Google Earth is a great resource, looking at other photographers shots from the same place, hire a model in advance.
  • there’s a Northrup Photo sub-reddit, if you’re a redditor.
  • congrats, Jim!¬†

And that is our show! Whoo, Tony deserves all the beer for that one. Thanks for watching, and join us next week for your long exposures as well as the triumphant return of Chelsea.