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Live Show Recap: Unexpected Beauty

Hey folks! We looked at your “unexpected beauty” shots this week which were… not always on theme. But it was a tough one. Chelsea was not insulting carpenters last week. We just want to see your non-photography portfolios. Submit them next week! for that.  Donate to our Patreon to vote on our show topic each week and to […]

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Live Show Recap: Abandoned

We’re back! This week’s topic was “abandoned” and it was great. Chelsea keeps repeating things Tony says at the beginning of the show and it cracks me up. Next week’s topic is “unexpected beauty” which should be fun! Support us on Patreon! You can vote on the live show topic each week, get videos early, […]

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Live Show Recap: Night Photography

Hey y’all! We reviewed your night photos this week, and they were delightful as always. Tony and Chelsea will be away next week, so we’ll see you in two weeks with the topic “abandoned.” If you want to vote on our topic each week, donate to our Patreon! You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, donate $50 […]

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Live Show Recap: Self-Portraits

Self portraits! We love seeing your faces. Next week’s subject is night photography. If you want to vote on our live theme each week, donate to our Patreon! You get to see videos early, vote on our live show topics, and more. First up, photo news: don’t be a thief, you turkey. Especially from an […]

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Live Show Recap: Landscapes!

We’re back! This week we reviewed your landscapes, and as always, y’all showed up. We have a Patreon now, so if you’d like to support us (please) you can do it at We’ll come up with some higher donation tiers, but none of them will be talking to me on the phone. Our GH5 review is coming […]

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Live Show Recap: Nature

If you missed the memo, we had our show on Monday this week because T&C will be away on Thursday. We looked at your lovely nature photos, once I get my -ish together. From cannibals to Schweddy Balls, we’re on an upturn! Our live show won’t be back until April 27th reviewing your landscape photos. Starting […]

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Live Show Recap: Colors

Colors! You guys really showed up for this one. There were so many great examples of color as a focal point. You can read my blog on it here. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: next week’s show is on Monday instead of Thursday as T&C will be traveling. The topic is nature. We just got 700,000 YouTube subscribers, […]

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Live Show Recap: Abstract

This was one of the most fun shows in a while, and that’s saying a lot cause we’ve had some great ones lately. Chelsea was on fire. Your photos were pretty good too. I killed an ant. I have no regrets. Here’s my blog post on shooting abstract. It was a fun project! Next week’s […]

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Live Show Recap: Long Exposure

Chelsea’s back with a vengeance this week! This show was a blast. We looked at your long exposure shots and got some really great ones. There were so many picks, I’m gonna be drowning in this recap. Next week’s topic is “abstract.” No cats allowed. Our Lightroom 5 paperback is on sale for $14.99! It’s […]

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Live Show Recap: Lines

We’re back! Well, kind of. Chelsea got sick in Thailand and between that and jet-lag, she had to cut out before the live show. So Tony held it down solo this week, with the help of Justin and me of course.  We looked at your “lines” photos, and there were some great ones. Next week […]

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