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Live Show Recap: Fall/Autumn Photography

Here we are again, reviewing your Fall/Autumn photos! Don’t mind the screen going black at the beginning there for a minute, we come back.

Lots of blood moon talk at the top of the show, check out that post at if you haven’t already!

PhotoNews: Facebook is¬†allowing gifs as profile pictures! I’m team gif with a hard “g” sound, ’cause graphics.

Chelsea talks about pizza trees, which is genius.

We start reviewing photos at 9:53 and Tony mentions their video on image averaging which you might be interested in.

Chelsea¬†uncovers Kyle Wolfe’s trickery¬†here, which is really pretty brilliant.

The first pick of the show comes in at 14:18, this amazingly fat squirrel in a pumpkin. It makes me happy.

Erkki‘s photo gets one star, “poop”, at 20:31 because Chelsea is sassy.

We take a break from reviews at 22:57 and check out which does lens comparisons. They discuss the difficulty of testing lenses and give the site some encouragement. Check it out!

Chelsea plugs these here show recaps at 26:01, so thanks for reading! Then she unveils her plan for getting you all to buy the same shirt and join our cult.

Tony shows us his broken $27 flash from Amazon to tease an upcoming low-budget gear video.

Chelsea reveals that according to twitter data, you all are rich men. So buy our stuff.

As if on cue, this portfolio shows up and we see lots of stuff on butts. Lots of spot color.

Tony and Chelsea go off on a great rant about American’s fear of boobs and the rest of the worlds aversion to seeing guns. Unfortunately it resulted in the entire comment section being about boobs, because ya’ll are children.

Your Squarespace store can connect to ShipStation now, which is awesome. We use both and love them.

We review another portfolio at 34:40. A bit more our speed.

I ask some of your questions at 38:30 but Chelsea derails us immediately talking about a boob room.

Back to photo reviews at 43:01. At 48:45 we see some chestnuts and Chelsea reveals that she used to throw them at cars as a kid. Similarly when Chelsea and I were in high school we did equally petty crimes like pulling stuffed animals across the street on fishing line because we had concept of danger. Kids are jerks.

At 50:42 Chelsea and Tony discuss the continued use of the word “chill” throughout our recent history and then Tony pitches some phrases best left in our past.

A man walks a small brown bear at 52:40. Chelsea talks about hoping to take Matt Granger to a pizza orchard if he comes to visit.

Tony demonstrates content aware fill in Photoshop at 53:36 and it goes awry at first.


They give a pick to this great, moody fall scene at 57:53.

“You wouldn’t want to eat that chestnut, it’s a Horse”

Back to me for questions at 59:53, while I yell at my husband in the kitchen to keep it down.

Tony and Chelsea rail against Kickstarter. Chelsea invested in Coffee Joulies and never got them.


More questions about getting a new camera and going to school for photography.

Then we have Chit-Chat! Everyone’s favorite segment of jerks saying jerky things to us on the interwebs. Arguing about ISO, nit-picking TeeGar’s show ending, and being Apple fanboys (as if.) Chelsea totally looks like actress¬†Ana Adelaida Perjoiu. It’s in the eyes/brows.

We do a photo review speed round at 1:12:46 and this one gets a pick. Another pick at 1:15:21, good job.

That’s a show! Join us next week for fashion photos!




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Live Show Recap- Food Photography

Guys, oof, where to start with this one. If you watched it live you saw a real train wreck. If you didn’t watch live, you will be very confused as there was a character in the beginning of the live show that we wound up ditching partway through and then editing out before reposting the video. To you all we say: sorrynotsorry.

Ok, so at 2:07 you see that our new shirt is in the store at! Get one now and be the envy of the few friends you have who are photo nerds. Or be that weird family!


We start reviewing your food photos at 7:27. Not a whole lot of stars and picks this episode, ’cause let’s be honest, food is boring to look at. Chelsea does give four stars to this flan. Phallic food at 11:44.

I read some of your questions at 18:11, someone wants to know where to get free stock photos which seems the opposite of what we’d endorse, but you can find fair use photos on Google in the advanced search.¬†We reveal Justin‘s origin story at 19:56.

We do a few Squarespace portfolio reviews starting at 20:59, lots of badly muted off-camera whispering at minute 24.

Back to photo reviews at 26:33.  Persimmon photo gets 5 stars and a pick at 29:02.

Chit-Chat starts at 32:24¬† and it has spawned our new favorite saying, “hamburgered the light” and the regrettable “young tender.”

Back to photos, 5 stars and a pick for these bangin’ strawberry pops at 38:18¬†and for this lovely (pumpkin? squash?)¬†soup. Watching through this video again is making me hungry.

We talk vignetting at 54:33 and then transform a coffee cup into Walt which is then given 5 stars and a pick.

Back to questions at 57:42 and the photo speed round. A pick for this lovely pizza at 1:06:47. And then whoever edited this gem gets a pick as well.

Someone asked what our favorite breakfast cereal is at 1:08:02¬†and then Tony tells a delightfully gross story about it. “Wow, you’re going to keep going with this, okay.” -Chelsea

And that’s our show! Next week we’ll be reviewing your Fall/Autumn shots. See you then!


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Live Show Recap: Street Photography

Hey all! Here begins a new blog segment where I discuss the live show and any interesting or noteworthy segments that appear in¬†it. Last week our show was on street photography¬†and¬†we got a ton of great submissions¬†from you fine folks, so thanks for that. We’re always encouraged by the talent of our viewers (and we hope that some of it is due to our tutelage!)¬†So, like every live show subject, the topic needs to be defined. Street photography is candid, most often including a person or people, that serves as a slice-of-life of the area. So there’s that.

First off, Chelsea detailed how I hate gear questions. Not only because I don’t understand half of them, but because Tony and Chelsea have put SO MUCH time into creating a whole book about gear plus¬†some obscene amount of free videos on their YouTube page. If they’ve answered it already, do your research! If they haven’t, it’s because they probably haven’t used the gear in question yet. I’m a woman of efficiency, I don’t like to see time or effort wasted on something that’s been answered before ūüôā Chelsea and Tony are far more patient than I am.

We had a poll question, but didn’t set up a poll, so if you’d like to let us know in the comments below, who is the worst person to go shooting with? Chelsea hates the copycat, Tony hates shooting with a gear head. Kyle hates shooting with his mother, who always wants to be in the photo.

They showed us the new Apple iPad Pro & Pencil, which seems like something way too expensive to lose within a week of owning.

Then there was Socality Barbie, the best new way to mock hipsters and Instagram at the same time! Check it out though, it’s pretty funny.

Chelsea and Tony were drinking Pimm’s and ginger ale, while I was drinking a nice summer shandy by¬†Leinenkugel.

Chelsea suggests a mirrorless for street photography since you can be more discreet with a small camera, and using a 50mm. Tony seconds using a mirrorless with a silent shutter and the viewfinder set to black and white, as well as a 35mm.

If you don’t want to hear our tangents, we start reviewing photos at minute 13:38! One of our top pics from the show is at¬†19:11¬†and another at 21:53.

We mention “Ron the critic” at minute 27:30, and if you don’t know the reference,¬†please watch this video (we’re sorry):

Then we go on to look at portfolios at 29:49

PhotoNews starts back up at 35:35 talking about megapixels,¬†(which is gorgeous) and leads us to discuss “flat-earthers,”and new¬†Zeiss lenses.

Tony upsets nerds the world over starting at minute 42 and gets progressively (regressively?) worse a minute later when he talks crap on Star Wars.

Viewing a portfolio at¬†46:40, Chelsea says “my gym had that AstroTurf but a kid peed on it” and no one bats an eye.

Back to photo reviews at 54:39, another favorite shot at 56:14. and a lot more in the speed round!

On to me for some viewer questions, a few more photos, and then Tony tells a hilarious story about (not) getting a shoe shine (1:22:56).

And that’s a show! Join us this Thursday at 5pm New York time for our live show and submit your architecture photo once the show goes live!