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Live Show Recap: Fall/Autumn Photography

Here we are again, reviewing your Fall/Autumn photos! Don’t mind the screen going black at the beginning there for a minute, we come back. Lots of blood moon talk at the top of the show, check out that post at if you haven’t already! PhotoNews: Facebook is allowing gifs as profile pictures! I’m team gif […]

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Live Show Recap- Food Photography

Guys, oof, where to start with this one. If you watched it live you saw a real train wreck. If you didn’t watch live, you will be very confused as there was a character in the beginning of the live show that we wound up ditching partway through and then editing out before reposting the […]

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Live Show Recap: Street Photography

Hey all! Here begins a new blog segment where I discuss the live show and any interesting or noteworthy segments that appear in it. Last week our show was on street photography and we got a ton of great submissions from you fine folks, so thanks for that. We’re always encouraged by the talent of our viewers (and we […]

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