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Live Show Recap: Travel

What’s up, jerks? We reviewed your travel photos last night, and you really came through! It’s a pretty ambiguous topic, but I think we got some really impressive submissions.¬†

We decided that travel photography was something that captured the unique spirit of a place, or portrayed motion and destination.

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Here’s where we get into your photos, I’ll highlight our picks and ridiculous one-liners below:

-“what’s the Matterhorn with you?”

-this talk of travel dreads killed me

-Tony is confirmed robot

 -thatched roof




-mixed facial expressions

-Cape Smokey

-Golden Gate

-so much talk of terraforming Mars, Chelsea is invested

-Ho Chi Minh City

-girl with donkey and lamb

Over to me for viewer questions:

-what gadgets have been game changing for travel? Smartphones, USB batteries for smartphones, drones, electric razor? Noise-cancelling headphones.

-what has been your favorite place to travel for photography, and your favorite place not for photography? Peru and Portugal for Chelsea. Japan. Lucerne, Switzerland was great for photography but not much else.

-Roderick! Our generous Irish gentleman friend. Thanks for loving us quietly. Thanks for dating us.

Time for a portfolio¬†review! Fabian Santiago. Gorgeous images, great full-screen layout. Fabian, we’ve seen your photos before and we are fans! Maybe just pare down your “on the line” category.

We very unceremoniously get into Chit-Chat, the part of the show where we respond do your dumb YouTube comments.

-nerd the Jeff out

-“kicking the greasy piglet”

-wait so… are we or aren’t we a paid shill? “You’re wrong, but I’m sure you’re used to it by now.”


Okay, back to photos:

 -leave your family and photograph one place for years

arches, now I see the Kuato

-waterfall celebration

-oh, it me

-lady in red





Key West

-Great Mosque

-Broad Museum

Banff is fun to say

Back to me:

-10 years ago would I have imagined I’d be on a YouTube live show? Nope, that wasn’t a thing. I was working retail. “You committed, die with it.”

-T&C love Puerto Rico

-two picks happened in the background, here and here

-we’ve been doing the live show for 3 years!

-thanks for $$$! Can the Nikon D7200 do sports? Sure.

-quick tips for travelling on a budget? Stay in hostels, trade apartments while you travel, volunteer tourism, work travel, fly standby or travel by land, travel locally. Travel on container ships? Don’t take a limo to the airport. “What are we, Hulk Hogan in 1989?”

Back to your photos:

 -some castle

-New Zealand

-fall colors



-“I can’t level it because I’m not level, biologically”

-“we’re the people that don’t have a ding in our car”

-airplane aisles


Back to me for some more questions:

-if you could only have on mirrorless camera, which one would you choose? a9, or the XT-2, or the XT-10, or the GH5…

-how often do you carry a tripod and then don’t use it? Most of the time. That’s why they like the BeFree.

-are you beyond bringing a laptop for travel? Do you wait to come home before you edit and post? They love the new iPad.

-Twitter Q for Chelsea: where’d you get your shirt? She doesn’t know.

A few more reviews:

-tilt-shift train



-v v cute dogs

And that’s a show! Next week’s topic is Night or Astro photography, see you then.

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Live Show Recap: Portraits with Chris Gampat

We had special guest Chris Gampat, The Phoblographer, on our live show this week reviewing your portraits! It was a lot of fun, he was a great addition to the team.

First we find out that he’s an expert in all things film photography, eateries in New York, and camera bags. Also that Chris’ parents were camera bags and he has possibly never met them.


Get our shirts on sale from! (Does not come with Justin)

We also have Stop It coming up this show! A handful of your sent in your worst photos and we get to tear into them.

Okay, let’s get into your photo submissions:

-invisible corn on the cob? Or Italian gesturing?

-Chris like creatures that eat children

James Birtwhistle, first pick!

-the dangers of shooting white clothes


-cool wig

Over to me for your questions:

-your favorite gear for doing on-location portraiture? Chris loves the Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/1.4 with the 6D. For film he uses a Fujifilm JW693 film camera with a rangefinder 90mm f/5 lens and the Mamiya RB67 Pro S. Chelsea likes a 70-200 but also the Sigma 24-105. Tony likes the new a9 and the 70-200.

-how much of the portrait subject’s body do you keep in the shot? Depends on the use and your artistic preference! There’s goo discussion of Chris’ Tindr profile.

-(I don’t listen well) can white clothes for a portrait cause a problem? Yes! You get reflection from the surroundings color casting on the face.

Time for Stop It! Where we get to make fun of your pictures which you volunteered to us for this purpose.

-cool knife

-blurry rabbit

-no focal point church “clutterers”

-sweet hat


-dead body?


-lady and a grow

-“doing a doody in a bud?”¬†

-don’t go in

-Canadian Napoleon?

-birds are not dinosaurs

-spot color death

-sweet Segways, dude

-humping cows

-panorama mistake

-jumping girl


-be careful getting your heel stuck in your underwear

-don’t look up Prickasso

Okay, back to real submissions:

-gorgeous mood, Jim!


-textured face


-smoking lady, Tony misses smoking


Back to me for some questions:

-$$$ thanks James, Kevin, and Rob of course

-Rob, we’re glad you’re alive. Don’t let your battery expand.

-what’s a portrait vs a head shot? A head shot is a type of portrait that is generally meant to market a person professionally or otherwise.

-Chris insults nerds

Back to photos:

-more smoking that Tony loves

-drinking on a mountain

-Andy Shields always kills it

-more smoking!

-weird disembodied head

-fancy hat

backlit beauty

-double exposure

-“I reached for the P but you beat me to it” “You sound like Donald Trump”

-hold on a tick

-album cover

Krystal Weir!

-great color

-and more!

-a puppy always gets a pick

Final comment:

-we didn’t save Rob’s life, but he is okay

And that’s our show! Chris was great, get his course at

Dogs can see some color, fine. But birds aren’t dinosaurs.

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Live Show Recap: Abstract

This was one of the most fun shows in a while, and that’s saying a lot cause we’ve had some great ones lately. Chelsea was on fire. Your photos were pretty good too.

I killed an ant. I have no regrets.

Here’s my blog post on shooting abstract. It was a fun project! Next week’s topic is colors, which means that color needs to be an important element of the photo. No spot color.

Ok, here’s some stuff about stuff:

  • we got a Gnarbox¬†
  • Tamron 70-200 f/2.8
  • Paperboyo¬†on Instagram
  • no, we’re not getting this insanely expensive 8k monitor from Dell

Let’s get into your abstract photos and I’ll highlight our faves:

  • dogs > cats, fight me
  • street shot
  • rope
  • “how come I’m boozing and you’re losing?”
  • this is where a super villain was born”
  • orange fusion
  • “finally, we found something to do with all those AOL CDs
  • “what’s this, that Dance Dance Revolution game?”
  • whisk
  • dang, the most Tony joke ever
  • shooting stars
  • sand
  • Jim! This is your show.

Over to me for some viewer questions:

  • is there a way to eliminate glare in car photography other than a polarizing filter? Just¬†use one. Or make a comp. Or roll the windows down?
  • how to start pricing for portraits or wedding photography? It depends on the market in your area, do some research and see what the going rates are.
  • would you still consider the D810 to be the best overall camera? That’s hard to say, different tools for different things,¬† We’re loving the new Sony a99 II.

Now to look at a portfolio from our friend Jim Setzer. Great, eye-catching landing page! Well done with the layout, great image pairing. Maybe get that boudoir away from that family.

Chit-Chat! You know how we do.

  • we made Kyle cry
  • loners are real pissed at us, “I have learned tons from your books… DUMB!”
  • bad advice watch videos while you’re driving #nohomo
  • Q*Bert, Stanley Q-Bert
  • 8th mistake: a spot colored user photo, my dude
  • MisterTwister, why are obsessed with Tony looking wet? #lockherup
  • “just look up your comments, if it’s a constant stream of annoying, change your life”
  • Jim Bandy, what a good kid.

Ok, back to photos:

  • “we’re well hydrated”
  • “this is balls
  • succulent
  • “Aardvark, is that really your name?”
  • “do you ever get tired of people asking if we’re brother and sister?”
  • I liked this one but they kept going
  • light trails
  • cell planets?
  • “Tony’s from Texas, he just knows about trucks”
  • paint
  • Fyn!
  • umbrellas
  • “I like it, it makes me feel lonely” “I would kill for lonely right now”
  • abstract bokeh
  • well done, James!

Over to me for your questions:

  • what files do you keep after a shoot? All the raw files. Tony rates them all and deletes all the 1-star photos. Chelsea doesn’t delete photos because people die.
  • We couldn’t break Kyle’s heart again, so here’s his photo. “I’d like to see a shark or a… a drowning person.”
  • have you used a tobacco filter? Nope. Blackmilk Pro filter? Nope.
  • how do you train your eye to see the spectacular in the mundane? That’s deep. Just practice. Pay attention to the feeling in you that sees something eye catching and then dissect what it was that drew you.¬†
  • shout out to Frankie
  • favorite travel camera? XT-2 or the D810.
  • Tony looks like a yoga instructor who only takes small classes into the mountains. “You look like a doctor who only prescribes boner pills.”
  • should the rule of thirds or the golden ratio be used in abstract photography? Not necessarily. And the golden ratio can peace out.
  • what are the best ideas to keep in mind while shooting and editing wildlife? Get the eye in focus, shoot action or unusual behaviors. Crop in tight. Capture a knife fight.
  • have we ever Photoshopped Tony with black hair and will we?¬†

Back to photos:

Back to me for some reason:

  • why is wide angle bad for portraits? Wide angle tends to exaggerate features that aren’t considered traditionally beautiful. Facial proportions being off makes most people feel uneasy. But experiment with it!
  • will you do another big lens shootout? Sure! We have a 70-200 shootout coming up. We need a Nikon wildlife one as well.
  • what’s Tony’s final form? Bald. Robot? Drunk robot? Chelsea would be AI who ruins everyone’s picnic.
  • switch to Sony? Depends what you shoot. Not great for sports or wildlife, but good for all-around shooting. Not as good lenses though.

Back to photos:

And that’s our show! Join us next week for colors.

Tony peels off a label for all you weirdos like us out there. Justin is a monster and leaves his on. Byyyyyye.

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Live Show Recap: Wedding


Hey folks! This show was a blast. We reviewed your¬†wedding photos¬†and there were some lovely ones. ATTN: next week due to Thanksgiving, we’re doing our live show a day early. We’ll be doing the show on Wednesday at our regular time and looking at your wildlife photos.

We start right off with some chit-chat! Our favorite segment of the show where you say mean or funny or dumb things to us and we respond.

  • “your talking crap.” Get your “you’re”s right, Philip.
  • Tony did¬†donuts, and he’ll never stop
  • indoor drone flying? Never.
  • Skip, no. Photoshop doesn’t make a photographer bad.
  • oops, there’s my handsome husband in a tub.
  • One circle only, Tony.

Ok, let’s get into your¬†photos, but also talk about Westworld:

  • stunning¬†shot
  • classic¬†head shot
  • a well done¬†kiss¬†shot
  • “you just realize how dirty and banged up your whole life is”
  • expression
  • sassy lassies
  • “I get kissed all the time, you think I give a damn?”
  • “nooo, I’m not uncomfortable, I’m an adult”
  • so sweet
  • magazine worthy

Alright, let’s pop over to me for some Q&A:

  • what is your Hogwarts house? We’re adults. “You think they made a Disney theme park because it’s a crappy book?”
  • can you be a wedding photographer if you don’t agree with the institution of marriage? Probably not.
  • my child showed up behind me
  • what is with all the questions about Fuji raw files?
  • what’s the most reckless thing you’ve done in the name of photography? Chelsea married Tony. Trespassing, getting close to dangerous animals. Tony almost drowned with dolphins. “It turns out dolphins are like, really good swimmers.” “Very nearly drowned all the way to death.” Chelsea’s whole response to Tony’s story is amazing.

Okay, over to a portfolio. Beautiful photos. Be one of those Instagram people who makes lots of money by being cool. 


  • Nikon 70-200E f/2.8, Tony would pick the D810 with this lens over the 5DSR!
  • Phantom 4 Pro Batteries can be used for the original Phantom 4. “I just want to live my life as a drone.” #DroneLife

Okay, back to your photos:

  • “this photo’s nice because this man is like, handsome.”
  • perfect backlighting
  • is there anything Kyle can’t do? “This is like when your Furbys start talking.”
  • “I like this guy’s stance because he’s in it to win it.” This whole conversation is perfect.
  • Caleb!
  • I got a pick!
  • “look at you, you’re beautiful!”
  • a real ridiculous Captain Planet moment starts¬†here
  • “maybe he’s gonna punch us, that’s the gag”

Back over to me:

  • Chelsea grills me about Captain Planet and then we sing a duet
  • what do you want the future to say about you? “Tony was helpful, but Chelsea made me feel bad about myself.” Tony wants to be remembered for his educational techniques. Chelsea wants to be accessible. “I just hope that they point out that one car circle would have been enough.”
  • this question was hella confusing, so we just run with it. Emotion, emotion, what?
  • Sigma 35 or 50mm Art lens?

Back to your photos:

Back to meeee:

  • tech q’s
  • iPhone 7+ portrait mode?
  • high price point of the 70-200? Not sharp enough to justify.
  • I got nothing. Your tech questions bore me.
  • what would you use to shoot protests? Street photography gear, 24-70, 70-200. Nothing special.

And that’s our show! Join us next WEDNESDAY at 5pm EST for your wildlife photos.¬†