Live Show Recap: Night Photography

Hey y’all! We reviewed your night photos this week, and they were delightful as always. Tony and Chelsea will be away next week, so we’ll see you in two weeks with the topic “abandoned.” If you want to vote on our topic each week, donate to our Patreon!

You cannot, I repeat CANNOT, donate $50 to call me or $100 to snuggle with Justin.

Let’s get into your photos. I’ll highlight our picks below:

Over to me for some questions/comments from the viewers:

  • Tony is making someone’s weird list of hot silver-haired men

Okay, back to photos:

  • Rubin! Oh, that makes me hungry”
  • “I think you’ve watched more horror movies than done camping”

Back to me:

  • how would you expose for a campfire portrait? Expose for your subject, clip the highlights a bit, do a lot of work in post.
  • opinions on funeral photography? If it’s cultural, that’s cool. If you’re doing it as a weird exploitative thing, don’t? “It’s my art, violating everyone!”

Back to photos:

Time for a portfolio review! John Shedwick, that sheep got us. Gorgeous landscapes, the GPS coordinates are a really cool feature. T&C are trying to adopt you, or slap you. Your portfolio is wonderful! 

Time for chit-chat, where you say things and we say things back. 

  • stick to your hair color videos
  • oh, men make violent comments about women in videos on the internet? Maybe manage your anger better.
  • do you ever fight about whose name is mentioned first? No, we just constantly swap them, confusing everyone.

Back to  me for your questions:

  • Thanks so much, Jerome! If you own our book, Stunning Digital Photography, you can join our private Facebook group and get help from thousands of other photographers.
  • any particular photography genre you don’t like to shoot? Weddings for Chelsea, nothing for Tony. Justin hasn’t done enough to know. I don’t like shooting landscapes.

Back to photos:

Back to me with your questions:

  • how to get great photos when it’s overcast? Take portraits!
  • how to keep your camera stable on a boat? Freeze the water, literally. Or use a faster shutter speed.
  • how do you pick your photography style (genre)? You don’t have to! Unless you go pro, the market will decide for you.
  • how’s the G5 holding up? And what is your favorite lens for it? It’s doing great. The Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 and a Metabones speedbooster.

Back to your photos:

Back over to me:

  • I’m the ballerina’s allegro
  • what techniques do pro photographers shy away from? HDR, fake solar flare, too much clarity.
  • would you review some of the new camera phones? We’ve thought about it.
  • Tony’s hot bod

Back to your photos before we wrap up:

  • lighthouse
  • “I thought maybe it was fake” “you’re fake”
  • “oh, she’s gonna eat it. I’d rather have a cheeseburger”
  • Top Gun!
  • Tony Soprano!
  • Eiffel Tower is killing it tonight
  • this one would work for next show’s topic

We did it! 

Here’s one last question from you all:

See you in two weeks for “abandoned”!

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5 Responses to Live Show Recap: Night Photography

  1. Charles May 12, 2017 at 5:53 pm #

    Thanks for the recap. Love the show and “team Northrup”. I was wondering can one submit a photo that is edited in Corel paintshop pro or must it be through an Adobe product.


    • mm
      SiobhanKyle May 15, 2017 at 10:11 am #

      Hi Charles, as long as it’s a jpg it shouldn’t matter where it was edited!

  2. Roderick May 13, 2017 at 7:56 am #

    Danmit ! I’ll put me $50 back in me pocket so…
    I bottled my submission this week, and for the rest of time I’ll regret not submitting 🙁
    Chelsea seemed particularly hungry this week:- I was very concerned she would take a bite out of her mic…
    Rather close to the line of Tony to out you as a ballet practitioner, and then to demand an impromptu performance of a ” ballerina’s allegro ” !
    And we all know from watching The Simpsons that ballet consists of a bear, wearing a fez, driving ’round in a little pedal car….
    A likes Chelsea’s rendition of “Moon Dance” (Van Morrison) and then as a bonus Tony chimed in with a not too shabby version of his own !
    Great show – dogs barking, children making children noises, and lots of laughs.
    And of course, advice on how to walk like an Egyptian. 😉
    Many thanks

  3. Alan May 15, 2017 at 11:09 am #

    Hi Siobhan,

    Have you, Tony, Chelsea or Justin ever used EyeEM or have any recommendations re: it? I heard it is a way to sell photos and make some money, don’t know if it’s legit or not? Figured I’d ask the experts.

    Thanks as always!

    You guys rock.


  4. Dailyn May 16, 2017 at 11:05 am #

    Is there a time that your pictures have a better chance of being reviewed. I send one every week and only one time did they click on my photo.

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