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Live Show Recap: Long Exposure

Chelsea’s back with a vengeance this week! This show was a blast. We looked at your long exposure shots and got some really great ones. There were so many picks, I’m gonna be drowning in this recap. Next week’s topic is “abstract.” No cats allowed.

Our Lightroom 5 paperback is on sale for $14.99! It’s the older version of Lightroom, but many of you still may be using that, so get it. Make sure to pick the Lightroom 5 version and the Paperback option from the drop-down menus.¬†

Lightroom 6 now has closed captioning on all the videos! I spent six months of my life trudging through doing that, so tell your friends.

Because of you all, we got to over 100,000 likes on our Facebook page! That’s great.

We put up a video yesterday about how the Sony a7S isn’t as great as everyone said and then Sony fanboys went bonkers so we took it down. But we’re gonna put it back up!

Chelsea taps on everything.

Photo news:

  • firmware updates announced for Fuji¬†
  • billboard magazine cover was shot with the iPhone 7 and people care for some reason

Chelsea asks me a question, which is “do you have any questions?”

  • are cheap teleconverters worth starting out with? Probably not. Just crop!
  • do you have the next location for Wanderlust? Not yet, we have episodes coming up and we are probably going out with the Lowenbachs in CA again!

Let’s get into your photos! I’ll highlight our picks and notable quotes below:

  • it’s aliens. Or a drone with sparklers attached “that seems super legal and safe”
  • lovely abstract
  • fireworks
  • Kaizen, will you stop harassing us now?
  • lightning
  • wedding kiss
  • Tony talks for a long time about dogs¬†
  • here’s that video about not needing ND filters
  • pick for two drinks
  • highway, I think Chelsea gives this a pick for her own edits
  • shoreline/skyline¬†(yes, they know it’s New York, they’re trolling you)
  • cityscape
  • Chris Reddy, party with us, make us pancakes
  • stunning sky
  • keyboard¬†“the future is blue, we know this”
  • another shoreline abstract and here’s the video Chelsea made on it
  • smooth water
  • “classic waterfall, don’t go chasin’ um”

More questions:

  • thanks for your super comments! I am the cat’s meow.
  • do we use the new version of Wirecast for the live show? Nope!
  • where should the focus be in a landscape? Wherever the focal point is!
  • the live show is crazy complicated, we can’t and won’t tell you how we do it.
  • my dog is a menace
  • what is one piece of advice you’d give to a young photog to go into it professionally? Tony and Chelsea are not cool and don’t know how to connect with teens. Depends on what you want to shoot, there’s no formula. Shoot what you love and hone your skills.

Time to look at a portfolio. Bev Miller, lovely images. Check your exposures though! Fix your menus, put in a picture of yourself. 

Chit-chat! The part of the show where we reply to your mean/dumb/confusing YouTube comments. 

  • Tiananman Square urban legend?
  • Sony sell outs! Or Sony shills? Don’t slap grey-haired men.
  • mind your business!¬†

Super chats! Apparently this is part of our show now:

  • Tony is handsome
  • that car was a Challenger not a Charger
  • do our books and videos apply to video? Yes on the artistic bits, not so much on the technical stuff.
  • Tony, what’s the deal with your shirt? Buzz Aldrin made it.
  • HDR merging in Lightroom or Photoshop? Lightroom is quick and easy.
  • full frame macro on an APSC? Yeah that works.
  • a question for the group: would you pay to come on a shoot with us in an old mansion? “these people pay for questions, they got money flying out of their butts.”


Back to photos:

Chelsea keeps wanting to see me:

  • Nikon is better than Canon
  • I would fly from Texas to do that shoot
  • you should slideshow submissions in the background
  • what makes Chelsea cool is she doesn’t care about being cool
  • Tony’s shirt is a quote from Total Recall and he is very upset he missed it
  • my husband wants to know how you feel about the flat earth? He thinks it’s the shape of a tupperware.
  • what does an ND filter do? It’s like sunglasses for your camera. It smooths motion.

Back to photos:

  • star trails
  • Chelsea just Rick-rolled you all

Back to me for questions for some reason?

  • Tony is a fake nerd! Tony got a letter jacket for being a trombone player and a mathlete.
  • highest end camera with an articulating touch screen? Get a used GH2, or a G7 or a GH4.
  • why use a medium format camera over a full frame? Megapixels for large prints.¬†
  • lots of love for Rishi¬†from DPReview
  • what does it mean to have a style in photography? You can’t unintentionally have a style, they are honed and rules are intentionally broken.

One more pick. 

And that’s our show! Next week is abstract. Thanks for joining!