Portrait Photography

5-Minute Portrait Lighting

Here’s a quick tutorial for how to use studio lighting to make a great¬†looking portrait.¬†

5-Minute Posing

Even more important than lighting, posing can make your subject look powerful, friendly, nice, or stern: 

Outdoor Portraits

Outdoor portraits have special challenges–such as getting flattering light (even when the sun is out) and controlling your background. This tutorial will help you get great results every time:¬†

Portraits on a White Background

The days of painted muslim portraits are done–today, the most popular studio background is solid white. Here’s a quick tutorial:¬†

Photographing Kids

For many of us, children¬†are the most challenging models. Here’s a 20-minute tutorial to get you started:¬†

Photographing Groups

Group photos have special challenges–lighting multiple faces is very different from lighting a single face, and you must use special poses to make many people fit in the frame properly and look natural. This video will get you started:¬†

Portrait Location Scouting

When taking a portrait outdoors, the background and lighting are extremely important. Travel with us and we scout locations for an outdoor portrait. 

Fashion & Glamour Photos

Sometimes, a standard¬†portrait just won’t cut it–you want your model to look glamorous. In this video, Chelsea dresses up to make a striking self-portrait:¬†

Business Portraits

Here’s a tutorial on making business portraits. It’s a unique scenario because the portraits will be displayed side-by-side on a website, and thus the lighting, pose, expression, and crop must be as consistent as possible. We also had to travel on location and deal with the environment as-is:¬†