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Live Show Recap: Creative Self-Portraits

Welcome to another great show! We really loved seeing your creative self-portraits, y’all showed up in force! It’s good to see your faces for once. Lots of good beards.

Microsoft Office 2016, “it’s appalling” says Tony Northrup.

Not much in the way of PhotoNews this week:

Chelsea is lying about my music taste again. Don’t believe her, even if her eye makeup is on point.

Here are your photos:

  • Nick Petrides!¬†Another talented teen stunner
  • “is this for real? Does he really have a beard this beautiful?…he belongs on a coin”
  • computer face
  • ¬†classic Nathaniel
  • “he’s taller than the fridge for some reason?”
  • this guy’s on fire

Let’s look at a portfolio! Well done, DC Photo, one of our faves. Cut out some¬†images that are redundant, pare it down. Otherwise great job!


  • Tony hates nutcrackers. Let’s be honest, they’re the new clowns.
  • Chelsea uses her f-off for 2015
  • mostly these¬†guys are either mean or dumb, often both

Ok, back to your photos:

  • great hat
  • spooky mirror
  • “Am I a bad influence on kids telling them they get one f-off a year? Should I be on Sesame Street?”
  • cutie pies
  • moody blues

Over to me with your questions! Of which there were very few:

  • use that facial recognition to nail self-portrait focus
  • remote shutter timers
  • lens vignetting

Back to self-portraits:

Back to me:

  • how is Tony so baby smooth?

More photos:

Speed round!

  • “whatcha doin’ in there?”
  • intense
  • shower
  • snow eyes
  • take on me
  • handsome car guy
  • two-face
  • “our readers are 90% handsome mans with beards”
  • holiday hangover

And that’s our show! Next week the subject is “shoes”. Or beards? I dunno. “Keep it handsome!”