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Live Show Recap: Wildlife

Hey! I’m live in the studio this week and awkward as ever! If for no other reason, that’s a reason to watch the show. 

We reviewed wildlife again this week and as always we had some great submissions.

No live show until December 15th! Chelsea and Tony will be away traveling in Thailand for their photo trip. But once they’re back, Kyle Wolfe will finally be a guest on our show reviewing your night photography. Super exciting.

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Okay, we get into reviewing your photos here:

  • foxy
  • “you’re running around in the park with your kids and there will just be monsters there.”
  • handsome tree frog
  • hedgehog!
  • great bison
  • “ugh, not today Roger”

Time for chit-chat! Our favorite part of the show where you make funny, dumb, great comments and we highlight them.

  • “I’m a certified photographer”
  • y’all are real conflicted about what it means to be a pro
  • Tony=Cliff Clavin
  • pro brothers

What is this. Why. No.

Back into your photos:

Over to me for some of your questions:

  • cold weather gloves good for photography? Mittens, or mittens with finger flaps.
  • how to wrangle family for portraits during the holiday? Drink! Jk. Threaten, use ultimatums. Use the matriarch or patriarch of the family as the instigator. Use dumb jokes.

Let’s do a portfolio review! JMB Photography. Stunning artistic work. If you want to be hired for portraiture, you should have a more professional site focused on what’s marketable.

More questions from you, via me:

  • what’s the most satisfying picture you’ve ever taken? For Chelsea it’s her bubble shot. For Tony’s it’s his osprey shot where it caught a fish. He’s vindictive.
  • what’s your favorite compositional technique? Depends on the subject. Tony’s least favorite is the golden ratio.

Back to photos:

Back to me for your q’s:

  • how many plates do you have? Like 50?
  • does shrinking an image size make it sharper? No.

Back to photos:

‘Nother question:

  • How do you keep a tripod from sinking in the sand? Are you in quicksand? Get out.

Back to photos:

How to explain AOL to children.

More questions:

  • any photography horror moments? Justin does. So does Tony. Don’t wear flip-flops.

More photos:

We’re speeding through now to get through before the end of the show.

Final questions from you all:

  •  how can I take pictures with a drone without looking like a drooling pervert? Don’t take pictures in windows. Wear a tie.
  • 1DX Mark II as an underwater camera? Sure?

We breeze through a bunch of photos at the end, so just watch those. White squirrel!

Alright folks, that’s our show! We’ll be off for a few weeks, so we’ll see you again December 15th with Kyle Wolfe. Don’t forget! 

Edited to add: Fyn made a list of every animal displayed during the show! Holy cow:

Fyn Kynd 

A complete list of all species viewed on this show. You are welcome 😉 -your resident naturalist <3 Red Fox American Alligator Northern Paper Wasp European Red Squirrel Cheetah Herring Gull Gray Tree Frog Osprey European Hedgehog Eastern Gray Squirrel Brown Pelican American Bison European Robin Caribou Great Gray Owl Mallard American Elk Common Shag White-tailed Deer Coyote Song Sparrow Eurasian Jay Glaucous-winged Gull American Goldfinch Red Kite Eastern Bluebird Mute Swan Common Raccoon Cooper’s Hawk Red-shouldered Hawk Scarlet Tanager Canada Goose Sicilian Wall Lizard New Holland Honeyeater Northern Mockingbird Eastern Bumble Bee Western Bluebird Blue Tit Northern Cardinal Bengal Tiger Double-crested Cormorant Dingo Bald Eagle American Crow Japanese Sea Nettle California Sea Lion Black-headed Gull African Elephant Common Hippopotamus Great Spotted Woodpecker Nanday Conure Meerkat Moose Roseate Spoonbill American Robin Lion American Lady Wood Duck Magnificent Hummingbird Stellar’s Jay Great Blue Heron Ruby-throated Hummingbird American Flamingo Southern Giraffe Eastern Screech-owl Least Grebe Great Egret Downy Woodpecker White Stork Hoopoe Rook Laughing Gull Royal Tern Common Wood-pigeon American Black Bear European Coot Eastern Chipmunk Tree swallow Red-breasted Sapsucker Laughing Kookaburra European Eagle Owl Northern Goshawk Grizzly Bear Little Egret River Otter Glossy Starling Leopard Cope’s Gray Tree Frog Scarlet Macaw Ostrich Australian Pelican Eastern Rosella Small Tortoiseshell American Oystercatcher Galah European Nuthatch Mountain Goat Common Loon Tricolored Heron Wild Turkey American Bullfrog Black Swan Ural Owl Hooded Crow Rainbow Lorikeet Greater Roadrunner California Ground Squirrel Gray Wolf Red-tailed Hawk Bobcat Autumn Meadowhawk Tundra Swan Common Raven Sarus Crane Ring-billed Gull Black-capped Chickadee  
Black Vulture