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Complementary Colors and Photography


Color Theory: Complementary Colors

Color theory can be applied to all forms of visual art, including fashion and interior design. In this post, we’ll look at how it can be utilized in the realm of photography, dealing specifically with the complementary color scheme.

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How to Make Money Taking Pictures

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The simple answer is it ain‚Äôt easy folks. Everyone with a camera or smart-phone¬†thinks they‚Äôre a photographer these days. The digital age has been a boon to¬†photographers in many ways, but its brought along with it a whole host of¬†detrimental side affects. The word professional is used to imply a certain level of¬†competence, and when shooting film it took years to gain sufficient competency to¬†actually get paid for your work.¬†So if you want to make money with your photography you first have to ask yourself¬†the question “am I good enough?” You owe it to everyone to be brutally honest with¬†yourself and others. ¬†If you haven‚Äôt reached that level of competency yet then don‚Äôt¬†charge for your work. Be content to provide it gratis, and just be thankful that¬†someone is giving you the opportunity to hone your craft. So having said that here¬†are my thoughts on making money with your photography, keep in mind that these¬†are just my thoughts based on my own personal experience:

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