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An investment to build a business that can earn more than $1,000 per session and $100,000/year. 26 videos totaling more than 8 HOURS, divided into 3 courses:

1. Gear. Save THOUSANDS in gear with info you won’t find in gear reviews: such as support and repairs, total cost of ownership, and business continuity to keep you shooting when equipment fails. Perfect (cheap) gear for location shoots, build a full photo studio & choose a computer for post-processing.
2. Shooting & selling. Behind-the-scenes of a business headshot, a high school senior photo shoot & ultra-efficient post-processing. A professional shares her tricks for “The Reveal” that will make your images look amazing & ALWAYS makes the clients cry.
3. Business. Without business skills, even the most talented photographers won’t earn a living. These topics include finding clients, building an effective pricing model, using contracts, leveraging social media, and managing your finances and taxes.

PLUS, sample contracts, checklists, and commercial-free access to over 3.5 hours of our popular portrait and post-processing video training.

Money-back guarantee. This training is designed to be profitable; it can save you money AND make you money. If you’re not happy with it for any reason, we’ll give you back your full purchase price.

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Three training series give you the education you need to create photos that will stun your clients. Just as importantly, we'll teach you how to be paid fairly - more than $1,000 per session - and have your clients be DELIGHTED with the results.


Professional photographer and camera reviewer, Tony Northrup, teaches you how to:
• Get the most bang-for-your-buck on camera gear, computer hardware
• Reduce repair costs & get FREE loaners
• Get the BEST camera gear for less than $1/day by mastering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Save thousands by maximizing tax deductions
• Build the perfect portrait photography studio – on a budget!

This session is GUARANTEED to save you more than it costs!


Professional portrait photographer Samantha Schannon teaches you how to:
• Pack the right gear for location photoshoots
• Style and shoot business/corporate portrait sessions
• Style and shoot high school senior portrait sessions
• Post-process portraits effectively and efficiently
• Deliver your photos to clients to make them look AMAZING
• Earn more than a $1,000 per session by selling high-end prints
• Make clients comfortable and happy to spend that much money


Professional portrait photographer Samantha Schannon teaches you how to:
• Build a portfolio that will bring in new clients
• Find the perfect pricing
• Get repeat customers, even at high price points
• Optimize your photos for printing on different media
• Build social media and turn it into clients
• Create contracts that will save you thousands in legal fees
• Create invoices to be paid by credit card
• Arrange financing and layaway plans for clients on a budget

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3 reviews for Portrait Photography Video Training

  1. Chris Reddy (verified owner)

    Both the quality and the quantity of material supplied with this series is AWESOME. I have been down the road with business training classes before and I am happy to say that the detail and scope of what is covered in this series is tremendous. Starting and running any business is a challenge, and as a service, a photography business has some peculiar challenges.

    All businesses have to “acquire” customers, but when something as personal and competitive as choosing a photographer to capture your family or your event (whether a wedding or a graduation) comes along, real challenges need to be overcome to grow your business. Samantha, Chelsea and Tony have all been down this road themselves and it is refreshing to see honest, practical solutions to both the big-picture problems and the small, nit-picky details (contracts, one-on-one meetings). I look forward to implementing some of these ideas into my own business. Great work everyone!

    Chris Reddy


  2. Jordan lewis

    Hi I’m sorry I just had a question does this come in a Physical dvd ? Like a hard copy so I can watch at home? Thanks!!

    Pls reply to Jordylewis@live.com

    ( I can delete later)

  3. Patrick Green (verified owner)

    Short story. This works if you buy it and apply it. It is an investment in yourself and your dreams. I strongly recommend.

    Like most professional photographers or aspiring professional photographers I have bought other programs on how to improve your business and make money in photography. This is the first one I have purchased that actually works when applied. Additionally, it is not an unrealistic “be like me” model that does not allow for your individual needs. They put thought and care into this program.

    You have three professionals walking you through equipment choices, different types of sessions, the business end, post processing, and some extras along with great downloads.

    Some of this may be information you already know, some of this , if you are humble, will make you wince a little as you see opportunities you have previously missed, but now you can move forward.

    This is a template to success that is adaptable to your needs and your vision. What I found most helpful in this is the support. The Northrups and Samantha Shannon stand behind the product and if you utilize the support tools they offer in a private facebook group. And it is not just them standing behind you, it is a small community of other people just like you trying to grow their business. In my opinion, this level of support and investment in you is where the real value lay in this program. But I do suggest viewing the material before engaging, this way the support is on track with the program they laid out and you will often find your answers in the videos.

    The results for me are a work in progress. But I can honestly tell you that my revenue is higher that it ever has been, my bookings are stronger, and I am more confidant.

    I have been (on and off) involved in professional photography on some level for decades. It is only in the last 5 and a half years that I have been intentionally trying to go full time. It has been arduous and frustrating and I had almost given up. Applying the principals laid out in the tutorials as well as asking questions in the support group I have seen swift results along with continued growth that has become the difference between “beer and pizza” money to a significant revenue in which being a full time photographer is viable.

    If you are looking to get rich quick, not gonna happen. If you are looking for a solid template you can apply, learn from, get support, and work hard to realize your goals, this is the program you need to buy.

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