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Live Show Recap: Complementary Colors

Hello! You guys nailed complementary colors this week. Next week break some rules with your portraits. Should be fun! Don’t break any laws.

Guys, so sorry about the sound. The split screen mutes for a while. Every week we seem to have to adjust something and then it all goes crazy. Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear my voice later in the show.

Some PhotoNews at the top here:

  • Lumix GX85 announced
  • contact lens camera? This is terrifying. Give us virtual reality cake.
  • Tom from Myspace… err, Mark Zuckerberg, gave an interview that Tony agrees with about video

Ok, let’s look at your pictures and I’ll highlight our favorites below:

Over to me with your question, which I’ll have to write out for you below since you can’t hear me:

  • Tony mentioned in a video last year that he’d look into how DxOMark makes their money, did he ever? He tried! They never answered. Manufacturers pay them, but we’re not sure how that works.

Oh, we got a new weird piece of gear for blinding Chelsea. Pergear LED light used for matching studio light.

Back to your photos:

  • a pick right off the bat for this laundry
  • this texture pairing
  • “it’s frustrating for humans to not see eyes” Tony confirms that he is indeed not human
  • something about the colors in this one bother me, but Tony gives it a pick. Interesting shot though!
  • stock
  • beebutt
  • boats
  • Tony doesn’t know what Mickey Mouse looks like. For sure not human.
  • Mickey Mouse then Deadmau5?
  • ladybug
  • landscape

Back over to me for some of your questions, you get to watch me talk without hearing me say anything:

  • is it safe to clean your Sony sensor? Yes? idk, just do it.
  • any word on the travel show? Yes, we’re still planning and working on the contract.
  • is the D5 worth your money? Who’s? Yours? Mine? What’s your deal? Worth it if you’re a pro who needs to nail that shot.
  • are HDR and doge & burn the same thing? No. Different techniques for slightly different results.

Check out our podcast! Seriously, it’s great.

Hassleblad H6D announced

Let’s look at Nick Petrides’ portfolio. ¬†Lose the format, staggered is distracting. Your images are great though! It’s not really your birthday. Tony proves again that he is probably an android by his rendition of Happy Birthday.

A few more questions from you, our viewers:

  • but first let’s listen to Chelsea imitate her dad
  • compare the D810 to the D5? D810 is better for portraits, the D5 is heavy. D5 is best for low light and is unbeatable for sports and durability. The D810 is better for landscapes, portraits and studio work.
  • Aaron is alive as well, as of the show last night
  • Virtual Reality headsets? Yup, they used the Samsung VR. Give us virtual chocolate cake already.
  • what’s your/my favorite hair color? I don’t care, don’t tell me.

Ok, back to photos! Tony chose his favorites from the thumbnails. Just consider them all picks. The sound is garbage during this part, so just look at all the pretty colors.

Back to me because Chelsea misses my face:

  • what TV shows are you currently watching? We seriously end up talking about TV for so long. We love it, it’s great.
  • best TV show of all time?

Ok guys, sorry about that (or you’re welcome.) Back to photos!

  • chairs
  • pier
  • birds
  • ‘nother bird
  • red roof¬†“I’m going to give you a pick because you’re artsy, and big parties scare you”

More questions from you:

  • USB OTG on Samsung S7? No idea. You tell us.
  • then they talk about emojis and stuff? idk, guys.
  • What’s the strangest photography-related dream you’ve had? Tony has photography stress dreams, Chelsea does not. I dream about my former life as a house cleaner. Chelsea has B&E dreams.
  • Tony, what’s your monitor resolution and when are you going 5k? Less than 4k¬†and never?

Let’s look at Narked Frog Photo’s portfolio. What is that name even? Pare down your images, too many of the same thing/same person.¬†Change your text color and maybe your background color.¬†¬†for tips.

Chit-Chat! Our favorite part of the show where you say stuff and we say stuff back. This week is weirdly positive.

A picture speed round  before we end this thing:

  • “pull over, I’m gonna start a fire

Okay and then one more question:

  • Eric didn’t bring me pizza
  • Super-RAWs? Yes please.
  • send us cupcakes, priceemir lion

Don’t worry, Chelsea did more ASMR for you.

And that’s a show! Next week are portraits that break the rules. Thanks for hanging in there, y’all.


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