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5 Ways to Spark Your Photographic Creativity

Carnival long exposure

So you’ve mastered the exposure triangle, sorted out your post-processing ¬†and in your spare time all you think about is photography. But then………. all of a sudden your images start feeling a bit too familiar. Your next shoot feels just like the last. A friend on your favorite photo sharing site asks if your latest image¬†was a re-post. In a flash it becomes clear; you’ve¬†plateaued. Continue reading 5 Ways to Spark Your Photographic Creativity

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Live Show Recap: Backlighting

Hello again! Last nights show was great, we got a lot of really good submissions for backlighting.

Chelsea has a banana peel on her mic. Before the show, Tony kept calling it a “wrapper.” This is the kind of behind-the-scenes exclusives you can get from me. You’re welcome.

Hey! Want to show T&C around where you live? You can! They are filming a travel show, and need submissions from you (only if you live in the US for this first one.) Go to to send us a video submission on where you live and what there is to see and do.


  • Chelsea on a billboard in Beirut!
  • spoiler for Inglourious Basterds

Ok! Off to the races. Lots of picks this week:

  • mopey dog
  • weather
  • bridge
  • poppies
  • is that a ladybug?
  • insane underwater shot
  • so many picks! Come on, Tony.
  • portrait in a field
  • next week’s topic is weather, and so many of you send in weather shots this week! “from now on, that’s what we’ll do. You send the pictures in and I’ll guess what the theme¬†is”

Portfolio time! Nice images, get rid of your staggered layout and narrow down your similar shots. Title your categories appropriately if you are looking to sell your work.

“Hold on, I’m trying to stalk him!”

“I see some spot color. I’m not for that but you have good pictures.”

Over to me with your questions:

Back to your photos:

  • one of the best we’ve ever gotten!
  • “a mood injection, coming right up”
  • new plan to eliminate double chin in pictures: “You should put some black paint under there!”
  • great mood
  • smoke bombs!
  • welp. That’s a horse dick.
  • #surprisepenis
  • “there are so many spider webs in this shot! This person needs a blowtorch and a good pair of running shoes”
  • “who has two thumbs and loves backlighting? This guy.”
  • Key West
  • Tony has had run-ins with peacocks
  • “Justin just had to handle Chelsea’s banana”
  • “there’s always money in the banana stand!”

Chit-Chat! The part of they show where we read your usually critical comments and either refute them or make fun of you.

  • conspiracy theories
  • “remember that week that I really wanted aliens to be visitors of earth?”
  • confirmation bias is a bitch
  • “I guess you could say it would be… off the chain?”
  • Tony and Chelsea in a Viagra ad. Always. It’s Chelsea’s fault, and it backfired.
  • “I went all 1997 Maury Povich guest, gettin’ real”
  • we lost 4 subscribers. Bye Felicia!
  • “we are not weathermen”
  • hollaback, John Mayfield!
  • “someone called me a big-faced bitch and that really made me laugh”

Ok, another portfolio review. ¬†Great show shots! Pare ‘um down though. Awesome portraits as well! Dang, Gretchen. Well done.

On to me for more questions, and Hungry eating.

  • upgrading your DSLR
  • I didn’t solve my zit problem. I needed to move my camera, not my mic. Duh, me.
  • lens type for studio shoots?
  • are mirror lenses a novelty? Yes.
  • lenses for filming
  • “people called you orange, and I told them about your history as an Oompa Loompa.”

More photos. Speed round!

  • deer pick
  • “your sensor is… filthy”
  • lovely
  • “woah, it looks like she pooped the sun!”
  • sexual healing
  • “one time I got a chocolate orange muffin from there. It will change your life.” “compelling story that everyone can relate to”
  • “just a constant barrage of pigeons”
  • “you’re definitely making that picture worse”
  • album cover¬†(my favorite of the night)
  • “come at me, bro! That’s what this bird seems to be saying”
  • “that might be Jesus
  • “Voss: water for people who hate money”
  • Pan?
  • blue mood
  • first portrait?!
  • grain


  • Sony G lenses “sound like they’re starting a rap career”
  • tips for shooting a solar eclipse? Camera obscura. Don’t listen to Tony, he’ll hurt your eyes.
  • your gear questions bore me! Look um up here.
  • prime lenses only? Sure.
  • “people love extreme opinions”

And that’s a wrap! Next week we’ll look at “weather.”

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