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Live Show Recap: Macro

Happy St. Paddy’s day or whatever. “We just take everyone’s unwanted holidays and make them CRAZY.” Tony is dyeing everyones drinks green.

If you’re new to the show, here’s what happens: you submit one photo on the theme, we maybe review it. You can also submit Squarespace portfolios for review! You can ask Tony and Chelsea questions in the live chat during the show, and I ask ones that I find interesting to them via Skype. There are lots of jokes, lots of tangents, lots of confusion. In this recap here I highlight their favorite submissions, my favorite jokes, photo news and anything else worth remembering.

This week we reviewed your macro shots! Lots of bees. Chelsea is really pushing this ASMR thing. Someone made us Bingo sheets for the show! You can still find the forms at if you’d like to play along. I’m Chelsea’s best friend and now it’s show official! Also I have no soul. Justin is just a black screen.

Hashtag your live show photos at #TCLive on Instagram or Twitter and you’ll get “lots of free followers for free.”

Our new Photoshop book is coming along, 199 pages so far! If you have it already you can get the updates at or pre-order it at

Next week Matt Granger will Skype in and review your Travel pics! What a show, two-for-one insanity.

Ok, let’s get into your pictures. Here are our faves:

Now over to me for some of your questions:

  • how to eliminate stitches in focus stacking? Bring layers into Photoshop.
  • Peak Design messenger bag? Best bag for what it does, still not great.

Now for a portfolio review. Great images, great layout. Lots of information, very well done!

I got my sound back, so over to me for more questions:

  • extension tubes with kit lenses? It’ll work, but sharpness won’t be great.
  • modern lens flatness compared to older lenses? We should do a blind test.

Back to your photos!

  • the US has the worst looking money
  • macro tips: use a tripod, ISO 100, mirror lock-up, live view, and BE STILL to nail that focus.
  • fuzzy moth face. “Antlers.”
  • dewy grasshopper
  • Tony keeps calling insects “animals”
  • “this is like a bee on its wedding day”

Back to me with your questions:

  • Matt Granger gets Chelsea to sing. Tony has green teeth.

Chit-Chat! Chelsea’s favorite segment where people say mean things and we laugh at them.

  •, Check um out.
  • Does Tony have scurvy? Eat an orange, Tony.
  • “Nope, I’m just annoying erryday erryday erryday erryday…”
  • Tony def has glued-on hair “hella spooky lol”
  • Everyone speculates that Tony and Chelsea are going to break up based on Chelsea’s facial expressions.
  • “maybe we are breaking up” “we can’t break up right now. What would Justin do?”

Ok, over to another portfolio. Make those links clickable! Pare down your photos, a few too many. Merge your categories. Your event shots are great! Price those bad boys. Make your front page reflect the work you’re trying to get.

Tony throws me under the bus for bingo!

  • hanging out with Matt Granger at Photokina!
  • medium format? Why, why not? Digital medium format is prohibitively expensive. Go full-frame instead.
  • duel memory cards for wedding photography? Yes.

Back to photos:

  • this butterfly is crazy detailed
  • elephant hawk moth?!
  • party owls
  • ‘nother bee
  • Chelsea knows her Sacajawea coins
  • flies are fascinating

Chelsea misses me, so here I am:

  • we all wear wigs
  • photographer’s writer’s block? Make a project, study old photographers, photograph the same thing at different times.
  • how to become a product photographer? Just do it. Practice, work for free, make a portfolio. Make contacts, build your portfolio. Long motivational speech to follow. Become a blacksmith.

Let’s take a look at a ballpoint pen. I mean, more photos, rapid fire:

  • flower
  • what’s a dragonfly’s lifespan? We stumped Justin! Chelsea gets philosophical, Tony gets nihilistic.
  • Tony insults all the nerds

Over to me:

  • what photo would you like to be remembered for? Definitely the erectile dysfunction one.
  • questions are boring.

And we’re done! Tune in next Thursday for Matt Granger and travel photos. Sorry we forgot to remind you all about daylight savings time, why is that still a thing.