Fun Photography Projects

Want to take pictures but don’t have a subject? Looking for creative inspiration? Jump into one of these projects!

Do-It-Yourself Ring Light

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive–you can build your own custom lighting setups and get striking results. This quick video shows you how we made our own lights from parts at the hardware store and created the cover for our Lightroom book.¬†

Levitation Photography

Make yourself float! By combining multiple pictures in Photoshop, you can make a convincing picture of you flying. 

Holiday Pictures

In this video, Chelsea shows you how to use holiday lights as a creative background to take a professional picture in your own home with a really small budget. 

Multiple Exposures

In this video, Chelsea shows you how to create amazing multiple exposures with any camera. The process of creating a multiple exposure (a technique developed during the film era) blends two pictures together to tell something more about your subject. 

Car Show Photography

Into cars? Us too. Getting great shots at a car show is a challenge, though, because there are a massive amount of visual distractions. These tips can make a HUGE difference in the shots you get: 

Spot Color/Selective Color

With spot color, you make an entire picture black-and-white, and allow only one part of the picture to have color. This¬†draws the attention to the color object, and makes the focal point crystal clear. In this video, Chelsea shows you how to do spot color right–which usually means being as subtle as possible.¬†

Still Life

Still life is an art form largely developed during the Renaissance, and it’s still a beautiful way to tell a story with composition and light.¬†

Abstract, Impressionistic Art

In this video, Chelsea & Tony forget sharpness and focus entirely on mood to create impressionistic art by adding motion to an image. They even use an old medium format camera!