Flash Video Training


In just a few hours, our flash video training will teach you to:

  ✓  Create AMAZING portraits with an inexpensive flash
  ✓  Get PERFECT lighting in any environment
  ✓  Capture consistent lighting at weddings and events, in any venue
  ✓  How to use flash in automatic mode (TTL)
  ✓  How to use flash in manual mode
  ✓  How to use Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)
  ✓  How and when to use High Speed Sync (HSS)
  ✓  How to use bounce flash
  ✓  How and when to zoom your flash head
  ✓  How to use light modifiers such as a soft-box, diffuser, and reflector
  ✓  How to use flash off-camera
  ✓  How to use flash in a portrait studio
  ✓  How to use colored gels for creative portraiture
  ✓  Use a gel to match flash white balance to ambient lighting
  ✓  Troubleshoot flash problems



You can’t depend on natural light. Clouds, rain, and working around your busy schedule means you must bring good light with you. Tony & Chelsea’s Flash Video Training shows you how to easily create the light you want. Guaranteed great pictures every time!

Great Light: 1 Click

Natural light is a powerful tool, but a professional needs to be able to create their own light in backlight situations and when the weather is bad. Tony & Chelsea Northrup’s Flash Training give you the tools you need to master Though-The-Lens (TTL) metering AND manual flash output.

PERFECT Exposures

We’ll show you how to use Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) or manual flash settings to get gorgeous, natural-looking light – never too much or too little!


Use gels to make your photos POP!

Shape the Light

We’ll teach you to use light modifiers such as softboxes, beauty dishes, and reflectors to add mood and character to your photos.

Studio Lighting

Build a professional portrait studio in your own home for less than $100!

BETTER Natural Light!

Use soft boxes, beauty dishes, and other light modifiers to create GORGEOUS, professional lighting in seconds (and on a budget!)


Buying a Flash
Off-camera Flash Techniques
Bounce Flash
Flash Modifiers
Matching Ambient White Balance
Front-curtain vs Rear-curtain
Zooming flash
High Speed Sync (HSS)
Through-the-Lens Metering (TTL)
Portable Flashes vs Studio Strobes
Troubleshooting Flashes

Additional information

Weight N/A
Online or Offline Videos?

64GB SD card (reusable) + online streaming, Online streaming only


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