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Live Show Recap: Wedding


Hey folks! This show was a blast. We reviewed your¬†wedding photos¬†and there were some lovely ones. ATTN: next week due to Thanksgiving, we’re doing our live show a day early. We’ll be doing the show on Wednesday at our regular time and looking at your wildlife photos.

We start right off with some chit-chat! Our favorite segment of the show where you say mean or funny or dumb things to us and we respond.

  • “your talking crap.” Get your “you’re”s right, Philip.
  • Tony did¬†donuts, and he’ll never stop
  • indoor drone flying? Never.
  • Skip, no. Photoshop doesn’t make a photographer bad.
  • oops, there’s my handsome husband in a tub.
  • One circle only, Tony.

Ok, let’s get into your¬†photos, but also talk about Westworld:

  • stunning¬†shot
  • classic¬†head shot
  • a well done¬†kiss¬†shot
  • “you just realize how dirty and banged up your whole life is”
  • expression
  • sassy lassies
  • “I get kissed all the time, you think I give a damn?”
  • “nooo, I’m not uncomfortable, I’m an adult”
  • so sweet
  • magazine worthy

Alright, let’s pop over to me for some Q&A:

  • what is your Hogwarts house? We’re adults. “You think they made a Disney theme park because it’s a crappy book?”
  • can you be a wedding photographer if you don’t agree with the institution of marriage? Probably not.
  • my child showed up behind me
  • what is with all the questions about Fuji raw files?
  • what’s the most reckless thing you’ve done in the name of photography? Chelsea married Tony. Trespassing, getting close to dangerous animals. Tony almost drowned with dolphins. “It turns out dolphins are like, really good swimmers.” “Very nearly drowned all the way to death.” Chelsea’s whole response to Tony’s story is amazing.

Okay, over to a portfolio. Beautiful photos. Be one of those Instagram people who makes lots of money by being cool. 


  • Nikon 70-200E f/2.8, Tony would pick the D810 with this lens over the 5DSR!
  • Phantom 4 Pro Batteries can be used for the original Phantom 4. “I just want to live my life as a drone.” #DroneLife

Okay, back to your photos:

  • “this photo’s nice because this man is like, handsome.”
  • perfect backlighting
  • is there anything Kyle can’t do? “This is like when your Furbys start talking.”
  • “I like this guy’s stance because he’s in it to win it.” This whole conversation is perfect.
  • Caleb!
  • I got a pick!
  • “look at you, you’re beautiful!”
  • a real ridiculous Captain Planet moment starts¬†here
  • “maybe he’s gonna punch us, that’s the gag”

Back over to me:

  • Chelsea grills me about Captain Planet and then we sing a duet
  • what do you want the future to say about you? “Tony was helpful, but Chelsea made me feel bad about myself.” Tony wants to be remembered for his educational techniques. Chelsea wants to be accessible. “I just hope that they point out that one car circle would have been enough.”
  • this question was hella confusing, so we just run with it. Emotion, emotion, what?
  • Sigma 35 or 50mm Art lens?

Back to your photos:

Back to meeee:

  • tech q’s
  • iPhone 7+ portrait mode?
  • high price point of the 70-200? Not sharp enough to justify.
  • I got nothing. Your tech questions bore me.
  • what would you use to shoot protests? Street photography gear, 24-70, 70-200. Nothing special.

And that’s our show! Join us next WEDNESDAY at 5pm EST for your wildlife photos.¬†