fun colors

Live Show Recap: Fun Colors

Hello again! We reviewed your fun (and some not-so-fun) color photos this week and we got some creative ones! But not your Autumn scenes. Those were not creative. I deleted them. PhotoNews: We’re still testing out the Sony A7sII with Sony 28-135, so far pretty amazing in low-light YouTube Red is on it’s way so you can […]

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Dreamy Outdoor Portraits

Often times I am asked how I achieve the soft, dreamy bokeh backgrounds in some of my outdoor natural light portraits. I would love to share with you some of my techniques for this look. The majority of this technique is done in camera. My favorite backdrop for portraits such as these are the leaves of trees. […]

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Live Show Recap: Outdoor Portraits

Guys, everyone was losing their minds about how bad the sound was on this video at the beginning, but watching it back now it seems you are all hyper-sensitive babies. You can skip to 16:07 if your darling little ears can’t handle it 🙂 So Justin wasn’t there this week, he had family in town […]

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Sony a7S II Review (with Sample Photos and Video) The Sony a7S II is Sony’s full-frame, low-light camera. It’s 12 megapixels, which means it doesn’t provide the most detail for still images. It’s true capabilities are seen once you begin shooting video, but we’ll get to that a little later. When compared to the less expensive, 36-megapixel D810, the Sony images are cleaner […]

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Live Show Recap: Fashion Photography

Hey all! We had a fun show last week looking at your fashion photos. We start off with PhotoNews and this crazy Light L16 which Tony is dubious about. Chelsea appears to have some trypophobia triggered by the look of it. Chelsea heralds David Carson for standing up for artists #teamdavid is a great site of early 20th […]

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Flying High

The Story Behind the Image

Inspiration Let me tell you about an image which is truly special for me. My middle daughter, Amy, loves to swing. As I watched her enjoying herself, the scene brought me back to the carefree times of my own childhood. I quickly ran inside the house and grabbed my camera to capture the moment. I asked my wife to give the swing […]

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Live Show Recap: Fall/Autumn Photography

Here we are again, reviewing your Fall/Autumn photos! Don’t mind the screen going black at the beginning there for a minute, we come back. Lots of blood moon talk at the top of the show, check out that post at if you haven’t already! PhotoNews: Facebook is allowing gifs as profile pictures! I’m team gif […]

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