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Everything You Need to Prepare for a Fashion Shoot

Image od a woman with a long dress
Image od a woman with a long dress
Bloom by Sarah Bowman

Here are a list of resources from Tony, Chelsea and our bloggers to aid you in setting up and executing a successful fashion shoot.

Video Tutorials:

  • In this first video we cover a glamour shoot in-studio. Chelsea will take you through her lighting and gear, challenges you may have, makeup and styling, posing, and post-processing.

You can see some more of our post processing tutorials here for Lightroom, and a video on how to add makeup in Photoshop here.


  • In this next video we follow Tony and Chelsea on a fashion shoot on the beach. They’ll show you how they set up test shots, shooting to make a composite, working with a model, and post processing the image into what became the cover for our Photoshop book!



  • Start off with¬†10 Tips For Your First Fashion Shoot¬†by Anushila Shaw. In it, she gives you ten easy to follow steps on setting up you first fashion shoot;¬†from finding inspiration, hiring models and stylists, to¬†marketing. A must-read for everyone!
  • Our friend and blogger Sarah Bowman has written multiple tutorials on shooting incredible portraits. You can read those here:
  1. How to Composite a Dress is the tutorial that Tony and Chelsea followed to create the image in the Glamour Photoshoot posted above

  2. 10 Tips to Improve Your Portraits gives you simple and critical tips on shooting great portraits; lighting, posing, depth-of-field, perspective and more!

  3. Self-Portraits: How a Selfie Can Improve Your Portraits Selfies are a great way to practice shooting portraits before bringing in a model. This post will teach you how to get comfortable in front of the camera to improve your work behind it.

Live Show:

  • Our¬†previous live show on fashion photography will give you some great tips and show you previous work from our talented viewers! You can read my blog on that show here for highlights.


We hope all that information leaves you prepared for a great fashion shoot. We’ll be reviewing fashion photos on our live show this week, Can’t wait to see what you came up with!