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Live Show Recap: Fashion Photography

Hey all! We had a fun show last week looking at your fashion photos.

We start off with PhotoNews and this crazy Light L16 which Tony is dubious about. Chelsea appears to have some trypophobia triggered by the look of it.

Chelsea heralds David Carson for standing up for artists #teamdavid¬†is a great site of early 20th century photos from across the US. We talk about John Mason and Christopher Columbus and similar¬†jerks who stole countries from natives that we shouldn’t celebrate anymore.

Tony makes a joke about Chelsea being pregnant that is NOT TRUE.

We start reviewing your photos at minute 13. This shot at 15:05 gets a pick!

After some confusion and refining of what makes a fashion photo, we see a few great examples at 25:05, 26:22 and 28:55.

Someone made this great/weird spot color of Chelsea at 29:21.

I get into your questions at 29:52. Who would you photography historically? How do you waterproof your gear? What are the most important technological advancements in photography for you personally? Tony suggests the Sigma 24-105 or the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 if money is no object.

More news! Lightroom¬†updates.¬†Avoid the Lightroom/CC update, it’s buggy.¬†There is an update for Lightroom mobile as well, which is still only fine, as well as Photoshop Fix and Capture CC.

Ok, so this is¬†Pluto’s moon, pronounced Karen but spelled Charon. I was wrong. Tony and Chelsea get nerdy on space.

Plugs for my recap here as well as our wonderful guest posts by Samantha and Ivo!

Back to photo reviews at 45:14.

A pick for Atomic Starlet! We see your pandering, and we love it at 47:47. Who wore it best? The invisible man’s wife shows up at 51:31.

We get into some of your Squarespace portfolios at 52:22 and T&C give some great tips on improving your portfolio at 56:06.

Everyone’s favorite segment, Chit-Chat, starts at 59:59. Coincidence? I think Northrup. Chelsea plugs Dairy Queen¬†then¬†reveals the origin of her BYU hat at 1:02:36.

More questions from you at¬†1:04:55,¬†Chelsea demonstrates how tiny women’s pockets are with her 6s. Then back to your photos. A few great fashion shots¬†here,¬†here¬†and here! This wild lifestyle shot is great at¬†1:12:04, you guys really upped your game towards the end of the show! A nice catalog looking shot at¬†1:12:17¬†and another at 1:13:27¬†and they keep coming! We read script written for us about this photo of a dog in a shirt at 1:14:59. Great way to end the show!

We’ll see you this week for your outdoor portraits! Thanks for watching/reading.