Live Show Recap- Food Photography

Guys, oof, where to start with this one. If you watched it live you saw a real train wreck. If you didn’t watch live, you will be very confused as there was a character in the beginning of the live show that we wound up ditching partway through and then editing out before reposting the […]

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Photographing the Moon

September 27, 2015 had a “blood moon” visible where we are in North America, and by great luck, we had clear skies. I’ve never shot a lunar eclipse before, and I was surprised how challenging it was. First, here’s a 30 megapixel comp of a sequence of stacked exposures. Feel free to download it (by clicking it), […]

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Live Show Recap: Architecture Photos

Last night we reviewed your architecture photography and got rowdy! Tony and Chelsea went to the Canon expo (watch the video on it here) and you can answer our poll question about your fave tech from the expo at We start with PhotoNews at 4:21 talking about the Adobe Premiere Pro update that is only exciting […]

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street (3)

Live Show Recap: Street Photography

Hey all! Here begins a new blog segment where I discuss the live show and any interesting or noteworthy segments that appear in it. Last week our show was on street photography and we got a ton of great submissions from you fine folks, so thanks for that. We’re always encouraged by the talent of our viewers (and we […]

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machu picchu with clouds smaller

How to Load Brushes into Photoshop

I just finished recording a video about how to create clouds, fog, and mist in Photoshop. As a part of that lesson I gave you kind folks a new brush to help you better create your clouds. If you’ve never loaded new brushes into Photoshop and need some help, follow the simple instructions below:  Download […]

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maddy for print

Our Favorite Print Making Service (In the USA)

With all of the options available, it can be difficult to choose which service is worthy of printing your photos. Tony and I decided to alleviate your decision fatigue by choosing ten print providers, via your suggestions and some research, and ordering 8×10 prints for an overwhelmingly exciting print showdown. Take a deep breath, this […]

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Life with a 50 Megapixel Camera

I’ve got 2,149 clicks on our new 50 megapixel Canon 5DS-R. So, what’s life like with a 50 megapixel camera? 50 Megapixels Rules! I always know that I’m getting the sharpest image possible out of my lens and technique. I get more sharpness out of my existing lenses, even when they’re not optically perfect. My primes […]

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How to Research Lenses Online Before Buying

It’s nice when you have several choices for a given lens, but it can be really hard to choose the right one. For example, most wildlife and sports photographers start with a 70-300mm f/4-f/5.6 lens. But, Canon and Nikon each make several different varieties, and third-parties (including Sigma and Tamron) make their versions, too. While nothing […]

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