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Live Show Recap: Best of 2015

Happy New Year! We’re back after a long holiday break, looking at your best photos of 2015. New studio set up, new technical difficulties. Give us some time to get it all worked out. You can’t see me this show, I appear as a green screen for some reason. Help us hit 500,000 subscribers on […]

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How to Overlay Fairy Wings in Photoshop

As the father of 3 beautiful kids I can tell you that kids LOVE a good story. My daughter Olivia is absolutely wild about fairies, princesses and all things magical. She often runs around dressed in her favorite Tinker Bell fairy dress with tiny little wings attached to the back, proudly showing it off to anyone and everyone willing to engage in a game of […]

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How to Turn Your Simple Pictures Into Art

The Philosophy I won’t take too long with this since my last post was all about artistic vision and philosophical ramblings. This post is meant more as a tutorial. However, there are a few things I would like to share here. Sometimes, my goal when I am out and about shooting is to capture something […]

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Live Show Recap: Food Photography

Hello again! It feels like we just looked at your food, yet here you are again, making us hungry. PhotoNews: Squarespace is sponsoring us making a podcast! What do you think the name should be? This is a poorly executed PS job. Insane painting with light: In other drone news… Dscovr Here are some notable photo […]

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6 Reasons You Should Own a Vintage Lens

  In the last couple of years vintage lenses have been showing up in image descriptions and hashtags all over the internet. But why now and why would anyone want to use yesteryear’s glass? With mirrorless systems and their adapter friendly designs bursting onto the scene, there has been a rebirth of sorts for the millions of […]

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Live Show Recap: Cars

Hey friends! We reviewed your car photos! There were some gems, if you’re into that sort of thing. We have a video on car show photography here. to click through and a few cents for your purchases will go to us! This coming Thursday we’ll have Toby and Christina on the live show! We’ll be […]

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