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Live Show Recap: Three Picture Story

I’m back! Sorry if y’all missed my recap¬†last week, I was busy moving into a more aesthetically pleasing house just so that you don’t have to see my stairs and a roll of wrapping paper behind me each live show. Now you can see an umbrella.

This week we were reviewing your 3-picture stories and… some of you got it.

Super-long Squarespace plug to start. We used to review so many rough looking portfolios until you guys got into Squarespace. So just do it.

What’s Chelsea drinking? Tequila!

Next week’s topic: Emotion! “A photo that clearly shows an emotion. Put the emotion in your file name.”


  • Sony announced the a68 because they are prolific
  • BOOMR Strap review coming up, “but why?”
  • Lytro Immerge
  • This just in: Tony still hates Kickstarter
  • Buy our T-shirts

We start reviewing pictures at 10:33¬†and Tony comes to the realization that he can’t crop these.

Picks and notable rants:

  • Inter-species cuddles
  • Cinematic landscape
  • Chelsea and Tony don’t recognize the wedding reveal. Hilarity ensues.
  • A love story between and antelope and a stick
  • None of Chelsea’s friends have ever come to show her a giant donut
  • Baseball
  • Dinosaur hunting
  • Birds and the bees


Over to me with your questions

  • The Photoshop book will be up for pre-order soon!
  • What was your dream car at 16? Chelsea and Tony¬†go off on a car tangent for a while.
  • F— all other photography books.
  • Get Chelsea’s tablet at

Chit Chat!

Back to your photos at 43:55

More questions

  • Would you move to Fuji for portraits? An unequivocal no.

Ok, now another portfolio. A¬†wunderkind, Caleb Rayne! Check this kid’s work out, impressive. His parents declined Chelsea’s¬†invitation to adopt him. “Fetal photographer”

Speed round photo reviews at 1:03:09

  • I would just like to point out that this file name is written, verbatim “frezzing_drawnig_deer_that_lived” Everyone work on your spelling.
  • Kids getting sprayed in the face make Tony laugh. Evil.
  • Engagement!
  • For the birds
  • I’m tagging this one because they skipped over it, but I think it’s great.
  • Yarn forest

More questions from you:

  • Have you considered doing a photo workshop? Yes and no.
  •¬†for Tony’s touchscreen
  • clean your sensor
  • Wildlife body
  • how to shoot a live event
  • interesting lenses- Petzval, Rokinon, Lensbaby
  • My dog ate a ball and had to have surgery. Dogs are dumb.

We¬†just end up chatting after that, go watch The Martian maybe? Or Trick R’ Treat.

Next week! 5pm EST. Show us your emotions.