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Live Show Recap: Star Trails

Hey ya’all! We review your star trails this week, and there aren’t many! Also,

The PS book is coming along! You can still pre-order it at


Photo reviews:

Questions from my voice:

  • catch many butt
  • composite star trails? “I think it’s a lie and those people should be punished.”
  • bayou birds

Back to photos:

Back to me:

  • best lens for star trails? Wide and fast.
  • clouds are weak
  • “can you put a camera on a timer on a turntable?” No.

Portfolio time! Put your wildlife first, mix up your sports photos, add a pricing and contact page.

“Who out there has ASMR?”

Chit-Chat!Ā “It’s the part of the show where we… don’t understand why we do it?”

  • Etsy
  • Cowboy
  • “You have qualified for 1st place ‘not knowing'”

Back to me for questions and absolutely no feelings:

  • star trails atĀ 10 degrees in latitude?
  • ASMR: not a sex thing
  • #TCLive on Twitter and Instagram

Another greatĀ portfolio. Numinous def:Ā having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity. Great variety, pare it down a bit.

Back to photos!

Back to me for questions!

  • pancakes or bacon? Def pancakes.
  • Pier 1 for clearance glasses
  • chilled glass, ice, thick straw
  • is Tony a high-end model? “You would disappoint many a woman.”
  • airplane blinks in star trails
  • Chelsea was real quick to sing The Rose
  • karaoke with Matt Granger
  • studio camera stuff

A few more pictures before we go:

  • Chelsea spreading rumors about Ansel Adams cheating
  • star trails and northern lights?
  • “is this the same person or does everybody just live near a castle?”


  • live comp? No.
  • Nikon D750 for weddings?
  • NX1 to a6300?

The stream died, then came back, and we’re still talking.

And that’s our show! Next week is “Macro.” Byyyyye!