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Beginner Photography: Cars

Hey guys! I don’t know anything about cars, but I know that my Honda Accord wouldn’t cut it for a compelling photo. So I did what every socially anxious lady in a city wants to do, walked around my neighborhood looking for aesthetically pleasing cars and hoping no one thought I was a stalker.

Oh! And I have a real camera to use. T&C sent me an Olympus E-M10 with a little Lumix 14-42mm lens. It is such a cute, manageable little camera, I look forward to shooting with it more.

Thankfully T&C have a video on shooting at a car show, which was helpful for shooting in the busy environment of a city street. You can watch that tutorial here. I used a low aperture to focus close and blur my background, focused on interesting shapes and forms, and went black and white when I needed to declutter the background. Here’s what I came up with!


I did some basic edits to adjust the exposure and converted it to B&W to keep focus on the car and not on the background


Something about this shot doesn’t quite do it for me. The shapes are nice, I like the shadows on the hood, but it’s not quite compelling enough.


This one strikes me a little better, but maybe I just don’t like cars?


I missed focus on the Mustang logo, but I liked this license plate repping my neighborhood


I wish I had a bit more subject matter to work with, I would have loved to find a car with interesting colors, or to be able to shoot an interior. I think I did okay with what I had though. Next time I’ll have to try out some HDR or bone up on my post processing skills to really make these pop.

I could try to shoot in harder light to get more shine off the cars, I went out at the golden hour, which is good for most things, but not cars! You want that gleam. I could have also taken a bit more risk, getting lower and closer to shoot at better angles, and from the street to get different backgrounds. I was a little tentative about looking like a weirdo in my neighborhood. But do what you can to get the best shot!

I’m going to watch the tutorial for my camera again to master my settings. I used touch to focus on the live view screen, but I wish I’d been able to focus more accurately.

How’d I do? What could I have done differently? Let me know in the comments below. See you for the live show on cars this week!

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Live Show Recap: Cars

Hey friends! We reviewed your car photos! There were some gems, if you’re into that sort of thing. We have a video on car show photography here. to click through and a few cents for your purchases will go to us!

This coming Thursday we’ll have Toby and Christina on the live show! We’ll be reviewing your Wedding photos.

Here is the grading system on your car photos:

Grade C: Car

Grade B: + Background

Grade A: + Motion

(A+ is +hot babe)

Check out our holiday deals if you haven’t already! And pre-order our upcoming Photshop book!

Ok, PhotoNews:

  • PhaseOne bought Mamiya
  • Nikon + Samsung merger?
  • T&C on another live news show!
  • Pentax full-frame
  • Adobe CC updates, PS customizable toolbar!

Ok, photo reviews. Here are the notable ones:

More PhotoNews:

Questions from you, the viewers:

  • Nikon DX?
  • review the Sony 28mm f/2?
  • what’s your favorite state in the US?
  • Adobe portfolio?

Now a portfolio review! Pare down your photos, ditch that staggered layout.

And another! Gotta ditch that title page, a solid front page photo will bring people in.

Chit-Chat! You say dumb things, we make fun of you.

Back to photo reviews:

  • cool car, cool setting, sexy babe!
  • 4-star ornament
  • Lanchester?
  • good tips given when discussing this Caddy
  • pick for this GT and the man with a baby
  • great environmental photo
  • a rare interior shot
  • weird car, great shot. “You need a heart transplant, this car will get it there”

More questions:

  • what computer for photo/video editing? Watch our video here.
  • Matt Granger wants to know what Photoshop book to get 🙂
  • thanks for cheating the internet, Germany!
  • Photoshop yellowing?
  • what’s your ideal lens?

Ok, photo speed round before we wrap up, check out those picks, there are some great ones!

Chelsea made a serious dick joke at Tony’s expense here. SLAY. Then she called herself a flying B.

Ok kids, that’s a show! Join us this week for Toby and Christina. Keep an eye out for “REKT” with Chelsea.