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Live Show Recap: Travel with Matt Granger

Guys! This week I’m watching the show for the first time right now with you. I was driving while the show was happening, so I wasn’t there live. Thanks to Chris Reddy for filling in!

Matt Granger skyped in this week to help review your travel photos and be generally hilarious as usual. Teaching us all that if you have a guest you fill the cupboard with crackers, in case Vegemite appears.

Next week is smartphone photos! That’ll be fun. I take those. Lots of my dog. How do you feel about shooting with a smartphone?

We look at some of Matt’s photos at the beginning here, you can see them at Matt talks about studio workshops and photo tours, things that Tony and Chelsea hate doing as introverts.

Ok, let’s get into your photos and see the favorites:

Some tips gleaned from the reviews:

  • make sure you have a focal point that your eye rests on
  • make sure the image conveys either the movement or feeling of travel, or is an image that readily conveys where you are
  •¬†for tips on contrast

Over to Chris with your questions:

  • monkey selfie copyright? Monkeys are taking our jobs.
  • Sony pro-support? Pretty much a scam.
  • 5D Mark II or 70D? Depends on what you shoot and what you need it for.

Now let’s look at a portfolio¬†and give some suggestions. Make the photos click through to your gallery since you only have one category. Great images though!

Instagram=$$$, the Kyle Wolfe story. Kyle got work through Instagram! Someone bought his image. He’ll be writing a blog post about it for us, so look out for it.


Back to Chris for your viewer questions:

  • what do you do with throw-away images? Store them on drives.
  • multiple catalogs in Lightroom? Yes for Chelsea, no for Tony. Matt is transitioning from a Tony to a Chelsea.

Here’s Matt’s taxi pic. Put a towel down. He’s gotten busted in Australia, but not anywhere else!

Back to photo reviews:

Back to Chris for questions and some great tips from T&C&M:

  • Google Nik software is out for free!
  • how to get models when you’re inexperienced? Have something to trade or pay an experienced model.
  • save money on gear, go travel instead

Let’s look at some more photos, speed round:

  • here’s an adorable seal
  • birds
  • there’s some great ones in the speed round, just watch um all
  • “do you have deer in Australia, Matt, or have the giant spiders eaten them all?”
  • cloud city
  • cute town
  • some sort of duck inception
  • hazy beach

And here’s a barbershop quintet sing-along. It fell apart quickly.

Here’s another question.¬†Thanks so much for filling in, Chris!

  • what are our future channel goals? Matt’s are for more episodic videos. He wants to focus on having enough, then going and working outward instead of for himself. Chelsea wants to be proud of what she does instead of following the business. Working on a travel show. Tony wants to teach photography to people who wouldn’t consider themselves photographers. Spread the photo joy!

Kum ba yah happened.

That’s our show! It was a great one. Next week tune in for smartphone photos.