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Live Show Recap- Food Photography

Guys, oof, where to start with this one. If you watched it live you saw a real train wreck. If you didn’t watch live, you will be very confused as there was a character in the beginning of the live show that we wound up ditching partway through and then editing out before reposting the video. To you all we say: sorrynotsorry.

Ok, so at 2:07 you see that our new shirt is in the store at! Get one now and be the envy of the few friends you have who are photo nerds. Or be that weird family!


We start reviewing your food photos at 7:27. Not a whole lot of stars and picks this episode, ’cause let’s be honest, food is boring to look at. Chelsea does give four stars to this flan. Phallic food at 11:44.

I read some of your questions at 18:11, someone wants to know where to get free stock photos which seems the opposite of what we’d endorse, but you can find fair use photos on Google in the advanced search.¬†We reveal Justin‘s origin story at 19:56.

We do a few Squarespace portfolio reviews starting at 20:59, lots of badly muted off-camera whispering at minute 24.

Back to photo reviews at 26:33.  Persimmon photo gets 5 stars and a pick at 29:02.

Chit-Chat starts at 32:24¬† and it has spawned our new favorite saying, “hamburgered the light” and the regrettable “young tender.”

Back to photos, 5 stars and a pick for these bangin’ strawberry pops at 38:18¬†and for this lovely (pumpkin? squash?)¬†soup. Watching through this video again is making me hungry.

We talk vignetting at 54:33 and then transform a coffee cup into Walt which is then given 5 stars and a pick.

Back to questions at 57:42 and the photo speed round. A pick for this lovely pizza at 1:06:47. And then whoever edited this gem gets a pick as well.

Someone asked what our favorite breakfast cereal is at 1:08:02¬†and then Tony tells a delightfully gross story about it. “Wow, you’re going to keep going with this, okay.” -Chelsea

And that’s our show! Next week we’ll be reviewing your Fall/Autumn shots. See you then!