Live Show Recap: Slice of Life

Happy new year! We start the show off well by being mostly on time and having Justin back in the house. We also have some guest doggos in the studio! 

Apparently London goes from posh to sloshed come nightfall.

So this week the topic was “slice of life” which I love. A photo that captures a story in a moment, a candid and not a posed photo.

Ok, we start looking at your photos here, and these were our faves:

Time for PhotoNews!

Over to me for some questions:

  • what do you think Nikon will do for it’s 100th anniversary? Maybe a new DF? Maybe have a beer and relax?
  • what’s up with Tony’s new aerial photography business? Nothing yet, need FAA certifications first.

Now to review a portfolio! Vanexus Photography, absolutely stunning landscapes. Another husband and wife team! Keep your interface consistent between your main page and your categories, also change your store page so they can order directly. Otherwise, it’s lovely.

Ok, back to your photos:

Now to Chit-Chat! The part of the show where we read your weird comments on our videos.

  • stoners
  • droning
  • how to shoot with your spouse
  • buy our books
  • i love you babes
  • badittude
  • apparently we don’t answer this one dude’s questions, but he asks dumb ones

Back to photos!

Over to me for some more of your questions:

  • new years resolutions? Nah, not really. Justin has some, I do not.
  • how old is too old to become a professional photographer? Never. 
  • a review of sharpness tools in PS? It’s in our Photoshop book.
  • what’s the best sandwich? Reubens for Tony, Thanksgiving turkey sandwich for Chelsea or a lobster roll, pulled pork for Justin, chicken cheesesteak for me.

Back to photos, Tony sped through them and picked some out:

More questions!

  • tips on shooting a model for the first time? Watch a shoot on YouTube to learn how to direct a model. If you have an experienced model, follow their lead, if not, look up posing. Pay attention to the overall aesthetic and mood. Take time to interact and develop a rapport first.
  • are all crop sensors of the same brand equal? No, close but not exact. A bigger sensor or faster lens will make a lot of difference.

A few more photos, rapid-fire:

And that’s our show! Join us next week for the subject “shadows” where shadows are a part of the composition, not just incidental.

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4 Responses to Live Show Recap: Slice of Life

  1. Roderick January 7, 2017 at 10:54 am #

    Great start to 2017!
    Chelsea’s accent switching is worth the admission price on its own!
    Her London one was – cor blimey, matey, it wuz like I wuz there in the soccer riot meself, cor blimey….
    Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins movie) better watch out. 😉
    And the way she said “lobster sandwich” – New England has never been so lobstery. 😉
    Your photo was well worthy of a pick.
    Thanks Siobhán

    • mm
      SiobhanKyle January 7, 2017 at 4:57 pm #

      Haha, I know who Dick Van Dyke is!

      • Roderick January 8, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

        Red face…
        Sorry Siobhán. I sometimes forget that I’m an idiot…

  2. John McCARTHY January 8, 2017 at 5:39 am #

    Always wondered what happened to the photos that got a pick . 🙂

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