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Live Show Recap: Candid Photos

Hello again! Guys, guys. Guys. We are still having a hard time with the new studio set up. Please give us your patience. I am muted for the first few cuts to me, just as you’ve always wanted, but we get it fixed. Look how awesome the color looks! Tony and Chelsea aren’t vampires! You heard it here first.

We’re looking at your candid photos this week and you had some good ones.

The Photoshop book is underway! If you bought it already you can download the first few chapters at If you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for? Come on. Really. And we have all sizes of the shirt back in stock! Your wishes were granted.

PhotoNews: not much this week because of CS last week.

  • register your drone! What did you name your drone? I would name mine Air Bud.

Ok, photo reviews start here, but the sound drops out a few times. I warned you.

Over to me for your questions, but you can’t hear me when I’m on camera:

  • How’s Windows 10? I don’t know, because I don’t have it
  • Canon 80D, ADD? “I’d like a camera that does what it says it does. How bout that, camera manufacturers?”

Now a portfolio review. Change your name, it sounds like the hardcore band you were in in high school. Otherwise, great port! Pare down a few shots, lead with your best.

Back to photo reviews:

  • so square
  • I love this old man
  • silhouettes
  • Chelsea on spot-color, “it was fine in Sin City and Schindler’s List, but I’ve yet to see it pulled off again.”
  • “Dude, you’re nowhere near deep enough to need to hike your pants up. So just chill with that.” Keep an eye out for Tony’s show on pant length.
  • “Everyone thinks we’re biased towards Kyle Wolfe-” “we are! He’s a great person. So sue us. Is it our fault his parents made a great human. God. Be more like Kyle Wolfe”

Back over to me, finally with sound.

  • live show for images taken in the past week? “like, spaghetti hair”
  • stock photography! Make that video.
  • “clone Justin”
  • please tell me what the miniature nun is behind me. I’m scared.
  • have you seen a backward flying goose? Liar.
  • Everyone go follow “movies in reverse.” They’ll have no idea why they got so popular

Another portfolio review.  Lovely work!

“I need to text Matt [Granger] and tell him I’m better than him.”

“I heard they [Squarespace] also let you make a free website if you barter with them.”

More photos:

  • wow, this one is just stunning
  • “man buns!”
  • “yeah, he’s a baby, what do you want him to be doing? Balancing his checkbook?”
  • “I feel like this is his daily¬†habit, he goes here and, uh, he looks like he’s cleaning his handgun”
  • lampman¬†“we’ve never successfully guessed the location of any photo”
  • “the long-straw diet”
  • “I like when kids just fold themselves up”
  • snow
  • “nah, he can live off just snow
  • “this baby‘s going to heaven”


  • “69furball69, already can tell you’re a gentleman”
  • Chelsea references an ELO song even though she’s seemingly never heard of Electric Light Orchestra
  • “is there anything more annoying than a condescending laugh in a YouTube comment?”
  • “just get a cool wife that will brag about your credentials for you”

Over to me:

  • Justin thumbs his nose at b-roll
  • “really, you’re going to buy a new camera just to shoot the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit?”
  • “I’m not going to pirate-shame you dude”
  • used gear buying

Moooooore photo reviews:

  • “let’s look at sad Santa”
  • “what is this guy selfie-ing?” “himself, by definition”
  • “terrifying nut cracker. It’s probably about to kill her”
  • friends
  • “it’s just a machine that’s been designed to steal money from kids…the lottery for kids”
  • “I bet she just saw that duck fly backwards”
  • “more baubles than a pimp”

Rapid fire!

And that’s our show! Next week, self-portraits! Not casual selfies; real, planned out self portraits please. Can’t wait to see your pretty faces.