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Live Show Recap: Architecture Photos

Last night we reviewed your architecture photography and got rowdy!

Tony and Chelsea went to the Canon expo (watch the video on it here) and you can answer our poll question about your fave tech from the expo at

We start with PhotoNews¬†at 4:21¬†talking about the Adobe Premiere Pro update that is only exciting for ¬†Samsung NX1 users, the new Mitakon 25mm f/0.95, New Horizons photographing Pluto, and Sony’s uncompressed raw files and lens release. Tony and Chelsea split up over whether or not Pluto is a planet at 6:41. Then there’s the website who shall not be name, who we won’t give any more press because they are garbage. According to a commenter under our video:

@TonyNorthrup – Wallpart is according to an Fstoppers article a phishing site that targets enraged photographers filing DCMA violations:

Good to know!

It only takes the first photo review for Chelsea to mention vaginas at minute 10.

Talking tilt-shift lenses at 18:41 and Chelsea posted an example of a home-made tilt shift effect on her Instagram.

After Tony says to “bring those whites back up” Chelsea subtly whispers “haven’t the whites been up enough?” at 29:23¬†which is brilliant social commentary.

A viewer submitted this image at 30:52 that Chelsea had just photographed last week! See her take here.

If you missed it somehow, check out Virtual Tony!

The crazy fun choose-your-own adventure quiz that T&C made (and Justin filmed, of course!)

This confusing Facebook post is discussed at 33:59, and it’s kind of adorable for a grown man to publicly dump his best friend.

Squarespace¬†portfolio reviews start at 34:53! Check out our portfolio checklist at¬†for tips on how to build a proper portfolio. The theme of the portfolios today seems to be “pare it down!” too many photos, too many redundancies, and put your best photos on your landing page.

Keeping on with the photo reviews after that, until we get to 50:48 and check up on some “Chit Chat”, our favorite segment of people saying dumb stuff to us in the comments. Also the unfortunate birth of #croplikeapedo.

We take some questions at 55:17¬†and Tony talks a bit about Capture One, there should be a video comparison on the way! We get asked what the lights in the studio are at 56:11, and they are these Genaray¬†LED lights which Tony says are only “ok”. We talk about Polaroids and what film camera you’d get for fun,¬†they suggest the Mamiya 645, but that depends on film availability.

We then enter the quickfire photo review section, which is widely reviled. Well too bad! We don’t have time for you all.

More Ron the Critic talk, Chelsea drank too much, I talk smack on vodka redbulls, and that’s our show!

I’ll see you all in the studio next week! We’ll be doing food photography, defined as a still life specialization of commercial photography aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for a variety of uses including in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks.


Here’s a minute-by-minute list of our favorite shots submitted this week:




14:16¬†(wasn’t given a pick, but I love it!)