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Live Show Recap: Best of 2015

Happy New Year! We’re back after a long holiday break, looking at your best photos of 2015.

New studio set up, new technical difficulties. Give us some time to get it all worked out. You can’t see me this show, I appear as a green screen for some reason.

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Ok, let’s get into the photos. Here are our picks:


Your question and comments:

  • What were your favorite gifts this holiday season?
  • podcast is in the works
  • Chelsea is of indeterminate age

Portfolio review! Great work, Cameron. Get rid of some similar images, put up a store page.

Another portfolio review!

Chit-Chat! Some real gems this time. “I just put that in there because, I dunno, get some self awareness, man.”

Back to your pictures:

Speed round!

  • still water
  • another horse
  • duck
  • bird

Great work, all! Sorry we couldn’t get through all your photos, we got a ton.

Next Thursday we’ll be reviewing your candid photos. Thanks, see you next week!