Picture This: Photography Podcast Ep. 6 – Photographers You Should Know #2

For those listening to the audio podcast, here are the photo examples from the YouTube video version of the show:


Mary Ellen Mark (Chris Felver, 2000)

501J-312-31X Cropped

Turkish Immigrants (Istanbul, Turkey, 1965)
500H-006-037 Cropped
Mourning Mother (Oaxaca, Mexico 1969)
“Rat” and Mike with a Gun (Seattle, WA 1983)

300A 137 19A., 10/14/04, 1:51 PM, 16G, 5056x7296 (495+224), 100%, Eakins, 1/120 s, R65.1, G48.6, B71.5

 Bathing Boys, Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity (Calcutta, India, 1980)
8907300shlYoung street prostitute crying in the Olympia Café (Bombay, India 1981)
The teenage Tiny, pregnant with her first son, Daylon (Seattle, WA 1985)
mary-ellen-mark-tiny-streetwise-revisited-body-image-1453175944-size_1000Tiny, Halloween (Seattle, WA 1983)
Tiny and J’Lisa on the Couch (2014)
2979Ram Prakash Singh with His Elephant Shyama, Great Golden Circus (Ahmedabad, India 1990)
Boy with his Pet Cockatoo, Great Golden Circus (Ahmedabad, India 1989)
You can watch the 1984 Martin Bell documentary regarding Mary Ellen Mark’s work, “Streetwise,” here. Unfortunately, Streetwise can be difficult to find, but you can purchase the VHS version from Amazon. You can also purchase the DVD of “The American Heart,” directed by Martin Bell and produced by Mark Ellen Mark, also available from Amazon. If you’re interested in Mary Ellen Mark’s photography books (that Chelsea refers to), you can find several of them here.
Now, for something a bit lighter – internationally known stock photographer Yuri Arcurs!
Yuri’s girlfriend (at the time) – and now wife – Cecile Arcurs! Cecile was one of Yuri’s regular models when he started his stock photography business.
An example of Yuri’s earliest stock photography
More early stock photography work from Yuri, featuring Cecile
An assortment of Yuri’s early conceptual stock photographs
Notice that Yuri is beginning to refine his work – the close-up shot of Cecile’s smile (perfect for a “customer service” themed ad or article), and his use of the ultra-white background
One of Yuri’s more recognizable images. Note the use of basic colors, simple concepts and a flexible layout – providing ample space above for text
Some more stock photography showcasing Yuri’s signature style. The white background is ideal for stock photography, without looking overly harsh.
Yuri Arcurs(1)

Young beautiful woman during fitness time and exercising

Some additional examples of Yuri’s stock; notice their natural smiles, without coming off as overly forced or fake. Yuri will typically sell 4 million stock images per year!


Yuri’s company went on to build massive, pristine sets, ideal for staging stock photography shoots. This allowed him to effectively maximize his time with each individual model. Much of his success comes from having an efficient workflow, often shooting hundreds of photos in a single day


Yuri’s personal business has 100 employees, with studios and offices in several countries


An example of how stock photography can be used in print

yoga-magazine-cover cropped


Tony and Chelsea did stock photography work for years! A stock photo of Chelsea gracing the cover of Yoga Magazine

David LaChapelle== David LaChapelle's "EARTH LAUGHS IN FLOWERS" Exhibition Opening== Fred Torres Collaborations, NYC== February 23, 2012== © Patrick McMullan== Photo - LEANDRO JUSTEN/PatrickMcMullan.com== ==
David LaChapelle, surrealist photographer extraordinaire


David LaChapelle left the North Carolina School of Arts for New York City, where he went on to bus tables at the infamous Studio 54

B945H6 Andy Warhol, artist, portrait, himself, white background

Aristrocracy #3 (2015)LaChapelle started his career in the early ’80s, showcasing his work in NYC galleries. This caught the eye of Andy Warhol, who offered him a job as a photographer for Interview Magazine. LaChapelle went on to develop a striking, unique photography style, often described as “glam” photography, inspired by renaissance painting styles2015_PDE_LACHAPELLE_02Aristrocracy #3 (2015)


Late Summer (from the Earth Laughs in Flowers series 2008-2011)


KP 2
Katy Perry. Celebrities would often hire LaChapelle for haunting, colorful portraits
Lady Gaga
Courtney Love
LaChapelle moves on to advertising: this is a shot from a Coca-Cola campaign. He also worked on ads for Comcast, Burger King, H&M and Nokia
 Gas Am Pm (2013)

David LaChapelle, Gas Shell, 2013, chromogenic print, 71 x 118 inches, 180.3 x 299.7 cm, edition of 3. Image courtesy of the artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery. (Photo by David LaChapelle Studio)