Display Articulation

Cameras have four types of displays: Non-articulating, tilt screen, selfie screen, and fully articulating:


The screen is fixed to the back of the camera and can’t move. This is the most durable design, and all high-end DSLRs have a non-articulating screen.

Tilt screen

Tilt screens tilt up or down 90 degrees. This is very useful for holding the camera low to the ground (for kids and flowers) or high in the air (for shooting over a crowd).

Selfie screen

Selfie screens tilt up 180 degrees, allowing you to see the display while being in front of the camera.

Fully articulating

Fully articulating screens flip 180 degrees from the side, providing the greatest flexibility. They’re also the least durable, though I’ve never broken an articulating display. Whenever possible, I choose a camera with a fully articulating display, especially if I plan to take video. However, many high-end cameras lack the option. The following product images show a tilt screen, a selfie screen, and a fully articulating screen.

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