Picture This: Photography Podcast Ep. 9 – The Past, Present & Future of Photography

For those listening to the audio podcast, here are the photo examples from the YouTube video version of the show:

The Future of Photography

One of the earliest cameras, this device relied on camera obscura-type methods to produce Daguerreotypes – an early precursor to photographs. These were commonly used between 1839-1860

Billy Da Kid

A Daguerreotype featuring Billy the Kid


From HistoricCamera.com: 1888, Kodak invents the first rolls of transparent film


The first digital camera, patented by Kodak in 1978, invented by Steven Sasson

The Future of Photography (4)

Compact digital cameras barely sold in 2008, thanks to the advent of modern camera-phones

The Future of Photography (5)

The dynamics of the film to DSLR evolution

The Future of Photography (7)

While still somewhat popular, the numbers for P&S + DSLR cameras are gradually decreasing in sales every year

The Future of Photography (8)

Worldwide sales trends of interchangeable lens (IC) cameras

The Future of Photography (9)

Mirrorless cameras (such as the Olympus EM-10) are slowly gaining traction in the digital photography market

The Future of Photography (10)

The Future of Photography (11)GoPro was once the best-selling camera on the market. As of late, their sales have taken a hit, thanks to cheap GoPro knockoffs and the rise of camera-phones

The Future of Photography (12)

Meanwhile, popular social-media photo-sharing sites like Instagram have been increasingly popular

The Future of Photography (13)

Drone photography has also become more popular recently!

The Future of Photography (14)

Live streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch and Periscope are also becoming more popular – as opposed to simply taking a photo, having to develop/process it, upload it, etc.