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Complementary Colors and Photography

  Color Theory: Complementary Colors Color theory can be applied to all forms of visual art, including fashion and interior design. In this post, we’ll...

10 Tips to Improve Your Portraits

I’ve been shooting portraiture for a while now and there are a few things that I think are important to know, other than how to use...

Three Simple Steps to Change Your Background Color

I have often played with the color of my images to see how it changes the mood or adds visual interest. There are a few different...

Get the Effect: Fade Away

This image nearly ended up in my trash-can; however, I kept on playing around with ideas in Photoshop. Looking at the flow of her hair, I wondered if...

Self-Portraits: How a Selfie Can Improve Your Portraits

It’s always frustrating when you have an idea but either don’t have a handy subject, are too shy to ask, or are just really impatient...

How to Composite a Dress

Creating ethereal images is what I absolutely love, and sometimes this means changing the subject’s garments into something more surreal. Making an image look believable can...
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