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7+ hours on a 4-DVD set, Ultra HD Blu-ray or a 16GB SD card! You get INSTANT access to watch the videos online and the Blu-ray ships immediately. Satisfaction guaranteed–if you’re unhappy for any reason, just tell Tony why (, and he’ll refund your money or fix it for you.

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This Blu-ray teaches you the fundamentals of photography in four separate lessons:

  • Composition & Tips (93 minutes). This fast-paced video teaches you the art of photography so you can make stunning photos with any camera. You’ll learn easy ways to make amazing photos, including the Rule of Thirds, the Rule of Space, and showing scale. You’ll also learn how to find or create a focal point for your pictures.
  • Lighting & Flash (92 minutes). In this lesson, you’ll learn to master natural light and on-camera flash, including fill flash and bounce flash. You’ll learn the best times of day to take pictures, how to eliminate strange color problems in your photos, and how to use flash without getting that awful “flash” look.
  • Camera Settings (153 minutes). Learn how to control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth-of-field, and SO much more. Once you watch this lesson and complete the practices, you’ll know exactly when to use Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual mode.
  • Fix Camera & Picture Problems (92 minutes). When pictures don’t turn out the way you hoped, this 90-minute DVD will help you identify and fix the problem. You’ll learn how to fix blurry, dark, crooked, and noisy photos, among other problems.

Composition & Tips packages-0366178001382739496Over 90 minutes of video designed to drastically improve your photography! Topics covered include:

  • Which parts of your camera’s manual you actually have to read.
  • The importance of practice, patience, planning, camera gear, and settings.
  • How many pictures you should take and share.
  • How to think ahead to how you’ll use your pictures.
  • The difference between taking pictures and making pictures.
  • The importance of trying different viewpoints.
  • How to stay ready to take photos in an instant, without annoying your family.
  • The basics of photo editing.
  • How to evaluate your own photography.
  • How to get outside feedback on your photography.
  • The importance of having a focal point
  • How to simplify your composition by eliminating distractions
  • The basics of travel photography (in Dublin, Ireland)
  • The rule of thirds
  • The rule of space
  • How changing the angle of view controls your background
  • How to control the background composition and brightness when taking portraits
  • How to show scale for big or small subjects
  • How to use lines to draw the viewer’s eye through a photo
  • How to use patterns to show quantity
  • How to use framing to show context in a photo
  • How best to use symmetry in a composition
  • How to show depth to make pictures that seem three-dimensional (in Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • How to create super wide-angle panoramas with unlimited megapixels (and save yourself from buying a wide angle lens)
  • How to create abstract photographs
  • How to shoot and edit black and white photos with your digital camera

Lighting & Flash packages-0958095001382739425This fast-paced video teaches you the fundamentals of lighting as they apply to all forms of photography, including portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Hard and soft light. You’ll learn how to identify and use each, and how to change hard light into soft light.
  • Form and shape. You’ll learn the difference between form and shape, and how the lighting conditions can emphasize one over the other.
  • Directional lighting. You’ll be able to recognize top lighting, side lighting, back lighting, and front lighting, and know how each impacts your pictures.
  • How your environment changes light. Everything you see is a light source, including the walls, earth, and sky. You’ll learn to understand and control ambient light.
  • The golden hour. Tony will teach you how to use the golden hour, and how to identify the times of day that will offer the best lighting.
  • Controlling the sun. Tony will demonstrate free software that will allow you to identify exactly where the sun will be in the sky at different times of the day and year, giving you complete control over sunlight.
  • Bounce flash. You’ll learn how to get great light from a flash, without blinding your subjects.
  • Fill flash. Tony will teach you how to use fill flash to add front-lighting to a picture, creating flattering portraits that don’t have that ugly “flash” look.
  • Flash gels. You’ll learn how you can use inexpensive gels with your flash to solve color problems or create special effects.
  • Using light modifiers. You’ll sample common and inexpensive ways to modify the light from your flash, including diffusers, soft boxes, and reflector cards.
  • High-speed sync. Tony will show you the importance of high-speed sync with a flash in specific conditions, as well as the drawbacks.
  • White balance. You’ll understand why your pictures sometimes have an orange or blue tint, and how you can fix it–even when using flash.

At the end of the lesson, Tony gives you several practices you can follow to get the hands-on experience you need to become an amazing photographer. packages-0545706001382739413Camera Settings This 2.5 hour lesson teaches you everything you need to know to master the technical parts of your camera. You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand all the parts of your camera and lens.
  • Choose between Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Mode.
  • Choose the right focus mode for still or moving subjects.
  • Troubleshoot autofocus problems, including focusing in low light.
  • Get a nicely blurred or perfectly sharp background using depth-of-field.
  • Control motion blur and and eliminate camera shake with shutter speed.
  • Master noise and grain in your photos by always picking the perfect ISO.
  • Use histograms to prevent underexposed and overexposed pictures.
  • Choose between different metering modes, including evaluative, center-weighted, and spot metering.
  • Use and edit RAW files to improve image quality, and know when to switch to JPG files.

Fix Camera & Picture Problems packages-0886037001382739398This fast-paced 92-minute video provides everything you need to know about troubleshooting the most common photography problems, including:

  • Blurry pictures. Blurry pictures have many different causes, including motion blur, camera shake, focusing problems, lens quality issues, and phase detection focusing misalignment. You’ll learn exactly how to identify the cause of your blurry pictures and how to get clear, sharp pictures.
  • Weird colors. You’ll learn the cause of weird colors in your pictures and how to rescue your pictures with editing. You’ll also learn how to get the right color when you take the pictures.
  • Noisy or grainy pictures. Ugly red and green spots in your pictures are caused by noise. You’ll learn how to rescue noisy pictures that you’ve already taken, and how to prevent noise in future pictures.
  • Spots and sensor dust. Everyone gets spots in their pictures. Tony will show you how to remove the spots from pictures you’ve already taken, and how to clean your own digital sensor, saving you hundreds of dollars in camera repairs.
  • Washed-out pictures. Tony will show you how to rescue pictures with low contrast and flat colors, and how to change your photographic technique to prevent it in the future.
  • Flash problems. You’ll learn how to fix all your flash problems, including having too much or too little power, and those strange lighting effects that can occur.

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7 reviews for Beginning Photography Video Training

  1. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Great tutorial with excellent examples !!!

    I got this DVD sets directly from Tony Northrup’s website, before it was available on Amazon. Its a must have collection for any professional or layman like me who got his first DSLR recently and wants to learn basics and complexities of SLR photography. Every aspect of photography has been described in details in simple languages and with examples which can be used as home work. I am loving it !!!!

    The only thing I didnt like is the price. But then its better to pay some money for a photography class which you can own forever, rather than for classes which charge $100 per hour and bombard you with info, none of which goes in head. With this you can go back as and when you want it!!!

    A great DVD tutorial to have with you !!! I am sure it will make you a good photographer, like it did for me !!!

  2. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    A must for anyone who is even slightly interested in photography. Tony’s laid back and intelligent style will guide even the most inept photographer thru the basics.

  3. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    The topics were discussed as required to my level of understanding as well as meeting my expectations.

  4. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Everyone who wants to learn more about photography buy this. This will not disappoint you.

  5. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    This was bought as a gift. It was very much appreciated and has been used w

  6. mm
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Love Tony Northrup on YouTube — got his videos and book to follow along.

  7. mm
    Rated 3 out of 5

    It was ok. Kodak put out a video years ago that was better. I got this for my granddaughter, who is interested in taking top rate pictures and hope this helps her. If I could find the old Kodak one, I would buy it also.

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