Live Show Recap: Smartphone Photos

Oops, accidental cold intro! Ignore that!

This week we looked at your smartphone photos, and they are great! Gear snobs, take a week off.

Next week we’ll be looking at your photos of complementary colors, keep a look out on our blog here for a post about color theory coming up!

This cardinal looks like a hipster if you squint.

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Let’s start with some photo news, new lenses announced by Sony:

Tony and Chelsea are on to you, Sony! Your claims are silly.

So far, the D5 is not great at video. We still need to test it out for stills though, of course.

Okay, let’s look at your photos:

Over to me for one of your questions:

  • what smartphone do you use and what apps do you use on it for photography? Chelsea has an iPhone 6s and uses Snapseed, Instagram, and PicCollage. Tony has a Samsung S7 Edge which has a great camera. Tony’s given Lightroom mobile a second chance and it works much better than before.

Back to photos!

Back over to me, since Justin hung up on me before:

  • how to sell prints and make money on your work? You don’t! You really have to build a name for yourself before your work sells. Even then you won’t get much.
  • show themes? Suggest some!

Over to a portfolio, Adrian Larios Photography. That dog pic! Move your best photos to the start of the slideshow, get rid of some of the candids. Lead with commercial work.

The talk about portfolios for a few minutes. Then about our friend Erkki‘s love of pain as evidenced by his using Wordpress.

Google Nik is free!

Contact me if you want to write for our blog!

Back to your photos, we have a ton so we go through them quick:

Back over to me for your question:

  • 3 year business plan? Photoshop book, travel show on TV. That’s about it!

Now for a favorite old segment, Stop It! where we look at your embarrassing photos. to submit your own! Chelsea likes them all. Just watch the whole thing, it’s a delight. Bear penis, robo-selfie, romantic night alone? This beautiful fairy is my personal fave. We’d be friends with this kid. “I feel like you were on peyote for a minute there.”

Ok, let’s look at our young friend Maya’s portfolio! A very talented lady. Not too many images, a print store, all in all a great port! Also, she’s funny.

Chit-Chat! You say mean things, we read them and pick on you.

  • no, we don’t have time to edit your photos for you. Or camera shop for you, or watch your dog.
  • freaking Sony weirdos
  • Tony Northrup is a porn name? Hardly.

Back to me for some great questions:

  • if you could be a sentient camera what would you be and who would you have use you? Tony would be a workhorse with a scratched lens and Chelsea would be spastic.
  • if you had an unlimited budget, what camera and lens combo would you get? “I’m not that turned on by giant files”
  • weatherproof tripods? No idea. Wellies?
  • informal event shooting? Be stealthy, shoot candid.

Okay, back to your photos. So many:

That corgi yawn was stolen from the internet. Chelsea’s joke was stolen from dads everywhere.

Back over to me for your last few questions:

  • our new segment: dinosaur chat
  • advice for introverts taking pictures? Practice! Push yourself and your comfort zone. Drink a beer. Maybe get medicated? Hide.
  • lenses for smartphones? We don’t have much experience with them but they seem fun.

And one last message from our friend Cas, she has found support from our lovely online community while working through her husbands cancer diagnosis. Much love to you and yours, Cas!

That’s our show! It’s been a great one. The beginning of the show was an April fool’s joke that no one caught. Tune in next week for complementary colors!




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4 Responses to Live Show Recap: Smartphone Photos

  1. Gordo April 1, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    Great show. Stop It segment had us in stitches. How many licks to the center of a peyote pop (min 47)?

  2. MayaRoseBird April 1, 2016 at 7:25 pm #

    Awesome show!! Thank you for the portfolio review and all of your support. More Stop It!!!

  3. Dig97 April 2, 2016 at 2:39 am #

    Whats that about Canon 5D4?

  4. U. Tate April 2, 2016 at 10:21 am #

    On the subject of water-edge tripods, check out British brand Benbo, with a ‘b’ (not Benro). They have a great design in that the lower leg tube is the largest diameter, so the bottom of the tripod is completely sealed. Very clever. Paterson Photographic are the dealer.

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